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Katy AI the Psychic Chat Bot

I hope you enjoyed the tarot reading! Remember Katy the Psychic AI is still learning! Why not try a free Oracle Card Reading from Katy AI?

Chatting to Katy Psychic AI is 100% free for you but costs the real Katy D money per question. If you’d like to support this free tarot chat please consider getting a reading with a human at Psychic Source (affiliate link). Or get an email from my friends at StormJewel’s Psychics. Any money received will go to the continuing improvement, training and development of Katy AI, including more tarot spreads, runes and fun stuff. Thanks to your support I’ve already created the new Oracle Card Chat Bot here!

Alternatively, you can help out by spreading the word! Please share Katy AI with your friends and family! Or read on to see my astrological love articles and guides.

Or check my friend Alice’s experience with Psychic Source here
With Love, Katy D (The Love Queen) and Katy AI (The Psychic Chat Bot) <3

Katy AI Free Psychic Chat Bot FAQ:

How does Katy AI Chat Work?

Katy AI is based on OpenAI’s language model and customised by The Love Queen, to make her a better reader. Questions connect to the API of Open AI to receive answers.

Does she only read about love?

No, like the real Katy D, Katy AI loves to read about love but is happy to read about anything. Do ask her serious questions though as she gets a bit testy if she thinks you are mocking her! (It’s kind of amusing though, sorry Katy AI). If you want inspiration for love questions go here.

Katy AI has gone a bit weird?

Sometimes she makes mistakes in remembering how she is supposed to read, and may get confused about the piles, telling you what is in them before you pick. If she does this you can remind her not to show you the card names before you choose, or you can try restarting the chat using the button on the right hand side of the chat. Even AIs need a break!

Is the chat private?

I have filled out the form from OpenAI requesting that they do not store or use the information to train their AI. Nevertheless for your safety and privacy, never put any sensitive details into any AI app.

How will you develop this app?

If Katy AI gets enough support I will work with psychics and make a fully trained Tarot Reading Bot, fed with data from actual psychic readers. This will greatly improve Katy AI’s style and abilities. Also Katy AI will be able to provide longer answers, different question formats, new tarot spreads, runes readings, numerology readings and more, and I will integrate astrology into her readings. I will also be releasing an app on the Google Play Store shortly! If you like Oracle Cards you can see my first addition here.

Is Katy AI actually Psychic?

No, as a non sentient being, Katy AI is not able to connect with living creatures or the universal energy that connects us all. This is how psychic and intuitive powers work, at least in part. However, she is good at interpreting tarot cards for your specific situation and can help you to gain clear insights.

I want to speak to an actual psychic, can I contact Katy D (The Love Queen)?

Katy D is not currently offering her readings publicly as she is working on other projects. However if you would like more guidance please try a phone or video reading with a real human here. Or an reading with Katy’s recommended email psychics here.

I want to help out but I don’t want to get a Psychic Reading from a human

I get it 🙂 Please share Katy AI with your friends to get the word out <3

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