13 Bad Traits of Aries

Bad Side of Aries
When Aries gets mad, he flares up

Aries people are energetic and are born leaders. They are fire starters and trailblazers with keen child-like loving hearts. However, a negative Aries can be impulsive, hot-headed, and impatient. They can be stubborn and may feel that they are always right. Dealing with the dark side of Aries can be tricky so knowing what their bad traits are can be helpful.

If you are an Aries, sometimes, you just explode being a Fire sign that you are. Your energy is like that sun, hot and livid. But acknowledging that at times, you can be hot-headed and toxic can help you be more positive and calm.

When Aries Gets Bad

The zodiacs start with this sign. And being a born leader and fire starter, an Aries can be very impulsive and stubborn. So here are the bad traits of an Aries.

1. Quick to Anger

An Aries is emotional and has a young heart. His personality is innocent and childlike He can easily flare up and get upset. And thus an Aries’ temper may rise up and boil. He can just lash out when things don’t go his way and he can be impatient and hot-headed. Aries also want to be the dominant one in their relationships and in their social circle and thus if things don’t go their way, they can be upset and angry.

2. Impulsive

Arieses are starters and they have this big energy in them to begin things and do things spontaneously. And because of this they can be impulsive and may not think things through. They can start projects and not finish them. They can be

3. Flare-ups

Being ruled by Mars and being a fire sign, Aries people are prone to flare-ups. They can burst out angry for no reason or may lash out when they lack stimulation from exercise, sex, work, or hobbies. They need something that will consume them because the fire that burns in them with passion has to extinguish something otherwise they may end up burning those around them.

4. Stubborn and Know It All

Another bad trait of Aries is that they tend to believe that they are always right. They think they know everything and they will not back down in an argument. They are so hard-headed and stubborn that arguing with them is futile.

5. They Can Be Selfish

Sometimes, Aries can be pretty self-centered and they can overlook the needs of others. They can just focus on their needs and wants and then just brush off other people. They may even go about disregarding people’s feelings and they can be childish and possessive and they may want to be the center of the universe. At times, they may throw tantrums just to get what they want. Arieses are child-like and the negative side of that is that they can be immature and truly selfish.

6. Mean and Harsh

13 Bad Traits of Aries

Being blunt and feeling like they are always right can make Aries a bit harsh and mean when they give comments. They can be combative and critical. This can cause friction with others because they may feel that they are just telling the truth and that there is nothing wrong with that. They may feel the obligation to bring out the truth and their methods for doing so can be rough and unpolished.

7. Pushy and arrogant and even too individualistic.

An Aries is the leader of the pack. They are the first zodiacs to pop out of the sky and thus they may feel the need to push what they believe in. They can have this feeling of supremacy and can have utter cockiness. They can be very competitive and they may view things as always a pursuit of being the best or being number one. This can be difficult when they need to work in a team such as in relationships, friendships or work. If they don’t get what they want they may sulk and be resentful.

Confidence and arrogance go hand in hand in the heart of Aries. Yes, they may have this powerful charisma that can make people follow them, but at times, when they are wrong, they will still think they are right or be too insistent about being the best.

8. Immature and childish

Being the first zodiac out of the twelve, an Aries-born person can be sweet as a baby but they can also be really immature. They can pick fights for no reason. They can be bratty when they don’t get what they desire. Tantrums and fits can be part of how they show their anger and push for what they want. They are a bit hard to reason with and can be pretty hard-headed. They may think they are always right and will even act out when you call them out.

9. Impatient

Patience is not one of Aries’s best traits. They lack the will to wait things out and think things over. They may be rash and charge into decisions without thinking things over. They may also be too impatient to get everything that they feel that they deserve which may mean that if a person who they like do not reciprocate their feelings asap, they will get mad and find someone else.

10. Jealous and worrisome

Aries’ don’t like being set aside. They want to be the center of the universe and they want to be the one. So when you date an aries, they can be pretty jealous. They may try to fence you up because they hate competition. This also goes for their friends and work. They always want to be #1 and thus not being the top choice can make them green with envy.

Arieses are also plagued by anxiety and worry. They worry about always being great and accepted. They want to be wanted. So they worry if people don’t like them.

11. Passive-aggressive

Most of the time, Arieses are aggressive go-getters, but when they get passive, they get really passive. They can just lay there dormant and want nothing sulking and being a child. They can let things go into the wind and not do anything at all.

12. Complaining, begging, and selling

Having a sense of entitlement can be a dark side of Aries. Because of this, they can complain a lot when they don’t get what they want. They can also beg for love, attention, power, advancement, and even money. They want to be cared for and thus begging to be a result of wanting to get their needs fulfilled.

On the other hand, they may sell out people when they feel that they are just doing the right thing. They can dispense friendships and love in order to get ahead. Gossiping is another bad side of Aries. When they think they are just telling the truth, they don’t accept that they are already being conniving or gossiping.

13. Gossiping

Arieses have a tendency to feel superior over others. They feel they are always right and thus they like to compare others and tell stories about them. They tend to add malice into the stories that they spread to make themselves look better and to put others down. They normally get judgemental about others and discriminate about how others live their lives.

Finding a Balance for a Bad Aries

Aries are not bad people. They are sweet, caring, driven, and hardworking. They are born leaders and they can melt your heart with their youthful grace and cheerfulness. However, like anyone human, they can have a dark side. Finding the balance for Aries means, accepting that he or she is not always right. He or she must be mature enough to learn to accept mistakes and work with others. Only by this can Aries find balance.

There are many things an Aries can do to be a better version of himself. He or she can be more humble and friendly. He can connect with others. Having pets or volunteering can help an Aries to do this. This will allow him to have better relationships and find happiness, doing so will help one’s life not just for the present but also for the future.

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