This Simple Eye Contact Exercise Can Super Charge Your Relationship

Eye contact exercise

Love and eye contact make perfect sense. Just think about it. If you really like or love someone, you can’t help looking at them, or heck even staring at them. Because you just find them irresistible and you just want to let them know that your soul melts for them.

What Can Eye Contact Do?

Science has shown us that the eyes are the most expressive part of our body. We may dare to talk but our eyes can show feelings beyond words.

Our eyes can show feelings that our hearts and minds try to hide. They also allow us to connect with people trough our primal force which is much more powerful than linguistics or spoken words.

But why is that? This is because, centuries ago, when man did not have speech yet, we used bodily movements to signal our feelings. At that time actions and body language can be harsh or can be confusing. However eye contact has always been powerful. Why is that? Because eye contact combines both a physical pull and an emotional pull not to mention a pull on the intellect.

Eye contact is so powerful that it can deliver many messages and can be used for different purposes.

To show love – When a child is born, he or she is unable to verbalize his or her feelings. But he or she can show his or her love though his or her eyes. He also learns to communicate with his mother through his or her eyes.

Love can also be reflected using the eyes by maintaining a loving eye contact with person.

To reprimand or to show anger – The eyes are so powerful that a look of anger even without words can drive pain or fear into the heart of a person being looked at. It can cause a child to cower down when being told not to do something.

Eye contact can help put in feelings of disappointment which establishes the point of reprimanding a person.

Eye contact can allow you to share joy – Have you ever looked at a partner or friend and then you just both started laughing. This is because there is a bond so strong between the two of you that you just laugh together because your minds connected the joy each one felt.

Looking at someone can also help you make others feel that you are happy and you can share your joy with them. This can be a method of healing others when they are in pain or sorrow. You can smile and giving them a look of joy and reassurance.

Eye contact can seduce someone – Just looking at someone can send shivers down their spine and get their blood flowing to their nether regions. You can seduce a man or a woman even without body contact just by holding their gaze and using your eyes to call into their intimate thoughts.

Many women wear eye make up to enhance their eyes so that they can have sexy eyes. But honestly, with or without makeup you can make a man or woman know how sexy you are just by using your eyes to seduce him or her.

Using Eye Contact to Rekindle Love

A lot of relationships have gone stale over the years because they forgot one of the most powerful things given to them: eye contact. You tend to just pass your partner by and not look at them in the eye any more when you talk to each other.

As the years pass, losing eye contact in your relationship can cause a big damage. It can cause a relationship to go stagnant and stale. Remember when you were first dating and you just can’t keep your eyes off each other? Well you need to have that back by practicing eye contact.

One experiment done by an insurance company had partners look at each other for four minutes. These partners were romantic partners, parent and child, brother and sister and friends. After the exercise the couples declared a deeper connection with their partners.

But how does eye contact deepen the bond and rekindle the flame. Because eye contact connects your inner most persona with another person’s soul. This allows two souls connect with each other in a meditative manner.

Eye Contact Exercise


1. Agree on the project – Get your partner to agree to do this. Explain how simple and easy it is. Let them know it’s just for four minutes. Try to do it in the morning or at night before sleeping. Make sure to schedule it so that both of you can allot time for it.

2. Stand or lie beside each other – On the agreed time, start by looking at each other. Smile at your partner. Hold their gaze. You may laugh and talk but remember to hold their gaze

3. Talk about the experience – I know you may both feel shy about the eye contact specially if you haven’t done it for a while, but it is important to relate to each other how you both felt. This will help strengthen the bond.

4. Agree to repeat this exercise daily – I know taking about four minutes of eye contact a day can be a tough thing to do but it can really work wonders. The whole exercise only requires about seven minutes, four minutes for the gazing and another three to talk a bit. If you are unable to do it everyday, try to do it every weekend. It is a good exercise that you can do to enable you both to spend an intimate moment that connects both your souls together.

I know doing this can feel a bit awkward at first but the results can lead to falling inlove with each other again. It’s simple and easy and I really advice you to try it.

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