How To Attract a Scorpio

how to attract a scorpioScorpios are known to be the super mysterious types. They are intense individuals who we usually see and imagine as always brooding and quiet. But deep inside, they have fire and intensity burning in their hearts. They can be highly sexual and adventurous too. They are also very passionate in everything that they do and would tend to be serious in the things they want to have.

To attract a Scorpio means you have to understand their mysterious nature. You must be able to get their moods and changes in their behaviour and personality. Being influenced by the passionate energy of Mars and the dark matter of Pluto makes them very different from the other signs and thus attracting them can be a bit tricky.

Scorpios are sexual magnets and they can be very sexy and attractive. They have this intense erotic energy in them that can be so powerful, it can draw anyone into their magnets.

People born of this sign are also very loyal and honest, to the point of sometimes being really straight to the point and brutal. They want to know people well and see the true nature of a person. They hate fakes and liars as well.

When a Scorpio dates someone, they tend to be jealous and want to have all the love and attention. They can be very possessive of their partners even though they themselves can be flirty at times given their high sexual energy.

Show Off Your Sexy Side

Sexiness, sensuality and passion are some of the things that a Scorpio man or woman wants in their partners. They want someone who they can have lots of sex with and get the rush from pleasurable encounters.

Don’t be shy around a Scorpio, they want someone who is as ballsy as them. They appreciate people who can let them know that they are sexually attractive. But don’t be too forward as Scorpios crave mystery and the thrill of the chase. Add adventure and spice so they will crave for you more and more.

Be Mysterious

Scorpios love the thrill of the chase. They want to solve mysteries and they get intrigued by people who sometimes tend to be puzzling to them. So a bit of a push and pull can go a long way for a Scorpio. They like dates that have a bit of mystery and novelty. This can be like going to theme parks and museums or unplanned trips. Try going for a drive or showing up and take them on a crazy trip.

However, at times, Scorpio born people tend to get tired of having mundane and ordinary things and thus they may seek flings and adrenaline boosters such as sleeping with a stranger in a new place. So the trick is to never appear to be boring to them. Show them that you are full of surprises so that that that Scorpio boy or girl will always crave for you.

They Tend To Have Mood Swings

People born under Scorpio tend to have crazy mood swings. They can be turbulent and emotional at times or distant on other times. Because of this, they want partners who get their moods. Allow him or her to have the space he or she needs.

When you are in the beginning phases of getting to know a Scorpio or dating him or her, you may be surprised that one day he or she is sweet the next he or she will be distant. Just understand him or her. They have varied moods and if you really want him or her, you must have your own thing going so that when he or she wants some me-time, you can also do something for yourself.

Scorpio Men Want Independent Women

A ballsy chick is always a turn on for a Scorpio Man. He will prefer a girl who has her own thing going and can take care of herself. They want someone who has their own thing going and is not afraid to be doing things by herself.

On the other hand, Scorpio women want men who are passionate about their work and their endeavours in life. They also want a man who is sensual and can show them a good time in bed.

Be Loyal and Honest

Scorpios tend to lose their cool when you break their trust. They want someone who they can rely on and someone who is real with them. Never ever fake your personality around a Scorpio, he or she will know it right away. T

When dating a person of this sign, try to be honest no matter what. They prefer being hurt with the truth rather being lied to. When they find out that you are lying to them they will tend to want to seek revenge and hurt you back.

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