Signs That an Aquarius Man is Falling In Love With You

Signs That An Aquarius is Falling in LoveAquarius men are born with high amounts of charismatic energy and the ability to thrive on change and be always original. They love being different from the rest and they hate conforming. They are highly analytical and they detest sorting out their emotions and choose detachment and clarity. They can be a bit eccentric and different from everybody else. They are quite friendly and easy-going as well.

When it comes to love, they tend to want to have an interdependent relationship wherein they do their own thing and their partners live their own lives and they merge together to compliment one another. They are not one for confrontation and want their partners easy going and funny.

To attract an Aquarius Man, you must be sexy, funny, cultured and open to adventures.

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What Is An Aquarius Man Like?

An Aquarius is a highly energetic sign who is super popular and friendly. He has this charm that allows him to be liked by those who are around him. He can be popular much like a jock or an actor or someone everybody likes at the office. People easily strike up a conversation with him because he is so much fun to talk to.

This sign is a funny guy who likes cracking jokes and enjoys hearing them. He gets attracted to girls who love to clown around. He can be mischievous and super playful at times. He is super bubbly and he has energy as bright as the sun. He can be hyper and at times even be nervous or twitchy because his dynamic power is just off the charts.

And because he has a super high vibrancy, he wants to be noticed and be popular. He likes stylish clothes and chooses a sporty fashion. He may also be outlandish like a science hippie or something like that.

When it comes to business and sales, he has exceptional talent. He can charm people and strike a good bargain. He is also very inventive and original that is why he can make new things work.

When it comes to his family, he loves them dearly but would rather live alone. He doesn’t like being tied down and wants to be free as the wind. He likes adventures. When it comes to sex, he can be quite experimental. He also likes stray animals and has a caring heart for pets.

This sign tends to veer away from emotionally charged moments. He is non-confrontational and doesn’t like arguments. When you guys break up, he won’t say it outright but will slowly dial down the spark to the friendship level. He doesn’t like to talk about his feelings. It’s awkward for him.

Uranus gives him the energy to be revolutionary, original, and different. He thrives on change and dislikes constancy. If he goes into a conventional or regular route, he will likely bring his own spin to the game. He wants to be original and different. Change is something he surfs on. He even loves creating new things. At times, he can be unpredictable and maybe too spontaneous.

Aquarian people live a life of discovery and innovation. They want to pave the way for something new and have a very different outlook in life from the rest.  

6 Signs That An Aquarius Man Loves You

Aquarius in LoveWhen an Aquarian falls in love, he can shift from being that totally indifferent, unemotional guy to a super loving and caring sappy man.

1.  He Becomes very sweet.

Aquarius man tends to be very tender and affectionate when he falls in love. He can be super sweet and would try to make you fall for him with surprises that are out of the ordinary.

He likes to sweep you off your feet like give you a bouquet of roses and chocolates. He is willing to spend money on candlelit dinners and trips to new places to show you that he is a great catch.

2. He Actually tells you that he loves you.

Because he is assertive, he can just lay it out there and just tell you “I love you” out of the blue. He wants to make you fall for him and he knows that letting you know will help him win your heart.

3. Helps you out and does an effort

Water bearers also show love through effort such as cooking for the girl he adores. He will follow that great mean with a deep and mindful conversation and then after that, he will pull you to bed for some wild sex. But yes, cooking, can be his tool to get you all giddy.

He would be willing to help you do some needed chores at home like fixing a pipe or helping you out with your dogs coz he likes pets. He will be there to hang out even though you need to do the laundry.

4. Discusses relationships

Another thing an Aquarius man does when he likes you is to talk to you about relationships. He may not be your bf yet, but he will want to know what you are like as a gf so that he doesn’t commit to an incompatible partner.

Weird as it may sound, Water-Bearer people can pull away just to test your ability to deal with space. He dislikes clinginess and loves his independence so he may try to be away for a bit to find out if you are the girl for him.

5. Spontaneous dates

Late-night spur-of-the-moment drives and showing up unannounced can be his game too. He may invite you to trips where you have no idea about those plans until the last minute. He likes surprises so be game if you want him.

You need loads of energy to keep up with his spontaneity and his spur-of-the-moment ideas. He would love it if you are game enough to tag along and it would be fun if you could make it to his out-of-the-blue trips.

6. He likes to teach you things.

The last thing is that men of this sign are great teachers. They want to coach the women they want. They will teach her a thing or two about being better. He will help you in getting ahead.

He will spend his time mentoring and coaching you and helping you move ahead. Be open enough to listen to him and allow him to teach you a thing or two. He would appreciate if you could be a willing student to his lessons.

How To Make An Aquarius Man Fall In Love With You

To attract an Aquarius Man, you need to be sexy, adventurous, and cultured. He likes a woman who has her own thing and won’t tie him down. He gets turned on when she has lots and lots of experiences about life and has gone to many places and tried many things.

If you have your own standards and ideals, tell that Aquarius Man. Don’t be afraid, he actually likes it when you share that with him. He likes a girl who is idealistic and has a personality. He likes the character.

Being independent and self-reliant is a big deal for this sign. He likes women who are smart and able to solve their own problems although helping her can be a turn-on for him.

On the other hand, Aquarian men tend to veer away from confrontation and arguments. He hates putting his emotions out there and will clam up if put on the spot.

Don’t be needy and demanding. He hates that. He doesn’t like to be tied down and wants to be allowed to do his own thing. But he does like giving advice so just let him. Listen to his words and he will adore you. Never try to control him.

He has a thing about surprises. He likes to be wowed and he is game for grand gestures of love. Be super warm and sweet, he likes it. Be different from other girls. He likes women who are original and different from the flock. Don’t be afraid to fool around him and throw jokes, he actually likes that. He also likes it when you laugh at his jokes.

He has a grand dream and he will love you if you help him achieve it. Listen to his crazy and original ideas. Be there for him when he needs to work. Support his new inventions and business exploits. Make him feel that you are behind him 100%.

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