Cancer in Love – Horoscope Sign Compatibility

Cancer is born from June 21 to July 22

Cancer Love Compatbility Crab

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a crab. In this article you can find out in detail all about Cancer’s personality traits, how they are as a lover and in a relationship, their strengths, weaknesses, which signs they are most compatible with and also the best way to attract a Cancer partner.

The Master Of Compassion

Symbol: The Crab
Key Phrase: I feel
Duality: Feminine
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Flowers: Larkspur and Acanthus
Trees: All trees rich in sap
Part of the body ruled by Cancer: Breasts and Stomach (Subject to digestive problems caused by emotional stress and tension)
Ruling Planet: Moon (This luminary has to do with the emotions, reactions, instincts and the subconscious)
Day: Monday
Theme: Birth
Tarot Card: The Chariot

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cancer

Positive Qualities: Nurturing, healers, supportive, compassionate, unconditionally loving.
Best Quality: Loyalty
Shadow Darker Side (weaknesses): Dependent, manipulated by guilt and holds on to guilt themselves, indirect, full of complaints, passive-aggressive,

The Crab as a sign is sensitive, moody, loving, motherly and loyal.

Affirmation: “I am loved by my family and nurtured by the universe.”


Personality of a Cancer

Cancer, the Crab, is the fourth sign of the zodiac and the first of the water signs.  The crab begins the season, initiating the summer with the solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year.  As the cardinal water sign, this zodiac births the emotions and is associated with the family, the home and the mother.

The energy of Cancer is all about the home, the mother and the emotions.  Ideally our home and family offer us shelter in which we can feel safe and secure, a place of unconditional love an support.  Without the security of home, it is very difficult to achieve any goals.   Cancer teaches us to love unconditionally and to be forgiving and compassionate, like a mother.

People born of this sign are natural born worriers, so much so that others can easily read them like a book.  All of their emotions are displayed on their faces, so when worry is present you are sure to know.

For a Cancer, emotional security is extremely important.  Actually security in all forms is not only important and valued, it is necessary for them.  For this reason, Crabs are a natural at building a business empire from scratch or successfully creating a savings nest.  Wealth is valued because it creates security.

Wherever a Cancer-born lives, expect it to be very comforting.  A Cancer will create an emotionally secure home, the kind of place a lover or partner will want to come home to.  They do however have a tendency to be a bit untidy, except in the kitchen, their favorite room of the house.  People of this sign are excellent cooks … they love to cook, especially for others.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer, is much like the shifting of the tides … moody, with a series of contradictions.  Like the tides a Cancer is the sign of powerful forces moving under the surface … surface that can be extremely difficult to penetrate because a person born of this sign tend to build-up an elaborate array of defenses to hide their deep feelings and extreme sensitivity.

Considered to be the most caring and nurturing of all the signs, Cancerians are great listeners, with much advice to offer, yet they are very careful about revealing too much about themselves.  

Crab-like in their indirect approach, those with this zodiac will rarely, if ever take a direct approach.  The motion of the crab, is not straight forward.  If you ever have the opportunity to observe them on the beach or near the water … you will learn a lot about this sign.

Cancer represents the family and home The crab shell provides shelter, protection and emotional sustenance.  A Cancer loves to share the comfort of their shell with others … feeding, nourishing and even offering advice.

However, if something insults them, hurts them or otherwise causes an injury or insecurity, they quickly seek the comfort of their shell in solitude.  In fact, when depressed or upset for any reason, seeking retreat a common occurrence with this highly sensitive and emotional sign.  Crabs will turn into a hermit … a hermit crab … finding comfort, solace and security within the emotionally safe environment they have created for themselves.

This gives crabs what they need to heal and cleanse the wound with the salty emotional tides of their ruling planet, the Moon.  Once they feel comfortable and secure again, they will come out of their shell or perhaps invite others in.

A Cancer can help you to rectify and heal family problems, find security and create a safe environment for growth.  They are great at teaching the importance of emotional connections, as well as how to enhance them.  The epitome of unconditional love and compassion, a Cancer makes a devout partner and an excellent mother.  They are loving, social, romantic and can easily tune-in to the needs of others.

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Negative Traits of a Cancerean

It is easy to feel safe around them, until their natural crabbiness expresses itself … sometimes causing hurtful, crabby remarks to be made to anyone around them while in the darkness of this moon phase.  Once you know and understand a Cancers’ moods however, they are easy to predict … then you can give them what they need … a little space.

The negative darker shadow of a crab is their moodiness, attachment to the past and their obsessive worrying at times.  Often their imagination gets the best of them, causing all sorts of irrational fears to motivate behavior.

Crabby, over-sensitive and brooding, usually a wound within the emotional body of a Cancer is never really entirely forgotten … although they are forgiving, often the initial hurt is reopened and revisited.

They do not like rejection or criticism, and sometimes live in fear of them.


The Amorous Nature of a Cancer

In love, a Cancer is sensual, affectionate, romantic, sympathetic, imaginative, sweetly seductive, protective, loyal and intuitive.  Cautious Cancer does not rush into a commitment with just anyone, but once they do commit in love they are yours forever.  Their way of showing you that they like you and are interested in you will never be direct.  You must pick up on their subtle clues … on their unspoken invitation.

Cancers are extremely nurturing and protective of loved ones.  They hold a great potential for commitment, although it will take them some time to make the decision.  Deep down Cancer craves a deep emotional connection with a lover that they can create a comforting love nest with together.  They become very attached to the one they love and are extremely devoted, especially a woman.  Both man and woman Cancerians are capable of great sacrifices for the ones they love … in heroic ways.  There is little they will not do for you if they love you.  

They are caring, possessive and protective and will most likely want to be spoiled and pampered a bit … especially the females, while male Cancers’ love to do the spoiling and pampering.

Fidelity runs deep within the heart of a Cancer.  A Cancers’ motive is, if you have an exceptional man or woman in your life, who needs two.  They must know that their lover is faithful at all times and although they can be forgiving, they never forget … You can easily win their hearts if you make them feel secure and safe.  Once they allow you to get intimate with them emotionally, they will love you for all of time.  A Cancerian can never get enough love and approval … they always need more, and always will.  This is their nature.

Being in a Relationship with a Cancer

It is easy to fall in love with this devoted, affectionate, loyal and protective sign.  A Cancer gets very attached to the one they love … even a bit clingy at times.  They seek approval of their partner and can even become a bit co-dependent.

As with the other water signs, the quality of trust is very important to them in a relationship.  They are cautious about giving their heart away, and need love and security above everything else in life.  A Cancer woman will offer undying loyalty to a man who can make her feel secure, holding onto him … leaning on him at times … and yet holding him up, comforting and protecting him emotionally and creating a home that he will never want to leave.

Intensely imaginative and emotionally expressive, Cancer has marked remarkable empathy and instinctive understanding of the human heart, especially of its pain.  A Cancerian can feel their way into their partners emotions and sense their problems, quickly coming up with solutions before their lover has even verbally expressed their concern.  This extraordinary ability to be in sync with other people’s problems and emotions allows them to keep up with everyone’s needs, including their own, keeping everyone happy.

Gentle, with great depth, richness and kindness, a Cancer-born needs approval, and lots of it.  Compliment them, nurture them with your love and affection … let them know how valued, loved and important they are.  They need to hear it, and often.  This is the key to getting close to them.  If you shine a light on their good qualities and how much you need them and rely on them, they will feel secure and feel safe enough to step out of the crab shell that protects them from too much vulnerability.

Incredibly sentimental, a Cancer loves to collect mementos and take pictures.  If you write them love notes, they will treasure them always … They love gifts, keep-sakes and anything that will allow them to reconnect with the joy and emotion of a memory.

The nature of a those with the crab sign is to live often in the past during certain phases of their moodiness (or ruling moon), revisiting old wounds.  They eventually find a cause for injury … so avoid hurting them and if you do, or suspect that you have, quickly apologize.  This will give you an opportunity to actually get closer to them through the mistake.  Do not be afraid to show your vulnerability.  They will appreciate the trust involved in exposing yourself.

Cancer is a sensitive sign.  They tend to show their emotions on their faces and will cry during times of great emotion, whether it is because they are happy, sad, fearful, excited, surprised … Their feelings get hurt easily.

If you cannot tell that something is wrong because of the look in their eyes, or the expression on their face, you are sure to know by the way they quickly shut you out.  Sometimes they will only need to shut you out temporarily, but sometimes it is more permanent.  They retreat quickly when hurt, depressed or angry … you will know if this happens.  Express your love, apologize and be patient …

Romantic, sensual and deeply emotive, a Cancer will satisfy the every need of their lover.  They are a little on the shy side and it will take awhile to open up.  For this reason sex will become better with time.  Emotional intimacy is necessary for a Crab signed person to really blossom.  Their intuitive ability to connect with their partner turns lovemaking into something of a dance …

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How to attract a Cancer man or woman

A Crab is extremely vulnerable to criticism, as well as praise … admire them and be sure to let them know what you love about them.  Never criticise them, especially in the beginning of the relationship.  The warmth of your approval is sure to bring a Cancer out of their shell.  Compliment them, and do so often, although you want your words to be sincere.  A Cancer can easily detect whether you really mean what you say or not.

Nothing attracts a Cancer more than baring your emotional side, exposing your vulnerability.  Never criticise or ridicule them … they may shut you out of their lives forever.

Feed them, nourish them, love them and listen to them … show genuine compassion and emotional support.  Let them see how safe and secure they are with you.  Make them feel safe … protect them.

Take a Cancer for a walk under the full moon, or to the beach during a full moon.  Cancers love to cook and eat … cook together or take them out to a nice restaurant … Do things that stir their emotions and create memories.  Cancereans are very sentimental and love gifts.

They are very moody and sensitive to there environments, so be sure that they feel comfortable.  They have a keen intuitive ability to see through motives, so be honest and sincere.


Cancers’ Love Compatibility Combinations

A Cancer has some Sun Signs that they get along better with than others, although it is important to consider that the Sun Sign is only a small portion of the imprint that stars make on an individual.

Just because a Sun Sign match is challenging, difficult or unlikely does not mean it is impossible.  In reality there is no 100% typical Cancer relationship, as every crab is slightly different.  The positions of Venus, Mars, Neptune, and all the other planets at the time of birth all influence personality.

The most compatible signs with Cancer are generally considered to be Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces. 

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Famous Sun Signs in Cancer 

  • Mel Brooks
  • George Bush Jr.
  • Bill Cosby
  • Tom Cruise
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Kevin Bacon

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