Signs a Pisces Man is Falling In Love With You

Pisces are people who are soulful, emotional, spiritual, empathetic, and artistic. They are kind and caring and are willing to take care of others. They like things that are new, shiny, and exciting. They are the people who want a fairy tale love life. Complex, mystical, and psychic are some of the words you can associate with this sign.

When it comes to love, they are very romantic and will pull all the stops to show someone he or she is in love. He wants to have an ethereal woman who is both a Mermaid and a caring Mother.

To catch a Pisces Man, you must give him enough reel and line to move about. Be patient with him and show him that you are both the dream he longs for and the mommy who will take care of him.

What Is A Pisces Like?

If you’ve met a super sensitive and kind artist who dreams of mystical lands and reads the tarot card, chances are he or she is a Pisces. Pisces people are very kind and sweet. They are altruistic in nature and they like helping others. They go well in groups and they can blend in with others well.

Kindness is in the heart of hearts of a Pisces. He or she is super soft-heated and caring. He loves to help people in need. They can be tender and emotional. If you want a good friend who will be there for you, this sign is the one.

Speaking of being emotional, they are super full of feelings. They are attuned with their heart and soul. They let their hearts rule their being and they can dream about a Hollywood-like romance. People of this sign develop close ties with their friends and even their lovers. They love soulful conversations and can listen to all your drama. On the other hand, their hearts can be broken easily. They tend to take things personally and they get broken when not appreciated and loved.

On the other hand, Pisces people can also be emotionally tortured. They can carry a broken heart in them. They tend to swim into dark waters when sad which means they can end up drinking a lot or even doing substance abuse to cure their heartaches. They are also fascinated by darkness and death. They may have this affinity to seek dangerous things because they want to find the answers to things that are mysterious and risky.

By nature, people who have the two fishes for their signs are very helpful. They will not just donate money to charity, but will actually work there and give their precious time. They extend their kindness even to strangers and can rescue people and animals. They are in love with pets because they are such soft-heated beings.

Pets like dogs and cats and of course fish are something special for a Pisces. They prefer those who are from shelters because they have so much love that they can change the world.

When it comes to style, they like being super stylish and polished. They also like grunge fashion. They may sport a tattoo here and there to show off their skin. They like shiny jewelry and pretty things.

Being nice and sweet by nature, Pisces tend to flirt a lot. For them smiling and giggling is but natural and this attracts men and women because of their endearing energy. They can flirt their way into getting the things they want. For them a sexy banter is fun.

When it comes to work and their tasks they can multitask well. They can do so many things at the same time, it’s amazing. They also have a wide range of interests. They can be artists and also work in the corporate world. They can also practice mystical arts. They can accomplish many things at once.

Arts, poetry, music, and everything that has to do with creativity is the niche of a Pisces. He is good at painting and visual arts. He can take beautiful pictures. He holds beauty and truth with the utmost importance. In his heart, he is a Reinsurance romantic. He likes all things traditional and old. He loves love letters and old school music.

Mystical abilities are one of the gifts of this sign. He is good at seeing the future and his third eye is open. He has the ability to let his soul go into the deep which is where the spirits and the energies that move the world lie. He can read energies and see aura. He can even tell the future. Pisceans are old souls. They have so much wisdom and power in them.

Thoughtful and very attuned with the mind is another one of their traits. He can make wise and well thought of decisions. On the other hand, he can be quiet paradoxical. He can be pushed and pulled by the current of life. He likes challenging death, but also wants and loves to live. He is realistic yet loves the mystical and mysterious. He can be serene yet also turbulent.

Signs That A Pisces Loves You

Sweet and soulful Pisces are deep and romantic when they fall in love. They want to sweep you off your feet with the cheesiest and sweetest of gestures. They will write you old fashioned love letters complete with haikus and poetry. They will give you flowers and invite you to candlelit dinners to make you swoon.

When a Pisces Man falls in love, the person of his interest becomes his muse. He will create beautiful art for the person he wants. He will write you poetry or even draw you. He will make a Spotify playlist for you and dedicate songs for you. He will google quotes and poems that echo his love. Anything beautiful that he sees, he will dedicate it for you.

Pisces is ruled the planet Neptune or the god Poseidon and with this, he is apt to give reaches from the deep sea. He shows his love by giving you shiny things like pearl necklaces and extravagant gifts. He wants his lady to be lavished by the finer things in life and he will make sure you get them. Basically buying his lady expensive stuff is his idea of showing love and affection.

Sensual and sexy Pisces loves to make love as a form of showing his woman his feelings. He uses sweet and romantic sex to make you feel that he cares about you. He will make eye contact when you are between the sheets and will hold you close after making love. When he loves you, he will utter sweet words between the sheets.

People of this sign have a strong feminine side in them. They can be your BFF and shopping buddy. They will listen to all your drama and will take care of you like a bestie. They are not afraid to hang out with you in the mall and help you pick out the best outfit in the racks of clothes. If they love you, they will be with you in those moments where you least expect them to be at.

Romantic gestures, flowers, dinners, gifts, and sappy love songs are a Pisces Man’s game. He believes in old fashioned courtship and romance and if he fancies you, he will go through all the motions. He will bring you on real dates like walks in the park, picnics, rooftop candlelit dinners, and even concerts. He likes wooing the woman he likes and if does so, expect that he is really invested in you.

If this man-fish is a bit shy, he may start hovering around you. He will be there and be always friendly to you. You will see him all the time and he will offer you help and coffee all the time. He will stick around. He is likely to offer his shoulder when you feel down or blue.

And because he can be a bit shy, at times, he may not directly say it, but he may drop hints here and there. He may try to post quotes on social media for you to see. He will IM you constantly and also will send you food or something. He is likely to smile at you and try to lure you with his big beautiful eyes.

How To Make A Pisces Guy Fall In Love With You

A Pisces Man is a fish swimming in the deep sea and wants a woman who can swim with him. He prefers a lady with long luscious hair, big eyes, and someone who basically looks like a mermaid. So if you want a Pisces Man to fall for you, loosen your ponytail and let your hair fall on your shoulders, wear less makeup and wear flowy clothes.

He adores women who are sweet and romantic too. He wants someone to share sweet words with and someone who will indulge him in his dream of romance. Show him that you are loving and gentle and he will fall for you. Send him notes and text his sweet words and you will make him fall for you.

On the other hand, a man born of this sign is such a free-swimming fish in the sea. He may not be good at keeping track of his bills and arranging his life in order, so a motherly woman is something he appreciates too. Help him with the background details because you know, he’s an artist! But never ever cloister him, he will swim away. You have to both a mermaid and a mother to take his heart in your hand.

A lady who can cook, keep the house clean and pamper him will win points in his heart. He is such a baby that he wants that sweet cuddly love. He wants a love that makes him feel warm and taken care of. So if you want to attract a Pisces Man, bring out your apron and bake a cake or at least order him one.

Pisces men don’t want to commit full-on right away. They won’t stick to a person who forces them into commitment and relationships. He may be the type who dates someone over a long time without any labels because it makes him feel free and liberated. So if you want to keep him, be patient; allow him a load of line and reel before you tug at him and haul him into your basket.

Another thing that attracts the Fish is the game of tag. He likes the push and pulls of love and courtship. He wants a woman who doesn’t give in right away but plays hard to get. So don’t be too overly available. Make him miss you. Show him you have a life and he will see your value. Be both is a wonderful and mystical siren and his dependable mommy. I know that’s paradoxical, but that’s what he wants.

Give him loads of freedom. Don’t force him to be your personal lapdog. Allow him to be himself. He’s a free-spirited creature who needs his space to swim. Give him the leeway to enjoy life and create art.

He also appreciates a girl who has a full life. He wants a woman who has got her own thing and is so shiny and irresistible. He wants his lady to be a treasure and finding you will be the stuff he will brag about to his buddies.

Be artistic. Have musical interests. Listen to cool songs. Read poetry. Hangout in bookstores. Do some finger painting. Let your inner artist shine and he will want you and fall for you.

Lastly, don’t be dependent on him. He’s an artist who needs his space. He also doesn’t have loads of money at times so you may need to have your own thing. If he does have money and showers you with it, don’t be abusive. ssBe grateful but still have a life.

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