The Lost Art of Love Letters

Have you ever received a love letter before? Not an email or a message, but a handwritten love letter. Or even better a card that says sweet nothings or giving mushy endearments. Chances are people nowadays don’t write love letters anymore.

But why?

I guess the need for instant validation and the need for an instant reply has doomed the fate of those beautifully written words that declare love and affection. We want conversations and exchanges to happen right now.

But love letters are not old fashioned or passe’. They still echo love and affection and the tenderness that they bring is something that instant messaging can never give.

Why Write Love Letters

Love is the ultimate human need. We may be hungry, lost, needing shelter, or whatnot, but love and affection is something all humans strive for. We live for love and we die for love. We crave it, pain for it, and even do crazy stupid things for it.

And love that is written about, by your own hand, is a testament of how great one’s affections are. It signifies that you are willing enough to confess your love in your own hand. You promise to care and give tenderness to someone and write about it.

To write a love letter means you are opening your heart, your mind, and your soul to someone and telling them how much you feel. Also composing love letters require some form of art. It needs your soul to be able to craft a beautiful peace worthy enough to be kept in a box of good memories.

To carefully choose words and to declare one’s feelings on paper can bring joy to its reader. A woman radiates a glow when she opens a letter from her beloved. A man, even whose heart is a tough as stone can melt like ice when reading a letter full of sweetness.

When you write a love letter, you share your soul with someone. A love letter can even be a testimony of love way beyond your lifetime. Your children and your great-grandchildren can bear witness to your love by reading your letters.

How to Write a Love Letter

Writing a love letter can take many forms. You can write a poem and declare your love as poets do. You can write as you talk and just tell a story of the here and the now. You can confess your love or promise your beloved affection for the rest of his or her days.

To write using poetry means you carefully choose the words to create a rhyme. You make a form that has meaning and use a literary device to do so.

When writing casually, you need to sound light and jovial yet full of sweetness and tenderness.

Promises are also common contents of love letters. A promise to wait for your loved one when he or she is away. A promise that you will there for them forever.

Honesty is the most important ingredient of a love letter. Do not over promise and do not feign affection. Choose your words wisely.

But in the end, sweeping them off of their feet is still the best way to write a love letter. Write beautifully. Write something that they will remember forever.

Finding someone to share your love with can be the best thing you can ever have so why not spend time and effort making love letters for them. Give them something to remember you by. Let them know you think about them dearly.

And even if you have no special someone, you can still practice making love letters. When you find your love, you can give them these letters. Watch them glow with happiness once they read those.

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