Self Love – The ABCs of Loving Yourself More

Self love

Self Love is the most important kind of love. Get your vibe into high gear. Read more to get some tips about choosing your self and happiness.

Falling in love is awesome. It gives you that high that you just can’t describe. It makes you feel young and wonderful. Nothing beats falling in love. But before you fall in love, or if you’re already in love what could be better than loving yourself as well? Yes, you heard it right. You must fall in love with yourself.

For some people, self-love feels like something you don’t really think about. But then again, a lot of people treat themselves like a discarded ex-wife. Never do this. You are important, so love yourself.

For those having difficulty finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, if you can learn to love yourself and take on board the tips below, you will find it much easier to meet someone, and far easier to have a great relationship!

A – Acknowledge Yourself = Self Love

You are you and no one else. You must accept yourself in totality. Embrace your imperfections. As the saying goes, you’re born to be you and not to be perfect. Those little imperfections are the ones that make up the cool person that is you. This being, which sometimes you feel is unattractive or fat or boring or too white or black is the perfect person for someone out there.

B – Breathe

Stop rushing through life. There is so much beauty for you to see. Inhale the goodness and exhale the bad vibes. The air may not be fresh but it is wonderful to feel alive. Breathe in the moments. Breathe in life.

Self love means slowing down enough to enjoy life and acknowledging your needs and that you need to rest. It’s not selfish to take a breather and take it easy. Breathing is not just about breath, but also about breathing in your life.

C – Cherish

Stop whining. It’s bad for you. Start counting the little things that seem minute but in totality are wonderful blessings.

Be grateful. Self love means you enjoy your blessings and let go of the bad things.

D – Daydream

You stop living if you stop dreaming. Dreaming is not just something that happens to you when you’re out cold and wasted. Dreaming is a conscious effort to make positive thoughts about the future flow into your psyche. Daydream, it’s one of the cheapest ways to bust sadness.

E – Energize

Stop dragging yourself through every day. Energize yourself. Smell something citrusy. Exercise even for three minutes. Eat something healthy. Take care of yourself. You’ve got only one body. You need to make it run like a well-oiled Italian car.

Self love equates to feeling vibrant and energized by choosing activities that bring about energy into your life. Move your body, Exercise not because you are punishing yourself, but because you are celebrating what your body can do.

F – Free your thoughts

Take control of your mind, body and soul. You need not listen to society telling you what is acceptable or not. If you’re not hurting yourself or anyone, then by all means go ahead and do it.

People who love themselves do not let others control their lives, to find self love, you must listen to yourself and your own psyche often. If you mind is too loud or cluttered, meditate, find peace and calm and then talk to yourself.

G – Get down and dirty

You heard it right! Get down and dirty. Dance! You are never too old to go into your own dance party. Dancing frees the soul. Remove your inhibitions. It does not matter how old you are. Dancing is something good for you.

H – Hang out with yourself

Sometimes you feel that you like to be with someone to enjoy an activity, but hanging out with yourself can be a great way to get to know you centre. It is pretty cool to find a buddy to spend some down time with, but having fun by yourself can be truly liberating.

I – Ignite your senses

You don’t need to eat magic mushrooms to make you feel alive, all you need to do is just appreciate the world around you. Light some candles. Eat something different. Lie down on the grass. Smell a book. Feel the rain on your skin. Do something that awakens every bit of you.

K – Know yourself

Take some time to get to know the person you truly are. Write in a journal. Ask yourself some questions. What do you want to be in five years? What kind of laundry scent makes you happy? What colour do you prefer your eyes to be if you had a chance. You are ever growing. You should never stop learning who you truly are.

L – Learn

One is never too old to learn something new. Enrol in a class. Take online courses. Watch YouTube tutorials. Dopamine, a feel good hormone surges through our brain when we get to learn and enjoy something new.

Create some Art.M – Make something

Paint, draw, take pictures or write. Record yourself singing. It is wonderful to create art. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. Making art allows your soul to pour out into the universe.

N – Nurture your inner child

Stop saying you’re too old to play. Videogames are not just for kids. Playing in the rain is not silly. Laughing at cartoons is great in fighting stress. Don’t be afraid to collect dolls. It is your life. If you stop being a child then you start dying, slowly, day by day.

O – Open your mind

The world is full of close minded people. Don’t be one of them. Allow people to live their lives without criticizing them. If you stop being over critical to other people, then you allow your mind to feel light and breezy. You don’t need to be one of those dogmatic people. Liberty is for everyone. Even for yourself.

P – Put passion into your every act

If you do things only because they need to be done, chances are they come out mediocre. The world wants to see how wonderful your work can be. Even if the task seems to be mundane, as long as you put your heart and soul to it then it would be wonderful.

Q – Quality time with friends and family

Loving yourself doesn’t mean you have to be this stuck up, self-obsessed person. You need to connect to people who mean something to you. Take time out to talk to them. Visit them. The best gift is the gift of time.

R – Refresh

Refreshing one’s self is both an internal and an external process. It takes both physical care and mental growth to attain this. You must never let yourself become wilted and wasted.

S – Smile

Happiness can be something we can train our brain to feel. We can choose to be happy. Smiling or even forcing yourself to smile sends signals to your brain that allows happy hormones to trickle down into your body.

T – Travel

Every once in a while, take a break. Go on a vacation. It doesn’t have to be far. You can take a short drive to a nearby Bn’B. You may think you don’t have time or that it might be a waste of money, but trust me, you will thank yourself after.

U – Undress

Most people give too much importance on how they look like. They spend too much money to look perfect. They forget that being comfortable in your own skin is the most important thing ever. So take off your clothes, jump into the shower or just lie there naked and bask in your glory.

V – Volunteer

When you help others, you’re not only helping them but also yourself. Sharing gives us the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

If you practice self love, you will also want to bring joy to others. You will want to bless others with your time and love.

W – Welcome goodness in your life

If you want to be truly happy, you must let happiness into your doorstep. Stop looking at life like a glass half full. Use some pink coloured glasses. Be more positive.

Self Love means being open to good things and not being pessimistic all the time. Accept that you are a beautiful, wonderful, and important child of the Universe. You are bound to be blessed.

X – eXpress yourself

Many times our upbringing has made us shut up and just take everything in. There are times you need to speak up too. Say what’s on your mind. If you put the words in the right order, then you can never go wrong with saying what is in your mind.

Y – Yell

Oh yes, every once in a while shout your heart out. Literally, shout and yell your frustrations. Go to the top floor of a building or just in front of an electric fan (so you can hear your robotic voice).

Love for yourself means letting it out. If you practice self love, you will find that letting it go is ok. Crying is ok, screaming out is ok and just letting your feelings be is not bad.

Z – Zen

Achieve Zen in your life. Live simpler. Stop buying stuff you don’t really need. Meditate. Pray. Do Yoga. Do something to achieve release from the world. Zen can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Self Love is something important to all of us. Happiness is also something we all desire. Achieving happiness can sometimes be difficult. But we must love ourselves and continue to strive to make our lives meaningful and happy.

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