How To Attract A Cancer

Cancers are loving and gentle individuals who show affection and kindness. They are very caring and mild. They tend to make people especially their families and friends feel loved and appreciated. On the other hand, people who are born under the sign of the crab tend to be reclusive and veer away from others. They can be introverted and shy.

Falling in love with a Cancer is very easy. He has this soft demeanor and a friendly smile that beckons you to just come close and love him. His kindness is wonderful and at times women may think that this is affection. On the other hand Cancer, women are very maternal and love to take care of their man.

Now to get a Cancer to fall for you, you must be ready to woo that crab and show that you are loving and caring as well. You must be ready to make the moves because people of this sign tend to be shy and having someone pursue them relieves their stress.

On the other hand, Cancers may be a bit too sensitive. They can feel sad about the small stuff and tend to get hurt easily. They don’t want to be spoken to harshly and they want others to show them care and love. If they feel unappreciated, they may veer away from the person who makes them feel such.

Cancers can also be pessimistic. They can look at the worst-case scenario in situations. So you have to reassure them all the time to give them peace of mind.

Be Feminine and Maternal

Cancer men are born to be loving and attached to their mothers. And because of this, they desire women who are very feminine and maternal. They want someone who they can see as wife material. Someone who knows how to take care of them.

If you like a Cancer man, you must show off your girly traits. Wear dresses and show off your feminine side. Try to look polished and very womanly. Also, Cancer men appreciate a woman who knows how to take care of herself. Smell good and have good grooming.

For a Cancer lady, she likes a man who is strong and can take care of her. She wants someone who is masculine. Show her that you can be her knight in shining armor.

Being maternal attracts a Cancer man because this trait reassures him that you will take care of him and love him no matter what. So try to listen to his problems and also try to show him you really care. Bringing him some soup when he is sick is also a big plus for you.

He may also want someone who is childlike on the other hand. Cancer men tend to be caring and want to show their girl that they can take care of her. So allow him to sweep you off your feet. Ask him help around your apartment when something gets broken. Show him also that you can be fun and that you can give him a good time.

Be Family Oriented

Cancer people love partners who are family-oriented. They want someone who can help them raise a family one day.

So if you are attracted to a Cancer, you have to show him that you are family-oriented. Show him that you can be a loving parent by being nice to kids. Make him see that you are polite and respectful to elders. And if ever that Cancer man likes you, try to show him you have a strong connection with your own family.

Make Him Feel Secure and Reassure Him

People born with the Crab as their sign tend to need reassurance. They can feel lost at a time or even secluded, so you have to open up doors for him and make him feel loved and accepted. Saying sweet words will boost his liking for you.

Cancer men may not be so sure of themselves and thus reassuring them will give you extra points. Show him that you are caring and that you will be there when the times are tough. Listen to his problems and don’t try to be critical with him. Same goes for cancer females. They want a man who will show them love and support.

Never ever flirt with other men or women in front of a Cancer, this will break his heart. He will just shut off and would go the opposite direction from you.

Show Affection

Crabs are suckers for sweetness and affection. They love loving words and they want loving actions. They melt with gestures of love and kindness. Being caring is a big plus if you want to get a Cancer.

When you like a Cancer, you have to be the one to show affection since they can be shy. Try to do acts of kindness like bringing them coffee and offering them a ride home. Bringing sweets and pastries can make them fall for you.

Be Someone of Value

People who are born with the sign of Cancer tend to plan the future. They want someone who would add value to their lives and help them build a stable life someday. They are family-oriented and thus providing for a family is a big deal for them. Because of this, they want someone who has a good career and has his or her life together.

Ultimately, to catch a Cancer, you have to be this girl who is feminine, maternal, loving and kind. You have to be goal-oriented and focused. You should be caring and affectionate. If you have these traits, you can make a Cancer Man fall for you.

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