10 Low Cost Date Ideas this Valentine’s Day

10 Low Cost Date Ideas this Valentine’s Day

10 Low Cost Date Ideas this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many of us are looking for things to do and places to go this coming Heart’s Day. Unfortunately, prices of everything are getting higher and higher. Restaurant dinners cost an arm and a leg. Purchasing a bouquet of flowers may mean eating crackers and just downing free coffee from the office pantry for a week. On the other hand, for the ladies out there purchasing a new dress and shoes to impress your date may mean scrimping on your coffee budget for a couple of days or even weeks. So here are a few great and inexpensive ideas on how to have a fun, meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

DVD Marathons – Well whether you are a long time couple or just going out for a few dates, watching sappy movies can be a great way to spend your V-Day together. If you are both shy around each other why not try watching comedy movies to break the ice and have fun together. Nothing beats laughing out together.

You can also try watching horror movies together. Horror movies have that “closeness” factor because you tend to search for an armpit to hide in when you see the chainsaw wielding murderous man come out suddenly from nowhere! If you are both the geeky-movie-master types why not rent out old movies and then have a great analytic discussion afterwards. Of course you can never go wrong with the romantic movies. Love it or hate it, It’s a great watch because it brings love in the air. If you hate it then you can both diss the movie together.

Just don’t forget to set the mood by dimming the lights, making nice popcorn, some wine perhaps and a bunch of cozy pillows. You can download the movies from Netflix beforehand or rent them the old fashioned way from a DVD shop. You can even borrow some movies from friends and just spend on the munchies!

Go Star Gazing – This may sound really cheesy but star gazing can be pretty fun and romantic. This date idea is great for shy couples who just started seeing each other or for a couple who has been together for some time. If you’re both shy you can just lie there and admire the stars. You can play a game of 20 Questions to get the conversation going. Bring a blanket and get ready to cuddle close to each other. Bring some coffee because this maybe an all-nighter, just like the movie A Walk to Remember!

Visit the Zoo – This is a really fun way to get in touch with your inner child! You can both get cotton candies and walk around the zoo. Take pictures of the animals and of each other. This is a nice date idea for those are a bit tongue tied since you can talk about the animals in the zoo or your memories as a child in the zoo before.

Some zoos allow you to pet animals like boas, snakes, tigers and monkeys. You can play a game and test each other who can go near and pet an animal. Once you’re both tired and had enough walking in the zoo you can head out to eat in one of their little kiosks and just have a great talk.

10 Low Cost Date Ideas this Valentine’s Day

10 Low Cost Date Ideas this Valentine’s Day

Have a picnic – Well this is pretty simple. It’s a lovely idea which you can do during the day or even at night! You can buy take out if you can’t really cook food or make some simple sandwiches which you can look up in the net. Bring some sparkling wine or even just lemonade. You can go a little fancier by making pasta like Aglio Olio (a fancy way of saying pasta with garlic and olive oil and some chili flakes). It’s very simple and easy to make. You can also bring some salad. Buy pre-packed salad greens and some simple vinaigrette. Going on picnics would be a great way to spend time together but not break the bank.

Go to a free concert – Yes there are still free concerts. This maybe by some new band who’s not popular at all but as long as their music is great it does not matter. If it’s a stand up concert just order some fries and soda and enjoy the music. You can go dancing with each other! If the music is romantic then do that slow waltz. Don’t be shy about the people around you, just have fun. If the band is playing upbeat music then rave with the music.

Learn to cook together – Now this is a really fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day. You can both watch YouTube together and try to dish out the recipe there. Help each other chop the ingredients. Or better yet why not have a cooking competition? Cook for one another and see who the better cook is. You can even enroll for a one time class and learn how to cook together from a pro. The best part is eating your masterpiece. It may not be restaurant quality but it has been made by your hands and it would taste just fine because you had fun making it. Worse that can happen is it tastes bad and both of you could laugh about it and try again.

Go to the library or book store together – Well the geek in me cannot really resist this one. I love to read and I love going to bookstores! Why not combine the date with getting each other a good book as a gift?! That would be a really great idea. If you would go to the public library together you can do a little hide and seek just like the movie City of Angels. You can read together. Find a cozy corner where you guys could be alone together, just don’t make a lot of noise since the librarian may throw you out!

Fly kites together – Now this one is oh so fun! You can get in touch with your child at heart by running around trying to make your kites fly high. This experience is so freeing and just downright fun. Prepare to laugh your hearts out! Tip: Men, please advise your date that you intend to do an outdoor activity because she might wear heels and get mad at you if you…

Go to an arcade center – Remember when you were just in high school and arcade is the best place to hang out with your prospect? Well the arcade is not just for kids! You can be competitive and do those Namco fighting games and beat the hell out of each other’s character. The adrenaline pumping will make you bond more. Some gaming centers have karaoke, so you can sing together too. You may also go to a photo booth and take cute and wacky pics

Have a candlelight dinner at home – This can be really inexpensive but really meaningful. It’s all about the effort you put in. You can have it al fresco outside or in your very own dining room. Get some nice table cloth you’ve hidden, bring out the nice china. You can cut out hearts from some thick cardboard paper and hang it around. Decorate your house with red and pink. Make it romantic. Most of all don’t forget to dance with one another. It may sound old fashioned but it still creates a wonderful memory.

Valentine’s Day may have turned into a commercialized holiday but we should never forget what it’s all about. Love is still the reason for celebrating this day. Being with someone you love or like is the most important part. A little effort goes a long way. Just don’t forget to put a smile on his or her face. Make it sweet and memorable. I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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