How to Attract a Virgo?

What Do Virgos Want: How to Attract a Virgo?Virgos are Earth signs that are grounded and intellectual people. They are perfectionists and love details. They tend to be honest and even brutal at times. They seek order and calm mist the chaos of life. When Virgos fall in love, they to overly analyze and assess their partners or love interests, the situation they’re in and the value that this person or situation adds to their lives.

Virgos are people to try to seek perfection not only in their lives but also in their relationships and thus they need a partner who can wow them. They also need someone who would sweep them off their feet. They need to match with people who will allow them to have fun because Virgos tend to be controlled and collected all the time.

What Attracts a Virgo?

People born under the Sign of the Virgin tend to crave intellectually stimulating conversations. They want someone who they can share their thoughts and opinions with about the world, life and all the things that happen in the universe.

Virgos value intellect over physical appearance though looking neat and clean is a big plus for them. They tend to be sapiosexual, meaning they someone who is intelligent and smart. They also click with people who are passionate about their careers and crafts. They want who would add value to their lives.

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Great Conversations Makes Virgos Melt

When you want to impress a Virgo, be ready to talk up a storm and discuss atoms, art, literature, history, philosophy and anything stimulating. Virgos really want someone who is of a good company that they can spend afternoons with just chatting about life and what is happening about the universe.

When a Virgo likes you, they would want to share stories with you. They would ask you many questions about your thoughts and opinions on different matters. They love it when you share with them your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Virgos tend to veer away from people who hide something from them. They see lies and faking right away.

Virgos Want Stability

Being analytical is one of the key traits of a Virgo. They want stability in their careers and their relationships. They are pretty independent and self-reliant.

Because Virgos give much importance on independence they want partners that would add value to their well being. And being so, they wish to find the relationship that would be beneficial for them. They want something stable over something fleeting. They feel that one night stands don’t cut it and are just a waste of time.

Virgos tend to have stable and serious relationships that last for years. At times even if the relationship hurts them, they tend to stay because they value the status quo. Breaking up can hard for a Virgo because they see the time investment as something valuable.

People with this sign benefit from stable yet fun relationships. They need a partner who can provide them joy and adventure. Secretly, Virgos also want passion in their lives.

Does a Virgo Hook Up?

If a Virgo ever hooks up with someone, it is likely that they will only sleep with one person at a time and would treat this relationship with respect. Even for situations wherein it is only friends with benefits, a Virgo would think how that situation would benefit him or her.

However, at times, he or she may tend to want a more serious relationship with someone than just stay for pleasure. Why? Because Virgos are committed, people. They find that sharing one’s body with only one person is more beneficial than sleeping around.

Virgos also tend to plan hookups well to a point that it becomes methodical and organized. It sounds funny, but that is how they are.

If you ever sleep with a Virgo, chances are they may want to be with you again if you made them happy, however, if not, they will ditch you right away.

Generally, one night stands are a no for a Virgo, but if it ever happens, they would analyze the situation and think what happened.

Virgos Are Devoted

When someone from the sign of the Virgin falls in love, they tend to be devoted and caring. They tend to want to fix things and people and thus they can turn into therapists or parental type of partners.

Virgos love taking care of their partners or love interests. They tend to want to buy you presents or make your coffee when you’ve drunk too much alcohol the night before. They don’t mind making you breakfast and they will help you with your life.

People with this sign are helpful to a fault. They tend to want to care too much for someone to the point that it may hurt them. They want to fix people and thus they may feel attracted to someone problematic when they see that this person is intellectual and interesting. They tend to want to cure heartaches of others and can often turn into comfort zones.

What Virgos Want

Being overly independent is something a Virgo is. They work and play on their own and if they ever allow someone in their circle, that person has to add spice to their lives.

Virgos, being overly practical appreciate people who sweep them off their feet. They want to see fire in someone.

On the other hand, Virgos never want to be controlled or repressed. They know what they want and they need to be able to do just that. There should be an equal amount of passion and freedom in a relationship with this sign.

Someone who is a Virgo also wants to be reassured. They want support from their partners in times of pain and turmoil. They want to have the reassurance that they are going to be together for the long haul.

Having a stable relationship is one of the important things that a Virgo values.

Virgo The Realist

This Earth sign is very realistic to a fault. They want to be true and real and thus they have not time for fun and games. So if a Virgo tells you they like you, they really do.

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