How To Date Again After A Breakup

Breakups are messy. They hurt you and leave you devastated and distraught. Breakups take you from being a super fly and wonderful person to someone who is like wilted lettuce.

But heartbreaks heal and you will stop grieving and hurting. You will patch yourself back up and be ready to find love again. But how do you get back on track after a breakup? How do you date again after being hurt before?

Be Open

The first step to being able to date again after a breakup is being open once more. Open your heart to the possibility that you can love again. Open yourself to the possibility that someone will want you again. This may sound cliche’ or ordinary, but many people remain lonely and alone because they are never able to open their hearts once more.

Being open means that you accept that you were once hurt but you are now ready to move on. It means that you are open to new possibilities and new persons that can come into your life. This also means that you no longer try to go back to the past that has hurt you but opens yourself up to new people who can give you happiness.

Be Happy

In order to date again, you must radiate a happy energy. You never want to be someone’s baggage right? And no one ever wants to have someone who is full of past grievances. This doesn’t mean that you forget what happened before, but it means that you now begin to see the bright blue sky for what it is.

Do something fun that gives you joy. This can be as simple as dumping out old stuff that continues to hurt and haunt you or taking up a hobby that you have left off from before.

Be happy, smile and show the world your beautiful soul.

How To Find A Date

OK, so now you are happy and open, what next? So now, you have to find that date and go out on those wonderful dinners and lunches and coffee, but how? Well, there are many ways to do this.

1. Tinder

Believe it or not, Tinder has made many successful relationships. It has put people together and made couples meet each other. I have known couples who got married because of Tinder. It is a fun and easy way to meet people.

2. Other Dating Sites

Online dating is not passe. It’s still a valid and easy way to find people who match your personality. You can easily make a profile online and find people to go out with. Dating online can be fun and it’s not as scary as meeting people for the first time.

3. Ask your friends to set you up

Getting set up is a nice way to meet people. I’m sure you have loads of friends who are willing to find you someone suitable. Ask your mother, ask your pastor, ask your aunts. Get recommendations. You never know, you might find the one out there.

4. Join group activities

Try a cooking class and meet a hot guy who is trying out cooking as well. Play tennis at the club and get sweaty and meet someone who loves tennis too. Join book clubs. Clubs and social circles are a great way to meet new people.

5. Date your colleagues

I know this might go against the rules of someone people’s dating manual but I think dating someone from work can be easy and can be very liberating. Workmates share most of your time and thus you have a lot in common with them. Dating a workmate is not all bad, it can be fun and be absolutely exciting.

6. Church or Spiritual Groups

Yes, it’s ok to do this. Dating someone from church can be great. Dating someone from your tarot card group is ok. A pagan brother or sister can be your soulmate too.

Bouncing Back

Breakups are painful. But breaking up is not the end of the world. You can bounce back. You can be happy again. And yes, you can find love once more.

But at times you may just want to get your ex back. Well here’s a simple formula to just text your ex back into your life.

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