Signs A Scorpio Man is Falling In Love With You

Signs a Scorpio Man is falling in love with youScorpio Men are mysterious, sexy and unpredictable. They can be highly intense with eyes that can look into your soul. They are the dark waters of the zodiac, much like dark pools of water that have souls that one cannot fathom. If you want a Scorpio Man, you must be ready, for they don’t come easy.

What Is A Scorpio Like?

Scorpios are outsiders who like to be different from the rest of the group. They lurk in shadows and observe others. They tend to be totally different from other people. Many times Scorpios are quiet and prefer observing others than interacting. They are very complex individuals who do not like to conform to social dictum.

Natural introverts, people of the scorpion sign can be aloof at times. They prefer solitary activities and want to have peace and quiet. They can clam up when sad and not communicate at all for ages when their psyche is hurt. If you’ve hurt them, they can become vindictive.

And because they live inside their heads a lot, a Scorpio can spend hours just focusing on his or her plans. He may plot what his perfect love or life is going to be like. He enjoys thinking and brooding about the things that go on his head.

People born under this sign can also be very artistic because of their natural tendency to focus on such passions and pursuits. They can spend much time doing projects like painting, writing, cooking, sculpture, or doing pottery. They love creative ventures because it gives them an outlet and allows them to express their personalities. They also are good in business, specially those which fall under certain niches because they can deal with issues with great concentration making them good in problem-solving.

Being filled with water and emotions, Scorpio Men can be effeminate and can be very connected to their female side. And even though they are soft, they can be very sexy. They can do wonders in bed because of what a woman craves.

Scorpio people can also be impulsive when it comes to money. They get a lot of bottled emotions and thus allowing themselves to spend and shop makes them feel better. They can splurge on crazy things and then feel sad later. For them, retail therapy can be helpful.

And because they can be prone in outward forms of relief, Scorpios can have an inclination to exhibitionism. They may want others to look at their private episodes and may want to showcase their sexuality to the world. This can range from wild and sexy pictures on the net, going to nudist beaches or even having sex in public. They may also want to touch themselves while others are watching. Being watched is such a turn-on for them.

Scorpios are people who are under the Water Sign. And this may fill them with the rage and turmoil of water. By this, they can tend to have a high and low when it comes to their relationships especially with their families. They can have a push and pull wave when it comes to their blood ties because at times they don’t agree but they cannot cut the cord because they love their families too deeply.

When it comes to love and relationships, people of this sign tend to love really deeply. They have very strong emotions and they love to be in love. They are amorous lovers. If you know someone who has loved a Scorpio, they will likely tell you how seductive and sexy and deep their love is.

When it comes to making love, Scorpios want the lights to be turned on. He wants to be seen. And he wants to see you. He gets turned on by seeing the coitus going on. Having huge mirrors to watch yourselves doing the deed is his thing. He likes to see every facial expression. He doesn’t mind seeing the whole you, but of course, be trim and fit because a Scorpio desires that in their mates. This can be difficult but he really wants that skinny model-type kind of woman.

When it comes to kids, people of the scorpion sign are one of the best. They can be loving and playful. They can spoil their kids and love them a lot. He feels happy at home and is even a cat person. He adores felines because of their smug demeanor.

Now when it comes to moods, Scorpios can be really moody. They can be cranky and have massive meltdowns. Basically they are drama queens who can have diva moments. They tend to be defensive when confronted so try to use kind words when talking to them.

Scorpios can retreat when they have problems. They tend to be fixated on their issues and want to solve their problems by themselves. They can be super self-absorbed and be really quiet during such moments.

People of this sign can be pretty elusive and mysterious. They have a tendency to be loners so if you want a Scorpio, you must be patient. He can have erratic schedules and sleep at weird times.

12 Signs That a Scorpio Man Loves You

Loving, sexy, mysterious and amorous Scorpio Men are the highly seductive creatures that are the stuff of romance novels.

They exude a smoldering hot aura that can draw in any woman and make her want him more and more.

1. He Goes All Out

When a Scorpio man loves you, he goes all out. He will treat you like a queen and make you feel beautiful, loved, and adored.

He will make you feel loved and wanted. He wants to show you that he loves you more than you’ll ever love him. He expresses his feelings to the extreme and will go all out just to make you feel happy and in love.

2. He keeps on looking at you.

At the beginning of the process of getting to know you, a Scorpio may start looking intently at you. His eyes will look into your soul and stare into your spirit. He will focus on you like a hawk looking at its prey.

He will watch you and stare at you for hours on end. When you feel this prickly feeling in your nape that someone is staring, it’s probably a Scorpio boring holes into your head using his eyes.

3. He will try to know things about you.

Now once he’s done staring and musters the courage to ask about you, he will then investigate about you and ask your friends what do you do and what interests do you have. He will lurk around and eavesdrop around you. He is also likely to stalk you on social media to know everything about you. Now once he has enough amo of info to arm him into talking to you, he will begin seducing you.

4. He will play the game of seduction on you

Scorpios like the thrill of the game of seduction. They know how to play the push and pull game in order to draw you in. When he first eyes you, he may start flirting at one point and be all close to you and then withdraw so that you’ll start to wonder.

And when you do start to wonder, you start thinking a lot about him. This makes you drawn to him and makes you want to bring him back. A Scorpio knows this game so well that he can pull you into his web and make you’re his.

5. He will want to converse with you.

When a Scorpio is attracted to you, he will want to have one on one conversations with you. He will want to talk to you for hours and hours on end. He will IM you and chat with you too, but he prefers personal conversations where he can stare into your eyes.

He will bring up this world topic just to make you talk and talk. You will love the conversations with him because he is just so mysterious and sexy.

6. Sexiness on cue

Men of this sign are said to be alluring and sexy. When one of these species falls for you, he will seduce you and get your blood flowing. He will throw in a lot of sexual signals like touching and words that get you feel excited. He likes to make the woman he likes excited between her legs and so if does show you that side of him, it means that he is into you.

But aside from sexiness and having deep conversations, Scorpion signed men will show your their feelings by opening up to you their deep dark secrets. He will tell you what is underneath all his tough and aloof exterior.

7. He tries to get in your head

He will take you into his mind and soul and you will be amazed of what mysteries lies in there. He may tell you about the therapy sessions that he goes to get rid of all of his issues and angst. He can also share with you about his childhood. He will tell you something painful because if he has feelings for you, he knows that he can open up to you or he should do so.

8. He gets really clingy

Scorpios are very clingy to the people they like. They will be around all the time and will be their many many times just to see you, check on you, and be around you. They like spending lots of time together and can get jealous when you start talking to other people even if that person is just your friend.

A Scorpio likes to mark his territory and will sting those who try to steal you away.

9. He confesses his feelings out of the blue

And if he really likes you, he might just say so out of the blue. He may randomly confess his feelings like when both of you are just busy working in the office or playing tennis or something. He may be unable to contain his feelings and may just tell you how much he wants you.

10. He gets monogamous

A Scorpio May may also just tell you that he wants to date you and only you if he is truly serious about you. He is into sexual adventures so if he tells you that he wants to be monogamous, it just means that he has fallen hard for you. He can’t get enough of you and it bothers him to think that others may be out there to take you away from him so he will want to secure a spot in your life.

11. He wants to move in together or be more stable

After going steady with him, he may even want to move in together because he just wants to be around his girl all the time. Remember that he can be clingy so he wants to be with you always. He thinks of you all the time and so being with you at home will give him the peace of mind he need especially he is prone to worry a lot.

12. He gives you gifts

When it comes to gifts, if a Scorpio Man loves you, he will give you a well-researched gift. He knows you well from the time that he has asked your friends about you, to the point that you live together. He knows the dates like the anniversaries and such and knows your favorite ice-cream flavor. He will give you the most thoughtful presents and you will love him for it.

How To Make A Scorpio Man Fall In Love With You

Scorpio Men are introverts who love their own company. And for this, in order for a Scorpio to fully love and adore you, you must give him space. Do not try to be too clingy on him even though he is super clingy himself. Allow him some breathing space to think, live, and do. Allow him time to do his art and passions. He is a creative soul who needs to concentrate on the things that fuel his soul. Support him in doing such and he is yours.

When it comes to courtship, don’t be too easy or available. Scorpios prefer it when they are the ones who love more than the other person. They want to be the one who showers you with gifts and presents and works hard to get your love. They enjoy the courtship and romance. Let him wine and dine you or send you flowers.

Now when it comes to his adventures and exploits, you must be game and tag along. He needs someone to share those adrenaline-pumping moments or those quiet times in a museum. When he asks you to share his space do so. It is a rare thing that he would invite someone into that private place, and if he does it means that he wants you. And if so, give him the chance to enjoy your company.

On the other hand, don’t be needy. He can be clingy yes, but he dislikes someone who latches on too much to him. He wants to be free, remember?

Give him the thrill he craves, be it in bed or in the outside world. Dress up in your sexy lingerie to arouse his senses. Knock on his door at 2AM and invite him for a drive. Don’t be predictable. Give him excitement and he’ll fall for you. Remember, to attract a Scorpio Man, you must be exciting and mysterious.

But even though you’re game to give him his cravings in bed, you still have to have self respect. Scorpios lose interest when you’re too easy. You need to play along with his game of seduction and know when to push and pull. Don’t come on too strong. At times, be unpredictable. Imagine: sexy librarian. Be in control. Show him you have balls. But even if you are a touch chick, always show him that you are kind and patient, he is after all an introvert who needs love and support

When it comes to looks, Scorpio Men are notorious for looking for physical beauty. They want the babyish charm and small body frames. They tend to go astray when their partners let themselves go. They want a woman who primps and looks pretty. Wearing sexy lingerie really gets them turned on. Skin care routines are something they want in their partners. So take care of yourself and look beautiful if you want to attract a Scorpio Man.

Trophy girlfriends and wives are a must for this sign. They want someone who is classy and edgy. They basically want other men to envy them. And partners who make them feel like their lives have been upgraded is a must. He wants someone who is cultured and is sweet at the same time.

Basically, a Scorpio Man will fall for you if you show him that you can give him an epic relationship. If you are ready for rocking sex plus cuddling while taking care of him, then he will fall for you. In turn, he will give you an unforgettable love life that will compare to no other.

Signs A Scorpio Man is Falling In Love With You

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