How to Attract An Aquarius

Aquarius born people are friendly, smart, inventive, original, and can be very resourceful. They like social engagements and want to show off how smart they are. On the other hand, they can be flighty and require too much freedom. This may mean that they can be detached at times and seek independence and freedom to a maximum. They may also be tackle too many projects at a time that can be all over the place with their hobbies and inventions and endeavors.

To attract an Aquarius, you must be smart and brainy. They want someone with whom they can spend hours and hours talking about everything under the sun. They get high with intelligent conversations. Another thing they adore is being independent and self-sufficient. If you can do your own thing, then it’s a big turn-on for them. Avoid being too emotional when you want an Aquarian to fall for you because they are ruled by their wits and hate emotionally charged confrontations.

What Does Aquarius Want?

Smart, level-headed and ingenious Aquarius wants a person who can share their search for knowledge. They believe that the brain is the most important organ of all and feels that attraction starts in the mind rather than the heart. So if you want to turn on an Aquarius, be ready to talk about art, science and everything you’re passionate about.

Be Witty and Conversational

Aquarius people love nothing more than a sexy noodle in your head. They get really turned on by brains and love to talk about life, science, current events, their new exploits, and many many many more. If you are for a marathon chat about quantum physics, then you’ll get the eye of this smart sign.

Don’t bore an Aquarius by sharing gossip and complaining a lot. They hate that. Instead, talk about your pursuits at work. Talk to him about your hobby. He will get you when you tell him about that hobby you love. He or she is a sapiosexual and if you have an interesting topic to share, he can be all ears.

Independent and Classy

A power chick does not intimidate a Water Bearer man, he actually loves her for it. If you have a career going, friends whom you spend time with, or a hobby or charity you’re passionate about, then that’s a big plus for the eyes of this sign. Being independent gives you a load of bonus points he himself likes it when you can be left alone as he does his thing. He likes to tinker about and likes doing lone projects that require solo time so sometimes, you have to get by hanging out alone while he fixes his car or sets up his new stereo.

On the other hand, an Aquarius woman will not tolerate a man who wants to control her. She knows her worth and she will push boundaries to reach her dreams so don’t ever try to stop her from doing just that.

Aquarius men find women who have class super attractive. They like it when you power dress and have style. They feel that a woman who is sophisticated is of high value. So wear that black dress and those heels on your date to get plus points with that Aquarian man.

Men who know brands and fashion get the Aquarius girl. She doesn’t want a slob, don’t be one.

Be Chummy and Don’t Be Too Clingy

Being sociable and engaging is one of the power traits of this sign, and because of that, they love making friends and connections. They value friendship a lot that they would rather have friends than dates. They fall for the girl/ boy with whom they have a strong connection with. They want someone who they don’t have to pretend around. For them, a great friendship is the foundation of a wonderful relationship.

So to attract him or her, you have to be someone they can hang out with. You have to be easy to talk to and understanding. Don’t be overly demanding and clingy. Allow him or her to be himself. Don’t show that you’re a controlling prick. Be chill and you will get that Aquarius.

Be Mysterious

Aquarius people do get bored. They have repetitive and monotonous things. So in order for you to be the apple of his eye, you must be mysterious. People of this sign are problem solvers and they have an affinity to puzzles. So if he can’t exactly pin you down, he’ll get more intrigued. The more intrigued he is the more he falls for you.

So try to be that chummy friend but also have a sexy and wild side. Make him guess if you’re the super chill pal or the sexy seductress. If you do like sports, surprise him with your sports knowledge and then be also the girl who knows how to bake cookies and stuff. Don’t be predictable. Be cute and sexy and funny. Don’t be clingy. Surprise him.

Show Your Creative Side

Passion and art and intelligence go hand and hand, so if you have an artistic side, then you’re a great catch for the Water Bearer. They want people who create new things. Being original and highly inventive themselves, they seek people who are into making things with their hands or forming literature with their words. Show him or her that you have a side that likes drawing, photography, literature, writing, fashion, or anything that involves making something.

If you like to cook, cook for him or her. Do you like to take funny pictures? Show him or her. They want that.

Be Unique

As we’ve discussed, Aquarians are people who get bored. They don’t want the ordinary so if you are a sheep in the herd, they won’t see you. You have to be that wolf so he or she will see you. Be fierce and different. Show your bright side. Don’t try to blend in and be unique.

Aquarius see your individuality as something powerful, beautiful, and attractive. Have your own fashion style. Show him or her that you are not going to be washed out by the crowd. If you have your own opinion, express them. If you have a unique thought or liking, say it. This gets the eye of an Aquarius.

What Aquarius Hates

Aquarius people are super sensitive and they are driven by their minds rather than their emotions. Because of this, they dislike people who are overly emotional and confrontational. They prefer light conversations and problem solving rather than nagging and shouting.

Meltdowns are blacklisted for them. They hate crying and shouting. They can also be a bit detached and not want public displays of affection. They don’t do well with relationships that are publicly shown. Low key love is more of their thing.
Avoid being nosy when you want an Aquarius. Give him or her the space he or she wants to zone out to do his or her projects. Aquarians love to do their own thing so they don’t appreciate you going into their phone or investigating them through their friends.

Another thing that an Aquarius hates is being predictable. They hate routine and boring moments and also boring people. They want spontaneity and so if you will be monotonous, don’t hang around this sign.

To add to that, dressing like you don’t care is on there doesn’t date list. So yes, do care about your appearance around this sign. They want the prim and proper and power dressed partners whom they can show off. They hate people who look frumpy so don’t be afraid to be fashionable with this sign.

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