Signs A Virgo Man is Falling In Love With You

Virgo or The Virgin, one of the most elusive and misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Virgos are often seen as a quiet and thoughtful being who is often focused at work and is super practical. But underneath the prim and proper exterior is the highly sensual Virgo longing for a wild ride and some excitement. If you want a Virgo man, you need to learn how to open him up and gain knowledge of his carnal side.

What Is A Virgo Like?

Virgos are highly intelligent beings who live in their heads and love to think. They tend to be highly analytical. Overthinking is a Virgo’s hobby. He can over-analyze situations, conversations, and things that happen to him. He likes to problem solve, so form him, dissecting what you say or do is but natural.

On the other hand, anxiety and stress can plague a Virgo. Since they tend to overthink, they can flip and be on the edge at times. They can see life as a big problem to be solved and they can feel that their glass is always half empty. However, despite his cynical side, Virgos are always composed and will always show up cool, calm, and collected.

List making is something Virgos are also known for. They like to follow order and they can be highly OC and even neurotic at times. They don’t want chaos and work seamlessly when it comes to the tasks, rules, and objectives they set upon themselves. They have a goal and they will devise steps in order to attain that goal. Virgos can be very methodical. They live to organize and get confused when their system is disrupted.

Cleanliness is another Virgo trait. They like being spic and span. When you see a Virgo, it is likely that they are dressed to the tees and look prim and proper. They actually like folding laundry and making sure their shirts are stainless and super white. So if you want plus points with a Virgo, better smell good, look clean, and be super clean. His cleanliness can be attributed to his having a Type A personality. He can be a perfectionist and will do anything to attain perfection.

At times Virgos can be really rigid due to their need to be perfect. They can be totally methodical and want a precise order in the things they engage in. This is good for their careers, however, it can be a downfall for their relationships.

On the other hand, even though Virgos are clean freaks, they are also super helpful to others. They don’t mind getting dirty just to give their help to those who need it. They are highly altruistic beings that envision themselves as the next Mother Teresa. On the other hand, Virgos can also be overly helpful to the point that they forget self-love and become doormats for others. Virgos need to be mindful of that to avoid being abused by people who just want to take advantage of them.

Aside from this Virgos are great listeners. They listen without judgment and are very open-minded. They can be the person whom you can call at 3AM when you are alone and need someone to cry to. Aside from this, they will also try to solve your problems and give you sound advice. They will analyze what when wrong and give you insights on how to solve the problem.

On the other hand, Virgos can be very realistic when it comes to problem-solving. It can be annoying at times when you just want to rant and rant and a Virgo just gives you options on how to solve a dilemma. When it comes to his own problems, Virgos are very pragmatic. They will work on a problem much as they would work with a Math test. They will analyze it, factor in solutions, and cut all the losses, and see what works best.

Another trait of the Virgo population is the ability to be prudent with money. A very few people are as careful with money as a person with this sign. Virgo men and women know how to save and they also know when to spend their money. They try to write down and track how they spend their money and also balance their accounts well. When a Virgo splurges, it is often because he or she feels sad, hurt, or angry.

Aside from being a cautious spender, people with the sign of the Virgin can be very health conscious. They like reading blogs about health and wellness. You may see them taking loads of supplements or eating really healthy food too.

On the other hand, Virgos are not all work and no play. They also like gossiping and telling stories with others. They like catching up with friends over coffee and asking how their peers have been. Virgos are great at conversations and thus they enjoy talking with others a lot. They can be very witty, funny or even be sarcastic. They like cynical humor and they throw around intellectual jokes. They want conversations that stimulate the mind and the senses.

However, at times people with the sign of the Virgin can also be introverted. They may want to spend time alone to think and ponder about things in their lives. They can be serious and focused and need time to process the world around them too. So give that Virgo the space he needs so that he can think, create, and analyze by himself.

And because people of this sign are analytical, their fashion sense goes in that direction too. They like being preppy try to wear clothes that are sensible. Classic pieces like a plain white shirt and anything that looks prim and proper can be seen in his or her closet.

Virgos also like traveling to places that have a lot of trees or the beach. They love nature and feel most relaxed when they are outside able to savor the quietness of a place.

Signs That a Virgo Loves You

Articulate, analytical, and methodical Virgos also have a soft side. They too feel all soft and sappy when they fall in love. And when they do fall in love, they let their hearts melt. Yes, Virgos may be made of hard ice, but they can thaw it for you.

One of the first signs that a Virgo is falling for you is the way he or she tenderly looks at you. He will gaze at you with tender affection and will use his eyes to look into your soul. A Virgo’s eyes are very expressive and very soulful so you can check them out for signs of what he is feeling.

Because Virgos are highly altruistic and they like saving and caring for people, if a Virgo loves you, he will do everything to take care of you. He will be around you often. He will treat you to lunch and help you with your school or office projects. If you need a hand at home, you can call him. Having excel problems? Ask him! If he likes you, he won’t hesitate to help you even if he doesn’t know a thing about MS Excel.

Virgos also have this weird and intelligent kind of sense of humor. He may be reserved but when he likes you, he will crack a smart joke with you. He will try to make you laugh and would want an intelligent conversation with you.

Aside from this since Virgos are very mentally stimulated people, they tend to love beautiful and thought-provoking conversations. So if he starts chatting with you non stop or if he just wants to talk about everything, then it’s a sure sign that he likes you.

Letters, notes, posts cards, and old fashioned courtship is a Virgo’s game. Letters are a heartfelt way for him to tell you that he has feelings for you. If he sends you a lot of messages, it also means that he likes you. He doesn’t like wasting time so if he does write to you, then it means he has fallen for you. He may also try to call you or IM you just to know how you are doing. Everything to catch your attention, he’ll do just that, form memes online to sending you texts late at night or early in the morning.

When a Virgo shows up consistently for you, then it means you’ve caught his eye. He will visit you at your desk or drop by the coffee shop you hang out in. He will bump into you a lot. He likes to see you and will do things just to do so.

Now a Virgo who has fallen hard will act like your husband. He will greet you good morning, send you coffee and help you with the things you need helping with. He will be there for you. He will listen to you when you have problems and will try to find solutions for them. He will even help you with your tasks at work; anything for his beloved girl.

Finally, if a Virgo listens to your woes in life and allows you to cry, then he really loves you. Virgos are pragmatic people and they don’t like wasting time so if he spends time listening to your problems, then it means that he loves you.

How To Make A Virgo Guy Fall In Love With You

Virgos like saving others. They are helpiful people who are born problem solvers. So in order to make a Virgo Man fall for you, you must allow him to feel needed and loved. He likes it when he is able to help you with your problems and knows that he is of value in your life.

When you want to have a Virgo, you must let him take care of you and pamper you. He likes it when he buys you things or brings you home. He feels happy when you ask for his help. Just don’t abuse his kindness and you’ll be sure to be on his happy list.

Since Virgos are straight forward people they don’t like putter-pattering around the bush. Tell him that you like him. Tell him that you care. He wants that. He doesn’t want to be rejected so just cut him some slack and allow him to know how you feel.

Virgos also dig it when a woman is strong and independent. They want girls who have a game plan in life who can do their own thing and add value to their life. Virgos are very analytical and methodical and a slacker just won’t fit into their life plans.

Aside from being independent, Virgos also hate women who are too clingy. Show him that you’re resilient and that you can survive anything. Don’t hover around too much. Let him do his thing. Allow him to think and plan and live. On the other hand, when he is ready to connect, talk to him. Listen to his jokes.

Virgos are sexual deviants. They may appear all preppy and smart, but underneath all that is a sexual god waiting to come out. So unleash your inner vixen and wow him in bed, and for sure he will never ever let you go.

On the other hand, Virgos believe in high ideals. They believe in faith, hope, and love and if you want to catch a Virgo’s eye, you must be of pure spirit. He wants someone who is sweet and caring and kind. Show him that you are a breath of fresh air in this cruel world.

Now being smart and analytical, Virgos hate games. Don’t scheme about and don’t try to fool him, he will discover it and it will backfire. Just be yourself. Engage him in thought-provoking conversations and ask him about the books he likes to read and the music he listens to. A genuine form of attention is all he needs to notice you.

Signs A Virgo Man is Falling In Love With You

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