Signs A Gemini Man is Falling In Love With You

The Gemini Man is born under the sign of the twins and much like it’s signed, his nature is full of duality. He is fast and ever-moving as well. And being a duality, he may have different personas all rolled into one. He is smart and clever and childlike, but he can also be immature and overly analytical.

What Is A Gemini Like?

The man born under the sign of the twins is likely to be highly intellectual since he is born under the Air sign. He likes to think in his own mental space and ponder upon ideas. He likes intellectually stimulating conversations as well. He is very thoughtful and rational and always gives a lot of thought on things before he does them. His mind and mouth run fast because he is ruled by the planet Mercury. This makes him very communicative as well as very insightful. He always tries to be rational about the things he does or says but is quick to express his thoughts and opinions.

Being a man of intellect, he is often seen reading and consuming anything that feeds his mind. He likes learning new things and loves great books that allow him to free his mind and spirit. He will devour books that teach him new things that he can use in his day to day life. He also likes conversing with different people and sharing his ideas on different topics. He is very communicative and talkative because a lot of things go in his mind and speaking about them is very cathartic for him.

Aside from this, he loves challenges. He likes to win games. Mercury is the god of gamblers and tricksters and thus he likes to gamble with life and enjoys conquering obstacles. He sees life like a giant puzzle to be solved and loses interest if things are just way too easy. So you have to be challenging and intellectually stimulating to catch his eye.

Because he is a duality, a Gemini is likely to be interested in many things. He may dip his hand in one project to the other. He may tend to jump into things that the things are great schemes. He can have many hobbies because he has the brain-power to allow him to enjoy many different things. He can be into media, movies, TV, the internet and music. He can even expand these interests into his career because he has the capacity to do so. He has unlimited energy and penchant for life.

You will likely see the Gemini male bouncing from one project to another. He likes to do many things at the same time and thus he can have many endeavors that may at times impede him from having long-lasting relationships that require focus and concentration. Just try not to hold him back and allow him to spread his wings.

This sign also tends to have many personalities. This may cause people around him to feel confused and bewildered on what his true character is. But in truth, he really does have a dual and multifaceted nature that bends and sways when he desires to. Many times he can be indecisive and fickle because he tends to like one thing and then something else in split second. If you want to be with him, you need to understand his tendency to change and sway at times.

A man with the sign of the twins may have the tendency to be child-like in nature. This can make him endearing and sweet however he can be immature at times. He can be impulsive with his decisions and move from one phase to another. He may also be slow to commit since he always tries to rationalize things first and may even overthink. He lives in his mind and thus being overly analytical can be one of his downsides. He may also have a tendency to be a playboy because he wants to know if you are the right fit first and rationalizes his actions that he is not really cheating but rather finding the right one for him.

This zodiac also tends to have a lot of past issues and baggage because the tends to overthink things and remember the past too much. He can carry his issues further than the normal person would.

Signs That a Gemini Loves You

Being loved by a Gemini man can truly be rewarding. Your relationship will be full of fun and laughter. He is young at heart and his spirit is full of energy.

When a Gemini loves you, he will want to pick your brains and talk to you. He is most likely to want to have an amazing conversation with you and know you well and learn from you. He seeks what is in your head more than anything else. He likes to know your opinions and ideas on different topics.

And because he is a thinker, he will set into motion a romance that he has concurred in his mind. It will be romantic and ideal and he will try to sweep you off your feet much like in the movies that he loves. He is obsessed with fantasies and thus bringing them into life in his romantic schemes is something he is most likely to do.

Aside from this, the Gemini man can be your listening ear. He likes to talk and communicate and so he will most like want to know you better and hear your thoughts. He will stay up late just to chat with you and IMing you several times a day to know how your doing is something he does.

This sign is of the twins has a very friendly and gentle nature and he will be like your twin if he falls for you. He will be your best friend and buddy. He will tag along with you and be there for you in your ups and downs.

Once he finds you intriguing and challenging he will then zone in on you. He is likely to love the challenge and will be around you all the time. He may even get nervous when he’s near you and can’t stop talking to others when you’re near. It’s his nervous habit.

Geminis are Air signs and are very interested in the mind. And so he will ask you a lot what makes you tick if he adores you. He will want to know your favorite books, movies, the type of music you listen to, the type of places you like to visit. He will try to find something in common and invite you to do those activities. He may read your favorite book if you happen to tell him what it is. He may even gift you with a book that he loves a lot and will even go as far as reading your passages from his favorite piece. He can even write poems and stories for you and about you.

Now because he lives in his brain, his mind is the source of his sexual stimulation. He likes things like sexting and IMing because this kind of sexual encounter is rooted in the mind. You can turn him on by sending him racy messages and pictures. And so if he likes you, he will mostly like stalk you online, send you messages at odd hours and just want to get into your fantasies because that is his ultimate dream.

Geminis can be commitment-phobes and so if he truly likes you and loves you, he will commit to you. He is over-analytical in nature and thus if he sets his heart with yours, it means he has thought it over and has finally realized that you are the right fit for him.

Aside from this, the Gemini man who loves you accepts your lifestyle and your work and your deadlines. He understands that you have your own thing and that you have a career. He is not overly demanding and allows you to spread your wings and be yourself.

Being with a Gemini Man is effortless. If you two are together, you can see yourself in him. A lot of times it may feel that you are very similar because he tends to mirror you. Aside from this, he can radiate the energy of a Twin Flame making him the best friend/lover that you’ve dreamed about.

How To Make A Gemini Guy Fall In Love With You

Geminis have this fast-paced, whirlwind energy and they need their space in order to be themselves. They need to be able to do the things they want and explore their various interests and supporting them through these endeavors can endear you to a Gemini. He wants you to be his confidant and best friend but you have to allow him to breathe, think and live without encroaching on his personal space.

Men of the twin signs also want to talk and share ideas so if you want him to notice you, you have to listen to him and talk to him. Give him the time to express himself and allow him to share thoughts with you. He loves it when you listen and absorb what he is saying. He is a communicator and he gets turned on when you sit there and look intently at him and get what he wants to express.

Aside from this, he is such a sucker for dirty talk. He likes sexting and if you give this to him, he will likely go crazy over you. His mind is where his sensuality lies and thus playing the sexy texter can get his attention. But he may also have loads of other fantasies as well. He is likely to love to watch porn and get off seeing other women and he plays different sensual scenarios in his head because he has so many sexy thoughts and dreams. Let him have his fun with the internet sexiness. Don’t be jealous when watches those, you’re still his girl and he will like you more if you just allow him to be free with his “playtime”.

Another thing that a Gemini is looking for is variety. He doesn’t want women who are static. Offer him a spin by expressing the different facets of your personality. Unleash the vixen in you and then be sweet and motherly as well. Be mysterious and different. Wow him with your different sides and he will want more of you. You also need to spontaneous and exciting. Tag him along in your crazy adventures and he will surely find you interesting. Surprise him. Bring him on unexpected road trips Wear a librarian type outfit and then have racy lingerie inside to wow him.

Being smart and clever can also be a plus if you are eyeing a Gemini Man. He likes women who have ideas and are not afraid of expressing their opinions. He is intrigued by your insights so don’t be afraid to express them. Show him how passionate you are in your interests and he will like you more.

But aside from being smart and insightful, you must also allow him to shine. He likes it when you compliment his ideas. He enjoys it when people find him bright and witty. He knows he’s clever and he wants people to acknowledge that. Support his art, his writing, and his music. Listen to him rant and rave about his artistic pursuits. He needs a confidant, be that. Give him the credit he desires and he will want you in his life.

Geminis also equate love with friendship, so in order for him to be your one true love, you have to also be his best buddy. He wants someone who is an all-around friend and lover rolled into one. He wants his twin flame and so you have to show him that you can not just be his girlfriend but also his chum.

Aside from being his buddy and ally, play with his fantasies too. He is not just a best friend material, he can also be downright sexy too. He likes chatting and sexting so give him the play he wants. Be flirty in your texts and Ims.

Finally, a Gemini Man wants someone who is emotionally intelligent. He is not big on meltdowns and breakdowns and is likely to rationalize things and give you sound advice. He wants his girl to be someone who is able to manage her emotions wisely and be able to think first before lashing out. His girl has to have both IQ and EQ in order for him to love her completely.

The Gemini Man is born under the sign of the twins and much like it’s signed, his nature is full of duality. He is fast and ever-moving as well. And being a duality, he may have different personas all rolled into one. He is smart and clever and childlike, but he can also be immature and overly analytical.

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