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Below you will find my friend Alice’s review of Psychic Source, plus a recent update by her of what happened in the months after the reading and if it came true or not.

Do you have a romance problem you dearly wish to solve? You might have thought about it over and over again and tried to resolve it both alone and with the help of friends. You might have Googled the hell out of it, yet still feel none the wiser. If you are going round in circles, maybe you should consider talking to a professional. A professional visionary, that is.

Psychic Source has been one of my favorite psychic sites for many years now and the wonderful ladies and gents there have helped me through many love dilemmas. I was going to review them myself however its been a while since I’ve needed to use them so I thought I’d call on my single (and somewhat skeptical) friend Alice to put them through their paces and see if they could help her out and get her to do a Psychic Source review.

Here is what she found out:

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My Review of Psychic Source

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Hey there, I’m Alice Towers, a friend of the Love Queen. When it comes to psychic stuff, I have to hold my hands up and admit to being a bit of a skeptic. But when Katy (e.g the Love Queen!) asked me to try out Psychic Source and review them for her site, I decided to lay my prejudices aside, open my mind and give a fair trial to the online psychics, even secretly hoping for some real help with my own knotty love problem.

My Love Dilemma

To fill you in, I have been chronically single for many years now, with little respite and even less explanation. I had therapy for nearly three years to try to figure out what my ‘problem’ is and try to overcome my personal blocks to love.

But while I gained a much better understanding of myself, it has not so far resulted in me finding The One – or even anyone. At 39 years old, I didn’t want to miss out on having a baby, so I put in motion the wheels of a long-standing contingency plan to make a baby with my gay friend, Mike. So far, so good – I’m due to give birth to our daughter in two weeks. But with a baby on the way, my dream of finding a life partner seems further away than ever.

For a long time, the following has been going through my mind: ‘If only I knew whether I would ever, ever meet someone, then I could relax and enjoy life while I either wait for the day to come or totally give up on the dream and find fulfilment through cross-stitching and cats.’ Not knowing what the future holds can definitely make the present more difficult to enjoy.

Enter the psychics. If you type ‘online psychic readings’ into the aforementioned popular internet search engine, you get 22.5 million results. But who to choose?

About Psychic Source

On the recommendation of Katy, I got pumped about Psychic Source, whose online shop-front is slick and professional. Before you even click through it claims that ‘Our psychics are screened to ensure authentic & accurate readings’. Upon clicking through, you can peruse a clear and easy to use gallery of the website’s 300+ psychics, complete with photos, descriptions of their backgrounds and personal styles as well as audio and video recordings of them and customer feedback and testimonials. You can search by specialty, too, filtering those who do astrology, tarot, numerology, past life interpretation and dream interpretation.

I selected ‘Juliette’ simply because she looked sane and wise in her picture and has a love psychic background. I reasoned that even if she got her psychic wires crossed, she might be able to offer some more earth-bound insights into my love situation.

She also had lots of great customer feedback and testimonials which made me feel hopeful that she could help me.

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Easy to use

Phoning seemed too intense – I have to admit to being slightly nervous – and I also wanted the option of being able to read back through the conversation at leisure, so I opted for the ‘chat now’ instant messaging feature. The website says that this will in no way impede the quality of the reading and that the only relevant factor is how ‘comfortable, relaxed and open’ you are feeling.

You pay first – I did via debit card and felt safe entering my details. The cost was $27 (about £16) for 30 minutes, with the first three minutes free. The payment and receipt journey was smooth and hassle-free.

Note from the love queen: This made me realize that like my friend Alice, some of you may not want to call up for a psychic reading.  Another recommended alternative to the chat readings offered by Psychic Source is this small and good site StormJewel’s Psychics who do great readings by email.

The Actual Reading

To save time, I had already prepared a full run-down of my situation that I could just cut and paste into the message box. I didn’t feel like testing Juliette by holding back important information, such as being pregnant, but you could play that game if you wanted to. It seemed like a waste of time to me, so I told all and awaited her response.

After some preamble in which she told me things about my personality, she then said some things that I was very happy to hear. She echoed back at me an idea that I have been holding dear – that having a baby will be a grounding experience for me and ultimately make me more open to finding love and romance.

It felt great to hear someone else – especially a complete stranger – saying the words that have gone through my own mind because it makes them more likely to be true. She also told me that she could see a ‘deceiver’ coming along before that old elusive chestnut Mr Right, shows up. I am not up for deceivers, so Juliette’s comment did plant a seed of worry but at least I’ll be ready for it if that happens, and it’s great to know I’m on the right track with my life and that Mr Right will be coming in his own good time!

Perhaps I am not such a sceptic after all…

My review conclusions about Psychic Source

Overall, is a slick, professional and reputable site that at its best can offer solace and useful insights into personal issues. Juliette’s positive comments are what I chose to take away from our consultation and I really feel it helped me. So my advice to you, if you decide to get psychic love advice, is to give Psychic Source a go, hold onto the good stuff that rings true and use it to help you focus on getting what you want from your life and love.

Just like I experienced, your online psychic reading may well help you to feel better about that worrying matter of the heart that so far neither you, your friends, nor your preferred internet search engine have managed to solve.

Psychic Source Reading UPDATE – did it come true? so far yes…

It’s now been several months since I got my reading and the Love Queen asked me to give you all an update to see if the reading came true.

I have to say that I am very impressed by Juliette’s reading as so far she has been spot on.  Having my wonderful baby was and still is the life-affirming and grounding experience that I wanted it to be (even if tiring at times!).

As for the deceiver, I did meet him!  For several months after having my daughter, romance was not high on my priority list (too tired! happy but tired…), but when I returned back to work I did meet a guy who seemed very charming and friendly, and he was not put off by my recent motherhood.  He was nice and very persistent, but I remembered Juliette’s predictions and so kept my distance a little bit, until he finally persuaded me to go out with him, still being sure to keep my guard up.

We met up a few times for dates and were getting on well but Juliette’s warning was still present in my mind so I decided to try and find out more information about him.  This was when I found out that he was still married and living with his wife!  I confronted him about it by phone and he reassured me that everything was fine and he would explain, but then he disappeared!  I was really glad that I’d had the psychic advice to keep me grounded and on my guard.

Since then I’ve continued to feel grounded and more well-rounded as a person, feeling ready to meet Mr. Right when he comes and feeling able to put behind me the hurts from the past that were previously getting in the way of love and relationships.  I’m happy to say that I’ve also recently met someone really nice, it’s early days yet so I don’t want to say too much, but so far so good, the love drought has finally ended!  I’ll be sure to give The Love Queen an update in the months to come!

2nd UPDATE from Alice: Mr Right and I are now married and with two beautiful children 🙂

Try Psychic Source today and get a coupon for a discounted rate of $1 per minute,
plus first 3 mins free.

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