Manifestation Miracle aka Modefest Miracle Review – Does it even work?

Miracle Manifestation ReviewHi my name is Heather!  A few months ago, my friend Katy, (The Love Queen) recommended this Manifestation Miracle (Modefest Miracle) course to me, telling me ‘it will help you get the things you want from life.’

COURSE BEING REVIEWED: Manifestation Miracle aka Modefest Miracle by Heather Matthews


I have to confess that I wasn’t sure and so I didn’t read it straight away.  But when I began, I could not stop. I actually read it in three days.  After that, I looked back into my life and realized there had been many times that I had manifested good things for myself, I just hadn’t realised I was doing it, but it really does work! So I began reading it again to understand how.

As I read the book, I realized that if I had only had this knowledge before, I could have used it to my full potential! I wouldn’t have been so anxious and stressed about life! I could have achieved the same things or better, but with more ease and happiness.

Here are some things that have been manifested in my life through visualization and positive thinking:

  1. A house for my parents – we rented since I was a kid and they got one before I graduated from college
  2. My loving husband – I always wanted to marry a smart, Chinese guy and saw this in my mind and it did happen.
  3. Working as a writer – I used to work in the office and hated my job, and dreamed of being a writer
  4. Traveling – I have thought that traveling was for rich people only. Now I do travel a lot.

Manifestation Miracle aka Modefest Miracle Review –
What the course is about?  What’s inside? and How does it work?.

Manifestation Miracle or Modefest Miracle is a complete guide to getting what you want, quickly and effectively, by correct manifestation.

If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction and couldn’t quite get it to work for you, or if you are new to manifestation, then this is the course for you.  Even if you are an experienced manifester and have successfully been doing manifestation, this course contains many keys that are not usually taught and so will likely help you to super charge your manifestations!

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What is Manifestation Miracle About?

The Manifestation Miracle course is a guide that teaches you how to manifest your innermost desires and dreams through the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is nothing new to most people. There has been countless of books and seminars with this topic.

But what sets Manifestation Miracle apart is the way it is written, the way it truly speaks to your very core and changes your life forever and the practical exercises which ensure you actually DO it. 

The book is written by Heather Matthews, drawing on her life long struggle with happiness and success. She wrote it from her own personal experiences and you can tell that it comes from her heart.

My Initial Experience with the Course

What first drew me to start the course was the workbook. I opened the e-book and immediately read through the pages and I found myself wanting to do all the exercises. And I am not usually a ‘self-help’ kind of person.

So I printed the workbook and started answering it. But it was meant to be done in three weeks so I had to stop myself!  Being a bit of a rule breaker I then went to check the audio material.  The meditations, visualizations and affirmations were great. But I knew I had to read the main book that comes with Manifestation Miracle to do this properly.

When I began reading Manifestation Miracle I immediately learned things about ME and how to make those things about ME make me successful. It explains the secrets of Destiny Tuning, the powerful Law of Attraction technique that will show you how to tell the Universe what you want.

I finished the whole book in three days. But I decided to reread it properly, a chapter a day, and the results so far have been excellent as I will explain.

What is included with the course?

The Manifestation or Modefest Miracle book itself, consists of 159 pages divided into five parts. Each part flows well to the next, forming a crescendo of valuable and exciting insights that can change your life. It is written in a RELATABLE MANNER that you can actually picture yourself doing, as you read the book. I found it hard to put down because it’s so interesting.

The course teaches you through a book, exercises and a really helpful workbook.

For ease of use it also has an audio book version (I found this great for listening to whilst I was doing yoga) and a video version, all included.

Miracle Manifestation Love and Happiness CDIt includes mp3 audio affirmations for health, wealth, love, abundance, wealth and success.

As I devoured the book, I began feeling euphoric and ecstatic about my life and my future. I did the exercises. I bought a pen and a notebook for it. I made the vision board that it tells you to make. I did the affirmations. All these helped me.

I plan to read this book again and again. Because I know it works.

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What’s inside the Book?

OK, I’m writing this review as someone who has read the book THREE TIMES and I’m actually rereading it now. (But just so you know reading it once is enough!)

I’m now in Part 3, Chapter 2, my favorite part of the book.

This part talks about Affirmations and how to actually change your thoughts and feelings using them. By changing your thoughts and feelings YOU CHANGE YOUR REALITY. This is actually been proven by science and many experts and I personally can attest that AFFIRMATIONS WORK.

Here are the main parts of Miracle Manifestation:

Part 1   Talks about being YOU and how being YOU allows YOU to be successful. This part gives you the one simple truth that would allow you to manifest the things you truly dream of. It opens to you to the truth that YOU and only YOU will allow YOU to have SUCCESS.

Part 2   Teaches you about the journey to success. This is not about doing difficult things or struggling in life; this is about embracing your own personal journey that would be the best adventure you can ever have. It is about connecting to the Universe which is the Source of all that we need and want.

Part 2 also teaches you how to get to know the most important person in your life, YOU. And that by discovering who you truly are, you will discover abundance, wealth and happiness. This part teaches how to be truly happy and successful by embracing things that will help you vibrate positively.

The most important part of this lesson about being in a state of mind called FLOW and how to reach this state. The state of high vibrational energy when you are in Flow allows you to attract EVERYTHING YOUR HEART TRULY DESIRES.  Learning how to be in the Flow allows you to be the MANIFESTOR of your true destiny.

Part 3   Is the best chapter of all. It teaches you techniques that ANYONE can do to manifest what you want in life. This part teaches you the power of your mind and soul, and how to correctly speak to the Universe and ask for what you want. I have used these techniques and I have seen how powerful they are.

Part 4   Discusses how to actually reap the benefits of the Law of Attraction not tomorrow or in the future but right here, right now. It also teaches you how to be happy not just in momentary bursts of in happy times, but rather how to have a CONSTANT FEELING OF HAPPINESS.

This part teaches you lessons on how to stay happy and successful through any situation in your life.

Part 5,  Gives you ideas and motivation on how to consistently use the things you have learned from the Manifestation Miracle guide even after you have finished the book. It also teaches you how to be able to grow everyday after reading the book.  I think this is super important to ensure that we actually put into practice what we have learned.


Are there any pros and cons?

I’ve seen a few reviews about this course talk about pros and cons, but it’s my feeling that they actually did not really read the book from the looks of how they wrote their reviews! I won’t write that way.


This book helped me to go from a non believer to someone who is is now fully committed into manifestation and destiny tuning. It works and i’ve experienced the results in the areas of love, money and happiness so far, and I’m excited about what’s to come!


I guess if there is any draw back is that it takes some commitment. You can’t just read the book and expect your life to change. You have to actually get off your butt and do the things it says.  But the book is so inspiring that it isn’t really an effort.

Final Review on the Manifestation Miracle or Modefest Miracle Course

manifestation-ebook-reviewI really enjoyed reading the book, doing the exercises, making the vision boards, doing the meditations and answering the workbook. It helped me like a shrink, a guru, hypnotist and my mom, all combined into one simple course!

My marriage has improved, I’m getting more work than I used to (and my husband just got a new better paid job after being laid off) so money is flowing more, and most important of all, I feel generally happier and more optimistic about the future.

There were times that the course did consume me because I really want other people in my life to be like this too! To be full of positivity. I want others to know about this truth and so I wrote this review after I kept pestering my friends and my husband to read and use it!

Although this course was given to me as a gift, I have bought it several times as a gift to my friends and family.

I have read the book, it has changed my heart, my mind and my soul. I am forever grateful for my dear friend who gave it to me. I welcome all the blessings in life that I will PERSONALLY MANIFEST BECAUSE I HAVE THE POWER TO DO SO.


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Should you get this course?

If you are not really into being happy and positive(!) or if you don’t think that your life could get any better, then maybe this is not for you.

If you feel that you don’t want to spend a few minutes a day doing a few exercises then don’t get the course.

If on the other hand, you want to see your life improve, you want to become happier, healthier and to get the relationship and family situation you want, I do recommend you give the Miracle Manifestation course a try.

Happy manifesting!


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