What to Wear on a First Date?

What to wear on the first date?I know that everybody has his or her own fashion sense and that fashion changes so fast. But there are some classic guidelines that you can follow to avoid looking like a clown on your first date. I mean going on a first date can be pretty terrifying. You feel like you’ve just downed four cups of coffee and your heart is racing, your hands are sweaty and you can’t think straight. You want to be comfortable of course but you also want to look hot but not like you’re trying too hard.

Find Your Best Feature

Knowing which part of you looks really well can help you in building your outfit around it. For example you have great legs, then why not wear a nice skirt which is not too short (you’re not a hooker). Or if you work out in the gym and you got nice biceps, why not try a fitted top? I mean both men and women could play up their best assets. Like for me, I got long straight hair, so I try to give it a good wash and conditioner then blow-dry it after. I make sure my hair smells great and looks awesome. With a bit of a flip here and there it does work wonders!

what to wear on the first date?Girls:

Great arms = Tank tops or sleepless tops.

Small waist = Fitted skinny jeans or a high-waisted skirt.

Nice skin = Off-shoulder top or billowy top.

Nice legs = A dress or a skirt or skinny jeans (don’t show too much of your upper legs, you’re not a desperate lady).

Curvy body = A dress. A-line dresses work for almost any figure.


Nice butt = Well fitted jeans and a nice shirt

Toned arms = A nice fitted shirt.

Cute smile = Something classic; nice shirt with a good pair of jeans and no ratty shoes please!

Knowing your body type will help you find the best part to play up. Smelling good is a great plus because the sense of smell is linked to our limbic system which basically connects to our memories and emotions.

When Going Shopping…

When you go shopping don’t try to look like someone else. I mean this person agreed to date YOU not someone else. Try to find an outfit that you think you would wear again but something that looks a little bit special or put together. Don’t buy something that you’d never ever imagine yourself wearing again. Don’t buy something too fussy and uncomfortable. It may look great on you but if you can’t sit or talk properly in it then it would kill your confidence.

  • A great pair of jeans for both guys and girls would be a killer outfit
  • A nice shirt or top. White is classic so you can never go wrong with it.
  • Don’t get something too loud with crazy statements or prints.
  • Plain shirts go well for both sexes
  • Make sure it fits well. Have the pants cut and altered at the store if it needs to be.

I mean you would have your own preferences of course. But a little bit of advice wouldn’t hurt. You can always ask a friend whose style you like to shop along with you or even ask the person at the store if the thing looks great on you. Tell them it’s for a first date and that your input would help them a lot.


Don’t forget good grooming. Don’t go overboard with the make up or the perfume. Don’t wear a biker outfit for guys. Try to look normal.

  • Your hair should look soft and nice (not too much hairspray or gel, that’s icky).
  • Smell great
  • Shower! And then don’t forget your deo.
  • Brush your teeth twice (you never know, you might get a kiss)
  • Bring Altoids or Tictacs.
  • Smile!

Just try to breathe. No one wants to date a nervous wreck, OK? Don’t talk too fast and don’t go to the bathroom to check yourself too many times. Have fun. Don’t try to plan your wedding right on that date. Just enjoy yourself!

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