Why Do Women Wear Make Up?

Make upBy Hazel

So exactly why do women wear makeup? Many men wonder why and a lot of women also do. Since the dawn of civilization women have put on make up to enhance their beauty and hide their flaws. From the eastern islands of Japan where Geishas wore red lip paints and lead filled white face powders to the ash soot eye liners of Egyptian women to the henna tattooed Indian women to the blushed and romantic faces of the ladies of Reinsurance ladies, make up has been used by men and women for ages for so many reasons.

But why do women really wear makeup? Most women would say it because they want to look beautiful and beauty is power! Well, OK, may it’s a bit more than that so here I am so tell you why women wear make up.

Makeup is a Girl’s Arsenal?

When I was young I would be so amazed when we went to the mall and there would be all sorts of colors and beautiful packages at the makeup counter. When I turned 15, I bought my very first make up. I got some eyeshadow pencils and some lip tint. It made me happy and it was lot’s of fun to put on. But way before that, I had been trying to put on my mom’s lipstick as a young girl.

Makeup always fascinated me. It was something like facial art not to mention it changed the way a girl looked. Fast forward three years ago I started working at home as I blogged and wrote articles that I stopped putting on make up. I just wanted to be low maintenance but I realized I wanted to reclaim that part of me so a few days ago I bought a few pieces of make up.

Women wear makeup because of a few simple things. It makes them feel beautiful, it gives them confidence, it helps them be more empowered and makes them more attractive. But don’t get me wrong, no amount of make up can make you happy unless you choose to be happy from your heart.

makeup-brush-1761648_6401. Confidence booster – If you ever had a huge zit on the middle of your nose and you could hide wouldn’t you? Well I would. I personally invest on skin care so that I can avoid getting gigantic zits because I have very oily skin but I would admit that if I am dolled up I really feel pretty and empowered.

Women wear make up as a confidence booster because let’s face it we are all born great and all but we want to enhance our features and hide a few flaws here and there.

2. Make up can change the way you look – I have seen countless make up transformation videos and I know putting on makeup is an art. From simple day make up to super glam make up to wedding day make up there are just countless ways that make up can transform a girl. And it does not only transform the outside but it can also help the inside. If you look pretty, you’ll also feel pretty. And feeling pretty is a powerful thing!

3. Self expression – Makeup has been a form of self expression for a very long time now. Women use makeup like an artist would choose color for his painting. Red lips or nude lips? Dark eyeshadow or pastel colors? Contouring? Or just a bare face and a deep red lipstick? Name it, make up can be used for different kinds of self expression.

Even having no make up is a form of self expression. Women use their faces to tell a story. Make up is a good way to make a statement and tell the world how you feel.

4. Self-empowerment – Make up is a good way to empower yourself. You can be wearing a plain white tee and match it with an engine red lipstick and feel damn hot and sexy. Or you can go cute and sweet by putting on a pink lippie and doning a ponytail and pastel eye makeup.

Make up can also make you look more polished and professional for business meetings. It can make you the most beautiful lady on your wedding and stand out from the rest of people there.

If you feel blah because you have eyebags, use a concealer and get instant confidence. If you have zits cover them up. You can really do so much with makeup and enhance yourself inside and out

5. Attracting romance – Women have used makeup to attract males or females to like them. A flawless skin is a sign of health and fertility and putting on some pressed powder can mimic that. A lot of studies have shown that our lips related to our lower lips down there and having a red and juicy pucker can make men more attracted to a woman.

Makeup or No Makeup?

Well, honestly I believe that both works. Some women feel better with makeup on. Some feel confident enough to bare their faces. I know that makeup does help here and there. Looking great makes you feel great and so I think if you feel you look good in makeup, then by all means do so. But if you can just walk and be pretty with just lip balm and baby powder then that’s good too!

We only live once and we should enjoy our lives. You only get to be young once, so do the things that make you happy.

But remember to keep atleast one lipstick in your bag, you never know when you will need it!

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