How Can Social Media Ruin Your Relationship

Social media has many benefits. It has helped us bridge the gap between long lost friends and has kept our precious memories. Social media is even an avenue for dating and relationships. It gives people the opportunity to meet others in a fun and easy environment. I love social media. I think it is one of the greatest inventions of our times. But does social media threaten relationships?

Social Media and Our Social Lives

Social media has revolutionized the way people live and communicate with others. On a good note, it helps us to keep relationships active despite our busy schedules and even through long distances. It also allows us to keep track of what our friends do even if we don’t get to see them often.

Many people nowadays also use social media to “advertise” their lives. They show how fun and active or even uniquely crazy they are. Posting thoughts and photos give you a certain high. You want to show others that you are actually living a fun and happy life. But sometimes this maybe difficult to keep up.

Humans are social animals and acceptance is vital for survival. Rejection and avoidance is normally a painful experience that people dislike because it brings about a lot of pain. Social media has been an avenue where people virtually socialize and communicate and seek acceptance.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

Since social media normally show how beautiful and lovely relationships of others can be and because of that, some people find it too difficult to deal with their own relationship dilemmas. They feel broken because they see fantasy-like relationships plastered all over social media and feel at a loss that they don’t have the same wonderful thing.

Unconsciously, people tend to compare their lives with others. They feel dysfunctional that their lives are not as perfect as others’. This causes more problems in a relationship. Instead of working on issues, people become resentful with their partners and often wish that his or her mate is like the ones they see online.

The false expectations can lead to misery and thus the demise of a relationship. Without accepting that real relationships can be tough and not all hearts and flowers, people can lead a sad and disillusioned life that leads to being heart broken.

Having Two Faces

How Can Social Media Ruin Your Relationship

Sometimes we just want to be “Liked” and accepted.

Now we’ve talked about people being wishy-washy and wanting a perfect relationship because they see it so often on the internet, they now show a different face to the online world. Some people project a very happy and vibrant relationship even though their relationship is full of misery. But don’t get me wrong actually, it better to only post happy times and never the bad times. Because posting relationship hardships and drama may lead to unrepairable damage in the future.

Aside from relationships, people individually over advertise themselves online. This may lead to false expectations from their partners. They may see a person who is almost perfect but resent the real one in real life.

Showing a happy relationship though if it is really happy is a good way to boost one’s relationship. This shows how proud you are of your partner. Validation is a very important factor for human relationships.

Jealousy and Unfaithfulness.

Social media has been one of the top reasons for recent break ups and divorce. Many people suspect their partners and spouses cheating on them online. Seeing pictures of colleagues spending time with you can irritate your girlfriend or boyfriend.

On the other hand, unfaithfulness may stem also from using social media. Partners who have snooped into their other half’s account found flirting and even sexting online. Some even plan to meet up and their wives or husbands discover it. This causes heavy damage to relationships.

Knowing your boundaries helps keep jealousy and unfaithfulness at bay. Stay true to your partner even online. Be proud of your relationship in your posts and do not give your partner the thought of doubting you. On the other hand, cyber stalking or even hacking your mate’s account is not good for your relationship. Trust is important, without it, there is no relationship.

Posting Your Garbage Online

Some people are drama queens. Let’s face it, there are just those who think the whole world is interested in their drama. But what should have been a private argument, posted online can cause a rift that is unrepairable. If you and your partner have a fight, leave that between the two of you. DON’T POST ABOUT IT.

People who trash talk their partners online or post about fighting are often seen as bitter and low. This causes your partner to totally resent you. Even if the issue is big or small keep it private. In this way if you get back together there is no public post about how ugly the fights have been. Plus keeping things private normally facilitates better healing.

You Spend More Time on Social Media Than in Real Life

Too much social media, too little living.

Too much social media, too little living.

People nowadays have become prisoners of their phones. Instead of actually living, they tend to be “seeing” others’ lives instead. Social media can be highly addictive. Instead of talking to your spouse while you sit in bed at night, you end up scrolling up on your phone endlessly.

You need to spend quality time with your partners and also live a quality life. Put down your phone and sleep more. Do fun things in bed rather than just Twitting or Posting on Facebook. Time is the most precious gift and you need to give it to the person you love, not to your phone (unless you are in an LDR).

Social Media is Not So Bad

Social media is not bad at all. It is actually good. It aims to make communication easier for people far away from you. It gives you an avenue for self expression. You write on an online wall instead of vandalizing a neighbor’s wall. But keep in mind that people matter. Life matters. Don’t live for social media’s sake, live because you want to. Enjoy life and share it with the people you want. Limit using social media so that it does not affect your work or your relationships.

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