Signs A Capricorn Man is Falling In Love With You

Capricorns are hardworking people who value financial stability over love and anything else. They want to be successful and accomplished in order to the social status they crave. They are go-getters who will stop at nothing in order to achieve their place in the world. But although they are super motivated they are still very much realistic and grounded. They adhere to their 10-year-plans and discipline themselves in order to be exemplary.

On the other hand, when it comes to love, they may want a mate who doesn’t demand too much time and attention and would just fade in the background as they grind to achieve their dreams. They don’t want partners who tell them to stay away from their families or friends. To make a Capricorn fall in love with you, you must be colorful and bubbly in order to add life to his practically ironed out gray life. On the other hand, you must also be classy so that he can show you off to his social circle and be praised for having you.

What Is A Capricorn Like?

A Capricorn is a highly ambitious being who works hard in order to get the finer things in life. He likes to provide for the people he loves and shows his affection by spoiling them. His ultimate goal is financial security. He counts and counts his savings and wishes to amass enough money through hard work and dedication in order to be comfortable in life.

People with signs tend to be very persistent and focused. They can be uptight when it comes to work because they believe in good old hard work in order to be successful. They don’t believe in shortcuts and they see that doing overtime work is but natural.

Being a manager or a leader is natural for this sign because they are such busy bees who thrive at work. They also like being in control of things because they believe that their methods are best. He likes being in charge because he like taking care of things, be it his work or family. Basically he is very very dedicated to the things that he does, most especially his career. He is obsessed with planning and even does strategizing all the time to ensure things are perfect.

When it comes to his family, he strives to keep his family intact and ideal. He doesn’t like arguments and anything that disrupts the status quo.

Caps are stoic people who believe in discipline and silence. He doesn’t like complaining and hates nagging. He likes being alone and he tends to be sensitive at times when it comes to criticisms, which is why he pulls away. When he is sad he will hide from others. When he is stressed, he will decompress alone. He likes doing stuff that doesn’t need other people.

Another trait of this sign is being VERY practical. They are not dreamy, they are goal-oriented and REALLY WORK hard to achieve those goals. They like planning their life and doing adequate steps and actions in order to achieve their goals.

Capricorn people are also very disciplined. They ward off anything that can create an imbalance in their lives, be it vices or people who they feel are toxic. They try to stick to their jobs even if things are difficult.

Capricorns are seen as the father sign and therefore they make great providers and they tend to take care of their families or their partners really well. They like playing daddy or even a hero. They feel most happy when they can financially provide for the people they care for.

A Capricorn Man is serious about you when he does this

But even though Capricorn people are disciplined, they still know how to enjoy here and there. They like things that titillate their senses like food, music, and even sex. But they will exercise control over what they consume lest they let go of themselves.

To a Capricorn, image is everything. He likes to look good and be appreciated by others. Because of this, the can have self-doubt and feel shy. His ego can be sensitive too. He never ever wants to be embarrassed, even a little.

And because he is very well kept and disciplined, he can have emotions boiling up inside him. He can hide what he feels to the world and it takes a soft kind heart for him to open up.

He is very much a realist and a skeptic. You can never fool a Capricorn. He will analyze everything in order to make sure things are A-OK.

On the other hand, as a friend and a partner, Capricorn people are good listeners and are very sympathetic to others. He is patient and wise. He likes helping others in times of need. He is the hero you are looking for. However, love isn’t his priority in life, he wants to be successful first before settling down.

Signs That a Capricorn Loves You

Formal and slightly uptight Capricorn tends to be a bit shy and stoic when it comes to love. They are a bit guarded and can be really focused on work to think much about love, but when they fall in love, they will try to sweep you off your feet like a knight in shining armor.

When a Capricorn Man is attracted to a woman, he shifts to the hero mode. He will be there to save your day and make you feel better. He also likes spoiling a girl and providing her with material things to show her that he likes her. He has this tendency to baby a lady he wants because he is the daddy of the signs.

Being really disciplined also makes him a bit formal in the way he approaches a girl. He likes being formally introduced over dinner so he is likely to get a common friend to introduce you or set you up in a blind date even if he has already been eyeing you for months.

He likes to accidentally bump into his crush because he tends to plot things out and plan out how he will make you his.

A Capricorn man will also show you off if he likes you. He likes partners who are like trophies and when something is wonderful about you, he will tell it to the world. He will introduce you to his family or friends and brag about you.

He is also very protective and loving. He tends to want to make you feel safe and cared for. If you feel sad, he will be there with treats and chocolates. If you need help with an all-nighter, he’s there. He never tires for the things he loves and adores.

Capricorn men also want to spend a lot of time getting to know someone if he likes the girl. He will IM you all the time and will get to know every detail about you. He will try to see you at work or even be a person who is already working with you. He tends to be a workaholic so he prefers a lady who gets his job and also is already in his office so he can maximize his time.

And because he is such an ambitious man, he will likely try to wow you with his achievements and his knowledge. He will tell you all about his handwork and that he has gotten to where he is by doing his best.

Now don’t play games with him, Capricorn men are realists and games don’t fit in with them. Be real and true. Be honest and also try to look good for him since he likes parading the girl he likes.

How To Make A Capricorn Guy Fall In Love With You

To catch the eye of a Capricorn Man, you need to be super elegant and classy. You must not only be pretty, but you have to have substance. They want those classy ladies they see from those 50s movies who dress well and make dinner yet are super smart and brainy. They want a mate who can help them attain their dreams and be their partner in building success and amassing riches.

Capricorn men are quiet serious but they do enjoy having a lady who is super bubbly and jolly. He likes a girl who knows how to tickle his funny bone and make him laugh out loud. He adores a woman who can give him color. Be the crayons to his black and white outlines and make his life colorful and for sure he will love you.

For the Capricorn Man, opposites attract. He likes someone who is funny and adventures. He wants someone who is loving, sweet, and caring; someone to awaken the dormant emotions in his heart. He will likely fall for you if you take care of him and make him feel special. Be there for him all the time and be accessible; he’s a workaholic who needs a woman to see him through as he achieves his dreams.

Capricorn men desire women who are within their grasp. They don’t do well in long-distance relationships because they want a constant presence. He likes someone who he can see every day and someone he can watch sleeping as he pulls on an all-nighter. He gets turned on by coworkers and people who are within his proximity. He will likely date a colleague not just because she’s close, but because he wants someone who can relate to all his hard work.

Men with this sign are loyal to their families and friends. They tend to have buddies who they hang out with all the time. You have to accept them and that they are a part of his life otherwise he will get turned off by you. When they are there, chill and don’t pull him away. He prefers if you can blend in with them and not call too much attention to yourself.

Support and patience is another thing he needs. He doesn’t like multitasking and he is focused on his work all the time so if you want him to be your mate, you have to allow him to do his work and not be clingy or demanding for time. He has goals and ambition and you have to support that otherwise, he will drop you.

And although he likes to show off a trophy girlfriend, he’d still go for value. He wants someone who is the whole package. He wants someone who has a degree and a career. He wants someone who has a good family background because he knows this girl will raise a good family.

Signs That a Capricorn Man is Obsessed with You

Don’t be moody around him, he will not tolerate that. Don’t be a brat. Try to mature and secure. Don’t be jealous of him or try to tell him he works too much.

And even though we are already in the age where gender roles are no longer the norm, a Capricorn Man still wants to take charge of the relationship. He wants to be the provider and he wants to be the one to take care of you. So if you want to attract a Capricorn Man, let him pamper you and give you the world. He desires that role. Let him.

Finally, don’t ever compete with him. He doesn’t like being upstaged and being treated like the second-best in a relationship. Even if you make more money, don’t rub it in. Be gentle and loving. Show him you are a mother figure to his father figure and you’ll be a match.

Ok so how do you know if it all worked out, and if your Capricorn man is serious about you? Here are some clues!

Signs That a Capricorn Man is Obsessed with You

If you’re dating a Capricorn man, you may be wondering if he’s really into you or if he’s just being polite. Capricorns are known for their reserved nature, so it can be difficult to tell when they’re really interested in someone. However, there are some signs that a Capricorn man is obsessed with you or getting seirous about you. Here are some things to look out for:

He prioritizes you

  • When a Capricorn man is obsessed with you, he will make you a top priority in his life.
  • He will find ways to spend time with you, even if he’s busy with work or other commitments.
  • He will go out of his way to do things for you and make you feel special.

He’s protective of you

  • Capricorn men are naturally protective, but if he’s obsessed with you, he will take it to the next level.
  • He will want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable in any situation.
  • He will stand up for you and defend you if he feels like you’re being mistreated.

He communicates with you regularly

  • Capricorn men can be somewhat reserved, but if he’s obsessed with you, he will want to keep in touch with you on a regular basis.
  • He will make an effort to call, text, or message you to see how you’re doing.
  • He will want to know what’s going on in your life and will be happy to share his own experiences with you.

He’s affectionate

  • Capricorn men aren’t known for being the most romantic, but if he’s obsessed with you, he will be more affectionate than usual.
  • He will want to hold your hand, cuddle with you, and show you physical affection.
  • He may also surprise you with thoughtful gifts or gestures.

He’s jealous

  • If a Capricorn man is obsessed with you, he may become jealous of other people in your life.
  • He may not like it when you spend time with other men, even if they’re just friends.
  • He may become possessive and want to spend as much time with you as possible.
  • However while a bit of jealousy is normal, don’t let anyone control your life!

He talks about the future

  • When a Capricorn man is obsessed with you, he will start to talk about the future.
  • He may mention things like traveling together, moving in together, or even getting married.
  • He will want to make plans with you and include you in his long-term goals.

So if you’re wondering if a Capricorn man is obsessed with you, look for these signs. If he’s prioritizing you, protective of you, communicating with you regularly, affectionate, jealous, and talking about the future, then it’s likely that he’s really into you. However, keep in mind that Capricorns can be reserved, so it’s important to be patient and understanding as you navigate your relationship.

Also there is a fine line between love and obsession! Don’t tolerate bad behaviour from anyone.

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