Signs A Cancer Man is Falling In Love With You

The Cancer Man is born is a Water Sign and thus he is in tune with emotions and feelings. He tends to have a loving and caring heart that is willing to nurture others especially those he loves. He loves the idea of having a domestic partnership and raising children. He is fiercely loyal and protective of his people be it his friends, his family but most especially his girl.

What Is A Cancer Like?

If you are looking for a man who is sweet, caring and is not afraid to show you that he cares, then look no further than the Cancer Man. He is of Water and those born under this group are very keen on their emotional state. They love to love and they are full of feeling. Life is to be lived and savored according to the Crab. He feels everything. He also senses other’s emotions. He is a good listener and will be there when you feel sad and lonely.

A Cancer man is highly sentimental. He likes letters and cards and photos. He keeps keepsakes like movie tickets and would love dates that are memorable and of value. He remembers the past well and this can be both good and bad. He may still have pains tucked in his heart from past heartaches, but he will be for sure to remember your anniversaries, your birthday, when you first met and all the dates and things you shared together.

Most Cancer men are also in tune with his feminine side. He loves his mom and his sisters and his girlfriends. He is sweet and caring and tender. He doesn’t mind cooking and taking care of the house. Being domestic is not a problem for him. So if you want a man who will help you in the house, then he’s the one. He can also help you shop with no problem. He’s can be your bff and you can have fun with him and he won’t cringe at the girly things you do. He is not afraid to cry in front of you and will tell you how he feels.

Men of this zodiac are the fairy tale-like prince charming. They are sweet, caring and gentle. They text you good morning when they wake up and bring you chocolates for no reason. They don’t mind buying flowers too.

The Crab is also a guy who really wants to be with someone. He likes relationships and is most happy when he is with a romantic partner that can give him happy, sappy emotions. He likes being with someone and have a label. He is what we call a boyfriend or even a husband material. He will be willing to move in too. You can count on him to do his share at home if you two share a home. They can also be great dads and dream about having a family and kids.

If you want a man who is family-oriented then this is the one. He can raise kids well. He will be there with you every step in nurturing your children.

Another trait of this zodiac is he can be two-sided about money. He can save for winter and have resources for the rainy days but he can also blow up all his money when he feels like it. So understand him when he seems stingy, he is just saving his money for the future. If he spends a lot, ask him why he might be having a bad day or something.

Eating and having great food is something that makes a Cancer Man happy. He likes good food and enjoys sharing it with the people he loves. He likes cooking too or getting good food. So if you want a Cancer, cook up a storm or order his favorite pizza and share a great meal with him while having a nice conversation about life.

Now when it comes to friendship, the Cancer is very loyal to his mates. He will remain friends with his buddies from college and will hangout with them. He likes sharing things with his pack so don’t try to cut him off from them.

Finally a Cancer Man is someone who wants a woman who is strong but he wants to be the one to lead the relationship. He wants to be the leader and the nurturer. He wants to see his partner as someone who needs him and adores him.

Signs That a Cancer Loves You

A man born with the sign of the Crab is someone who likes being in love and wants to be in a relationship, so if he likes you or wants you, he will tell you. He falls in love quickly and will not be shy in telling you. In fact, he will try to sweep you off your feet just to let you know that he loves you.

If he is interested in you, he will try to connect with you. He may even start talking about marriage and family. He will talk about the future and how he wants to have kids. He will tell you his aspirations and when he does it means he likes you a lot and wants you in his life. He’s not afraid of commitment so he will really be all out with letting you know that he wants to be your boyfriend.

Another thing is he will know a whole lot of things about you if he likes you. He will stalk you online and find out your birthday and know that you like cat videos. He will ask your friends how you like your coffee or tea. He will chat with you and get to know you. He will ask what sort of music or books you listen to.

He can start flirting with you as well if he likes you. He will be physical when he does. He will touch your arm, “accidentally” brush his foot on your leg and even get to the point of playing with your hand. He can even give you a peck on the chick just to flirt with you. He is physical and enjoys contact. He can even hug you and hold you close.

When a Cancer likes you, you will notice that he listens to you intently. He will lean forward and show you that he is interested in what you are saying. He will give his thoughts and opinions about what you have just told him. He can even give you advice and his insights. He likes connecting with you and will communicate with you and listen to your thoughts. He will check on you by and by. He will IM you to know you’re doing OK. He will ask your friends about you. He will also bring you food out of the blue just to make sure you’re well-fed.

Being the caring sensitive guy that he is, a man of this sign is also likely to want to help you with your tasks and even help you with your home. He can help you fix that sink and set up your TV. He can walk by your desk and ask you if you assistance with that spreadsheet. He may even cook for you if he gets the chance.

How To Make A Cancer Guy Fall In Love With You

Because a Cancer guy is emotional and is sensitive, he feels that a woman who opens up to him is someone who can be with. He likes it when you tell him your thoughts and feelings. He does not want to get the cold treatment and prefers it when you open up to him. If you have just met him share with him your opinions on things. You can also tell him about who you are and what makes you tick; he will feel more confident that you are an authentic type of person. Allow him to connect with you can and be there for you.

On the other hand, even though he likes listening to your woes, a Cancer is a sucker for strong and independent women. He is a feminist by heart and having a girl who is capable of being her own woman is such a turn on for him. He likes it when you have your own convictions and advocates. But of course even if you are a ballsy babe, he still appreciates when you tell him you need his help by and by. He likes taking care of someone and you need to let him know that you’re going to let him do so.

And so if you want a Crab, you have to let him do stuff for you around your office or home. Ask him for his help with a broken faucet or better yet, ask him to teach you how to do it. He loves helping the girl he likes so don’t be shy to ask. Let him visit you at your place and just hang out with you. He is interested in how you keep your home and how it looks like so give him the chance to go there and relax.

Boys with sign tend to be shy and timid too, so it’s best to be the one who brings the color and fun. Be jolly and vibrant so that he can catch unto your energy. Try to make him laugh and smile. Invite him to activities and adventures. Help him open up and he will love you for it.

Because he is emotional and shy, he will have baggage from the past. He will have secrets that he will tell you, listen to him when he does. Keep what he shares with you private because if you don’t, he will feel that you have violated his trust. Talk to him. Share your thoughts as he shares his. Just don’t be kiss and tell.

As we’ve talked about, men with this sign tend to have strong female bonds in his life, so allow him to do so. Let him have female friends. Allow him to spend time with his mother and sisters. Don’t be jealous when he spends time with his girl pals. His mom will be really important to him so try to get on her good side. He also wants you to have strong family ties. Share with him how your family is like and listen to him as he tells you about his childhood with his own family.

Cancer men are very sweet and caring individuals and they will be the most affectionate people you will ever meet. Give them the chance to love you and nurture you. Now if you want him to fall hard for you, all you need to do is be someone caring as well.

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