Signs A Sagittarius Man is Falling In Love With You

A big sign that a Sagittarius loves is that he stalks you and tries to lure you. He also cracks a lot of jokes around you.

Read on to know more about the Signs that a Sagittarius is Falling for you.

A Sagittarius Man is a philosophical yet adventures being. He is both a zen filled man and animalistic lover rolled into one. He is much like the centaur of his sign carrying a bow and arrow. He is both half-man and beast who craves both intellectual and primal satisfaction.

If you fall in love with a Sagittarius, you’re in for a ride. He is no easy beast to tame. He has the heart of a wild stallion who will not be tied down. He is like a hurricane, ever moving and fast, yet cleansing.

What Is A Sagittarius Like?

The Sagittarius or the Hunter/ Archer is a man of both wit and flight. He loves to think and be absorbed in his philosophical thoughts but also likes to take risks and adventures that life has to offer. He is a hippie or a nerd who loves art, books, music, and traveling. He likes new experiences and is willing to take a bite out of life.

Sagittarius people are likely to work as travel or tour guides, entrepreneurs, geologists, philosophers, landscapers, or even cooks. They have wild energy in them that is only fulfilled by them pushing for their pursuits. They also love discovering new things and taking risks.

If you see a boyish nerd or a hippie guy with lots of accessories, he might be a Sag. They tend to be outlandish in nature and want to be different from others. At times they think they are better than other people. Growing their hair can be a sign of being a rebel and they may also opt to dress femininely because they want to be different from other guys.

Sagittarius folk also are quite jolly. They love laughing out loud and enjoy jokes and cracking them. They want people around them to share their energetic and charismatic vibe. They also like leading discussions and are not afraid to talk about all sorts of topics; be it politics, philosophy, or religion. They just have a way of talking about these things that people don’t get offended.

Being animated and lively is another of their lovely traits. They like moving their hands when they talk and also they enjoy conversations with all sorts of people. They can be great lecturers, speakers or teachers because of the way they deliver what they want to talk about.

Aside from being a good speaker and thinker, Sagittarius men also take-charge type of people. They can be a bit of a control freak at times. They don’t want to be told what to do. They want to be the masters of their own lives and want to chart their own destinies. They want to have loads of money because they want to have the financial freedom to do the things they like and have the adventures they crave. Money for them is having the ability to control their lives.

Men with this sign don’t put up with meltdowns. They hate women who are controlling and nag a lot. They want to be free and never want to be tied down. If you have a problem, tell him in a calm manner and he will try to find a solution for it. He doesn’t like confrontations so just be chill and don’t blow your head off.

When faced with problems, these philosophical men tend to dissect the problem and find solutions. They are the masters of Plan B, C, D, and so on. They like to make elaborate plans. At times they can be really cocky because they know that they are smart and cunning enough to get out of any mess and solve lots of issues. He knows he has brains and is not afraid to use it.

They can also feel high and mighty because they think they can outsmart everyone. They believe that people need to learn a thing or two from them. This can cause issues with other people who also have strong characters. At times, Sags can have issues with leader figures likes bosses or teachers because they just don’t want to be told what to do. He can be brutally honest too, so this may make him look like a prick at times when he opens his mouth.

People of this sign need to have goals and dreams to work on in order for them to feel happy and sane. Without a goal, they can feel lost and upset. He doesn’t like to settle down and wants to keep on moving. Because of this, getting married may not be on his list of priories unless he finds that one perfect girl whom he thinks will aid him in his plan of world domination. He is super hardworking and dreams big and he knows he can achieve those dreams and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Finally, Sags are paradoxical in nature. He can be both a philosophical man and a carnal animal. He can be a thinker and leader, but he can also be a tumbleweed. He’s animal side can take over at times and may make him do brash things that give him excitement.

6 Signs That a Sagittarius Loves You

Sagittarius men are freedom-loving hunters who go for the chase of catching a woman he likes.

1. He Goes into Hunter Mode

Because he likes the chase and craves the hunt, He will try to zero in on his target and “hunt her down” to catch her. He will try to mark his territory and also catch you right away.

2. He Lets Go of Other Girls

And much like any hunter, he is never contented with settling with just one, unless you are the priced catch. When he sees you as the most important woman in the crowd, he’s gonna stick by you and stay away from the others. He will want to grow with you.

3. He Settles Down

Getting married is not in his vocabulary and he would rather die than be tied down. However, when he finds a girl who is willing to go along with him in his adventures and makes him feel like he has caught the wildest most priced animal, he will settle his roots and be willing to stay for you.

4. He Stalks You

Because he craves the hunt, he may start stalking you and following you around. He may ask your friends where you hang out and may show up there “accidentally”.

5. He Gives You Gifts

Sagi men tend to show their interest in a woman by means of pursuit. They do almost anything to catch their prey. They will devise tactics in order to lure the woman he likes. He will be coy and sweet in order to draw her in.

He will shower the girl he likes attention so that she will notice him, but will pull away in order for her to realize that she doesn’t want to lose him, at this point he will reel in his catch and show off his price.

6. He Cracks Jokes Around You

Men born of this sign also like to joke around the girl they want. They want to make the girl they like smile and laugh and they do believe that women find humorous men attractive.

He likes to see a girl who laughs at his jokes because he feels smart and funny in this way as well. Also, he can’t get enough of seeing the woman of his fancy cracking up and rolling with laughter from the silly antics he plays. He can be really playful and sexy in one.

But even though he likes cracking jokes, if he loves you, he will show you the sweetness that is wonderfully endearing. He will show you his sensitive side and will allow you to know he loves you tenderly. He will tell you “I love you” and that he can’t get enough of you.

Adventure is a Sag man’s middle name. He likes challenges both outdoors, in business, and even mental games. So if he starts to tell you about his hiking trips or that one time when he swam with the sharks, he might be very interested in you. He may even invite you to go on these adventures with him.

And because he is smart, when he sees a girl who he feels can share his interests, he will engage her in thought-provoking conversations. He will want to talk to this lady for hours and will spend a lot of time IMing her. He will drop by your desk for chitchat bout the latest things about the stock market or even ask you about your thoughts on quantum physics.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Sagittarius men don’t want to be tied down. So if he goes steady with you and asks you to date exclusively, it means you have tamed the animal in him and has finally found the girl he will put his anchor down for. He will see you as his next big adventure. You will be his project and he will put his focus on you.

He may even turn you into his muse. He will make you the source of his passions and dreams and would want to work hard for you. Pleasing you will be his life’s mission.

And so with this, because he is a natural-born coach when he zones in on you, he will help you pull through the things you need to do. You will have him around in working on the endeavors and goals you have. He will be your life coach and mentor and he will watch you grow and flourish.

How To Make A Sagittarius Guy Fall In Love With You

Signs A Sagittarius Man is Falling In Love With YouWhat are the Signs a Sagittarius Man is Falling In Love With You? When he hangs around you a lot, then he likes you.

Well, Sagittarius men are not the easiest of the zodiacs to fall in love with. They don’t want to be tied down and they want to be free and be able to do what they want. On the other hand, if you are the woman who can ride the tide with him and storm the waves, then you’re in for a special and exciting love affair. They can be a quiet handful with their dual personalities both being philosophical and animalistic, they can make you feel excited and happy and also feel a sense of sense in matching with a man from this sign.

In order to catch the eye of a Sagittarius Man, you have to be the best friend he is looking for. He wants someone whom he can get down and dirty with and laugh his heart out with. He wants someone whom he can joke around with but also sit down and talk about life and the stars with. To attract a Sagittarius Man, you must be a pal and a lover, but more of a chum he can count on.

He doesn’t like to be tied down and be caged in so don’t do this. Give him his freedom and he will stay. Don’t nag him or don’t be jealous. If you are still just getting to know each other, don’t make him feel that you are an insecure woman who gets jealous of every girl he talks to. If you are already going out, show him that you trust him. Don’t move too fast into a serious phase otherwise, he will break free and seek the freedom he loves.

Sagittarius men also don’t intend to grow old with anyone, so stay young with him. Make him feel that life is a wonderful adventure and playground to be enjoyed and not something too serious to grow old into. He is not the type of guy who dreams of growing old with someone and settling down into a quiet life, his life is one awfully big adventure and thus, he needs a partner and crime to conquer all the crazy stuff he has been brewing in his mind.

So if you want to attract a Sagittarius Man, go with him on adventures. Go on spontaneous road trips or even book flights on a whim. Surprise him and never be boring and dull, and you’re sure to have his heart.

Another thing to remember with a Man of this is a sign is that they hate being controlled. Never put him on a leash, he will break it. Never tell him what to do, he will dump you. Let him be his own man and he will adore you.

Show him that you are willing to accept him for who he is and you will get his heart. Make him feel that he is wonderful just the way he is, idiosyncrasies and all. Don’t make him feel that he is less of a man just because he is flawed, because you are too.

People with this sign also tend to be sapiosexuals. They want partners who are smart and brainy. They want someone who they can discuss quantum physics and art, music, books, traveling, food, and all sort of things without the need to stop and think of what to talk about. They want thought-provoking conversations that tickle their minds.

Sagittarius Men adore women who have their own minds and their own thing. They admire women who are strong and independent and that won’t break when thrown into the sharks. They prefer girls who are down-to-earth yet ballsy. They don’t want any snowflake or diva. Don’t be too high maintenance, he will get turned off.

If you want a Sag man, you must be devoted but not clingy.

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And because his sign is the Centaur, he has a primal need for sex. He wants hard and wild coitus. But he also wants someone who will titillate his mind. His brain is his largest sex organ so he needs to be stimulated with thoughts and words in order for you to secure a place in his life. Think sexy pics and IMs that show a sexy vibe.

Finally, to be the mate of this wild yet sophisticated animal, you must be a woman who is a free spirit who can ride the wind with him. He needs someone who can see the beauty of life and enjoy the thrills it brings. Enjoy life, read books together, try new things, and just laugh out loud. He gets really turned on by a woman who lives like a teenage girl but has her shit together lie a CEO. Just be yourself, be free, and happy, and you’ll attract a Sagittarius Man.

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