13 Bad Traits That Taurus Have

Taurus people are dependable and steadfast. They are very patient and persistent. On the other hand, a bad Taurus people can be slow, lazy, and even too stubborn. They are pretty much set in their ways and they may not be open to change at all. Since they are born under the power of the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love, they can be vain and self-absorbed. They are pleasure-seeking and can be materialistic.

If you are a Taurus, you may tend to procrastinate and laze around laxly all day. You need a routine to keep you going and doing nothing just increases your laziness. But getting your priorities straight and being motivated can help you embrace your full potential.

Bad Taurus Traits

Beautiful, artistic, sensual, and steadfast Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign who knows what he wants and is persistent enough to get it. Taurus people love beauty and art and all sorts of worldly pleasures. They like beautiful spaces and lush interiors. They are also high hardworking people who set their eyes on the prize and get it, no matter how long it takes.

On the other hand, Taureans also have a bad side. They focus on can be very focused on beauty, luxury, and pleasure that can sometimes be too lazy or relaxed. They can also be really stuck on their routines and be unwilling to change. However, having the drive to persist and the patience to work hard to get things that they want can help them reach their dreams. A bit of flexibility and humility can help them grow more and have better relationships.

1. Stubborn and Slow Taurus

People born with the sign of the bull can be pretty predictable. They hate changing their routines and they love to focus on the things listed on their tasks checklist. They don’t like out-of-the-blue adventures and they don’t like uncalculated moves, be it a quick trip to the cinema or an out-of-the-blue lover.

When a Taurus is in his zone, he likes to focus on just that. He or she doesn’t want to change directions and just wants to do his thing and be left alone to do it. And because he is so focused, he hates listening to others. He hates being told what to do. Agreeing with another person’s advice can be slim for this sign.

2. They Can’t Trust Others Easily

Taurus-born individuals cannot open their hearts to trust others especially someone new. They are used to routine and living to a code that new people can be seen as intruders and therefore they cannot be trusted.

They always tend to have their guards up and they don’t like to tell others how they truly feel or what they think. Part of this is because they are concerned about what people will think of them because self-image is important and also because they feel that they need to know the person first really well before they can trust them. This may entail many, many years of friendship in order for that trust to pop up.

3. Taking Someone For Granted

Taurus partners can be lazy when it comes to celebrations and anniversaries. For Tauruses, regular home life and routine is more important than anything. Getting settled and comfortable is their prime concern so they may not put so much effort if they feel that they just want to get comfy. However, Taureans can be lavish too like buying presents, gifts, expensive wines because it is their aesthetic and lifestyle and not because they want to impress someone.

4. Schedule, Smedule

Being a fixed sign means they like routine all too much. If you ask them for a spontaneous day at the beach, they may get upset at you for ruining their plans and not giving them a heads up. They can be pretty rigid when it comes to time management and doing things according to plan.

When you want to date a Taurus, it is best to give them an advance notice if you plan do to do something so that they can pencil you into their calendars.

5. Selfish

Taurus boys and girls can be really selfish. They can be self-absorbed, being beautiful creatures that they are. They want to get their way and they hate it when others seem to not get that. They are also possessive with their family and friends and get jealous when someone they like starts hanging out with friends whom he or she do not know.

The bull can be bullheaded and thus they may want to get everything that they think they deserve even if it means hurting others along the way.

6. Taurus Motivated by Money and Wealth

Bad side of TaurusBeing born with Venus as their ruling planet, Taurus people prize material wealth and beauty. They love aesthetics and living with beauty and grace. They want branded and luxurious items and therefore they want to have money to buy all that. In order to motivate them to work well, they need monetary incentives. This can also happen in their love lives and dating. They want partners who are able to wine and dine them and shower them with gifts.

7. Gluttony

Food, wine, dessert, and everything decadent is part of a Taurus’ repertoire. They like to consume fine things in life and they have a penchant for eating and devouring food. They may have a bad habit of over indulgence. They can go and on eating just to satisfy their mouths. They want to be filled with food and wine and may set aside their health just to indulge in their cravings. They also are gluttons not just for food but also attention and affection. They may demand their partners show them love and devotion.

8. Obsessed with Self Image

How they look, sound, or how people perceive them is very important to the people with the sign of the bull. They want to be generally accepted or even be admired by others. For them, self-image is the most important commodity of all. They may resort to all sorts of things just to be wanted and admired. They will get very, very upset when others think of them badly. They also will not want to look poor, lonely, or afraid and hence this can affect how they communicate with others.

9. Too Emotionally Guarded

Taurus people are very stubborn and they don’t want to let their guard down and thus they can build a wall around to avoid being vulnerable and to veer away from getting hurt. This may entail them freezing up when they fall in love or want someone and they cannot say how they feel. They can also hide their feelings just to avoid confrontation and arguments even if they really need to speak up.

10. They Can Burst Emotionally

People under this fixed sign want routine and constancy and thus if they get sidetracked or relegated to the side, they can throw some serious meltdowns. They can be upset if they aren’t the boss of the game or not the ace player of the team. They want to be the team captain be it in a relationship or in a company. When they get very upset, they can really lash out and cry or even say angry things. They try their best to be stable and genial, just don’t get on their bad side.

11. Clingy Taurus

Taurus is super clingy people. They make great friends and lovers because they can be super caring and sweet, but their clinginess can be suffocating at times. They want to be updated on all the things you do and they may message you all the time. They easily get hurt when you exclude them and have your own thing. They want to know everything so keeping secrets from them is a big no-no

12. Possessive and Insecure

“Mine, mine, mine” is one of the lines in a Taurus’ head. Taurus’s personality looks for stability and wealth. They want to own and possess not only things but also people. They can get pretty jealous when you share your attention with other people especially when you promised them to give them time. Never ever make them jealous because this can make them crazy AF. And as we’ve discussed before they like getting attached and settling into a comfortable zone so they want to have you as a constant thus, they may not like to share.

13. Arrogant and materialistic

Beautiful things, luxury, and material possessions make a Taurus happy. They also have pretty high standards because they know they are beautiful. They may not want to date people who don’t fit their ideal image especially for the physical side. They may also not admit how they feel just because they are too ashamed or too high and mighty to do that. This may cause them to pitter-patter when it comes to saying whom they like. They can also choose partners or careers based on monetary merit not really because they love the person or the job.

Finding Balance for a Taurus

For a Taurus to find balance, he or she needs to be centered not just on material wealth or beauty but also on finding joy in the special moments in life. Yoga can be a great activity that a Taurus can do to find balance. He can also try jogging or cycling and it will help him get more centered. He or she must value people for their kindness and not just their looks. Flexibility is another trait that he or

she must learn to grow more and be happy in life.

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