Can Friends Be Lovers?

You’ve known him for ages. You stare at him with dopey eyes as he narrates how he had so much beer last night. You think he’s just fine. And that being more than friends would just be super awesome.

She’s the girl you hang out with. She is not prissy or high maintenance. You hang out and laugh together a lot. You never noticed her before until one day when you were half drunk half sober and looked at her eyes and then BAM! You saw that she is beautiful.

So can friends ever be lovers?

Should You or Shouldn’t You Date Your Friend?

Well dating a friend is one of the most common ways to find true love! So yes, you should. But the question that normally pops up in people’s minds (who think about dating their friends) is “What if it ruins our friendship?’.

Honestly, you should take the risk. It’s worth it. I know that it can be hard. It can be problematic. It can be awkward. But in the end, it would be worth it.

You just need COURAGE!

It’s like the saying “If you never ask, the answer will always be NO.”. So, yes you should live life and go for it.

Benefits of Dating a Friend

Since dating a friend is a go, then let’s talk about how great it can be. I mean what’s better than falling in love with a friend. This person already knows you. Accepts you for who you are and you know he or she is super fun to be with.

No Pretensions – One of the hardest things about dating is always being on your toes. You need to be 100% amped up even on days that you don’t feel like it. And eventually, when you let your guard down, the other person may get disappointed thinking you’ve changed.

But with a friend, they know who you are. They know you are not perfect but they like you anyway. They find your corny jokes funny. They know how you look like with or without makeup on. They know how you eat your cheeseburger. They know that you get excited with insane and crazy things. THEY KNOW YOU.

You Get Along – Dating a friend means you go out with someone you can jive with. You don’t need to force yourself to like football. You can go with him but you don’t need to pretend about that. You can talk about simple things and be happy. You enjoy each other’s company.

You Have a Lot in Common – Since this person is your friend, you may enjoy a few similar things here and there. You may share the same friends. You may even like the same food or music. And having something in common can make a relationship or dating easier.

Wouldn’t it be fun to go to the concert by the band that you both like? Or share a particular hobby like traveling or going to the gym or eating out? Having something in common helps cement the relationship.

Friendship is Vital to Relationships – A lot of relationships crash and burn because they got only passion in the beginning. When the passions sizzle down, the relationship basically dies with it.

A lot of times when you grow older together, what matters the most in the relationship is friendship. This is vital because there would be times that you just want to hate the other person and run away. There would be times that he or she will be a pain but having a good friendship in the relationship keeps it strong.

Things to Consider Before Dating a Friend

Dating a friend may be fun and great but you need to consider a few things. You can’t just be lazy and just roll around just because you’re dating a friend. Big fat NO!

This person is your friend so he or she deserves your respect and friendship. You do need to make an effort. You do need to be sweet. And yes, you do need to be a good friend.

It can get awkward. – Accept that dating a friend can be awkward at first. I mean any sort of dating can be awkward at first. Trust me it is going to be worth it.

Dating a friend does not mean less effort. – When you date a friend, it does not mean you will exert less effort. Yes, you need to wear a nice pair of jeans when you go out with her and also a shower. Yes, you need to treat him lovingly and don’t expect him to just be OK with your tantrums.

You need to make him or her fall in love with you and see you more than just a friend. You need to make this person realize that you are sexy and romantic and that you are both a friend and a lover

Don’t make your friends choose sides. – When you get into a fight, YOU SHOULD NEVER MAKE YOUR FRIENDS CHOOSE SIDES. That is not fair for them.

Don’t forget the friendship – Many couples who started out as friends and became lovers tend to forget about the friendship as they progress into the relationship. But this should never happen. I mean you should always make time to have fun with each other. Just hang out and hang loose.

If it does not work out, don’t bad mouth each other – If after a few dates you did not click, don’t talk trash about each other. If you dated a for some time, don’t ruin each other’s reputation as well. ask him or her out, and he or she does not agree to go out with you, don’t be bitter.

Dating a friend can be a wonderful opportunity to have someone you already like and respect be your boyfriend or girlfriend. Many great relationships start out this way. So go ahead, try it!

You can also check if your signs match with each other to know if your friend is compatible with you.

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