13 Bad Traits That Gemini Have

13 Bad Traits of GeminiA Dark Gemini can be highly anti-social and can have a hurtful tongue his emotions can be erratic and he can be distant.

Geminis are born with the sign of the twins making their personality a duality. They are highly talented good communicators that can negotiate their way through anything thanks to their ruling planet, Mercury. However, Geminis can be detached and have really dark humor to the point of hurting others with what they think are mere jokes.

Geminis can also veer away from others and be elusive. With their two persona’s residing in one body, they may not need others much. They can also lack emotions and be really flighty.

Bad Gemini Traits

Highly adaptable, outgoing, full of energy, and intelligent are some of the good traits of a Gemini. They are always seen as the life of the party and can create great networks that can push them to get the things they need to get done in life.

On the other hand, Geminis tend to be indecisive and feel lost all the time. They are walking contradictions due to their duality and may sometimes be unable to truly define who they are as a person. They may also be inconsistent and be unable to keep their word.

1. Inconsistent

Geminis are Air Signs and thus they have the need to be bouncing around and be able to be here and there. They also have twins in them, thus they can be like two people all rolled into one. This may make them inconsistent and hard to fathom. They can be both positive and negative, joyful and sad all at the same time. They can shift as fast as a moving tornado and this inconsistency can affect their relationships and their career and business dealings. They can be very indecisive and change their mind from one moment to the next.

Geminis at times would have both of their “twin personas” come alive making them sound incoherent and illogical though they are very smart and clever.

2. Anti-Social

Overly smart and highly intelligent, Geminis may feel they are far superior to others to associate with people. They may be outgoing and can deal with others and make networks, but they can have a dark side where they tend to use sarcasm to push others away. They can also be distant from others and may not want to engage with other people, especially if they feel that these people are not smart enough to be in their circle.

3. Dark Humor

Given the gift of witty conversations and the ability to negotiate their way through anything, Geminis can have dark humor in them. They may make snide jokes and invite others to make fun of an individual they detest. They may do so sneakily and hide their verbal attacks stating that these are mere jokes. Others may find the charisma of a Gemini so powerful that they join in the “fun” of laughing at someone.

They may twist things around as well to the point that it seems that you are the one whose wrong even if it was them.

4. Walking Contradictions

Geminis have two souls trapped into one living flesh. They are Yin and Yang. They can be both Good and Evil and with this, you may have a love-hate relationship with them. Sometimes they are these really fun individuals that are so full of life and sweet to tee but the next moment, they can pull away from you and be super distant and unemotional. They can be so many things in one and this can lead to people detesting them and telling them that they are playing games when all that they are just people who have both ends of a stick.

5. Play Games

Geminis are known to be inconsistent and indecisive. They can have a knack for playing tricks and games. Mercury was the god of gamblers and mischief and therefore his children are the same. They may play practical jokes and use their dark humor just for fun even though this can hurt others.

On the other hand, these games can become serious when they use it in their relationships and loved ones. They can put their partners to a test to know if they are worthy enough or they may even employ a pull and push a game that may confuse their partners. They want to know if you can take their hot and cold temperament and if you could, they will say you’re for them, if not, then you are just not worth it.

6. They May Hide Their True Selves

They want to present themselves to the world as funny, outgoing, adventurous, and happy and in the end, they may end up bottling their feelings. They may just not tell you how they really feel because they are afraid to get hurt. They don’t want to look stupid and thus they may mask their thoughts and emotions to appear strong and capable.

When their dark side emerges, they may start being hurtful towards others just so as they don’t get hurt and show their soft and vulnerable side.

7. Lacking Emotions in Love

Flighty and indecisive Geminis may be too smart for love. Love is just something they toy with and they may be too anti-social and distant for this kind of feeling. Another thing is they don’t want to be tied down. They are air-signed people and they want their freedom. Love can be painful and they are too mischievous and smart to let love cloud their thoughts and feelings. They may even huff out that love is just for soft people, not for smart and outgoing Gemini.

Because of this, they may not be sweet or tender. And even if when they fall in love, they may not express it fully and they are not one for those grand gestures.

Bad Gemini Traits8. Flighty

Much like the wind, Geminis are flighty and even flirty. They have this knack for flirting like there is no tomorrow and they love getting to know new people. They like studying people and thus getting into commitments may not be for them. They may like casual hookups and may have too many friends. They may an issue with commitment and being with someone permanently.

9. Impulsive

As we’ve mentioned Geminis have wild energy in them. They can be very manic and anxious at times. Their impulsivity can lead to buying things they don’t need. They can use shopping and things to fill the gap that they have for actual emotions and feelings. They long for excitement and thus without excitement they may detach selves from their mates. They can throw away long-term relationships for a new now that has better sex.

10. Materialistic

Geminis root their success on the excitement of acquiring things. They be overindulgent and they can want to feel excitement over and over again and thus they may end up with too many things and be into material possessions which they can see and touch rather than having love and relationships.

11. Anxious

Manic, hyperactive, anxious, and overly excited Geminis can be too bouncy that they may end up being jittery and nervous. They may panic attacks and become anxious when something happens. They do like change but they also get scared and they may freeze up or flee when faced with ordeals that they cannot resolve. They hate it when the odds are stacked against them and they may counterattack right away if they feel that they are going to get into trouble.

12. Two-Faced

Have you ever had a Gemini tell you one thing and then go off and act differently or have you ever met one who promises one thing, but does something else? Well, you’re literally dealing with twins residing in one body. They can be flaky and shifting. They may show you one of their faces and go off and backstab you when you are no longer looking. They can also be loving at one point and then cold and distant at another.

13. Judgmental

Geminis can be really judgmental and they can size you up based on your benefit to them. They may also look at your wit, your money, and your appearance and evaluate you based on how you present yourself. Be careful when dealing with them, they can use as a pawn in their game of chess. They can also hurt your feeling with unwanted comments on how you look, think, or how much money you make.

Finding Balance For a Gemini

Like Yin and Yang, a Gemini must find balance in his duality. He or she must accept that he has two sides and that hiding his darkness does him no good but he also needs to find peace, stillness, and caution in his movements. He needs to be kind and gentle and not too sarcastic. In order to find balance, he needs to write down his thoughts so that he can be more organized. He also needs people who are understanding and kind. He needs support so that he doesn’t fly off or run.

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