About Me

The Love Queen is Katy DHi, I’m the Love Queen and I’m here to solve and guide you through your love issues and situations!

I created this site because I love to love and have been in love many times, and when love comes upon me, I find myself searching the internet for information like you can find here.

Are we compatible? Does he love me? What’s he really thinking, What am I really thinking – am I just blinded by lust?  These are just some of the questions I find myself asking at times like these, and these among others are the questions I’m here to help you with, all in one place!  Whether you like to look at psychic and spiritual ways of discovering the person for you, or go down the more scientific route of body language and psychology, I have everything here for you.

I’m also the person that my friends turn to when they want help with love or need a shoulder to cry on, and my counselling skills combined with the many dates and relationships I have been in qualifies me to be the Love Queen!

I’m in a wonderful long term relationship now, but I thought I would make this site for all the love seekers around the world, as well as those in relationships and those breaking up, because I know just what you want and I can make it all better!

Anyway I really hope you’ll enjoy all the tools, articles and fun stuff available here, if you have any suggestions of something you’d like to see, or just want to send me some comments then please get in touch with me.

Hugs and Kisses

The Love Queen


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