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Manifest Your Best Love

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Impr...

The Law of Attraction states that what ever we think and feel we attract into our lives. Positive thoughts and feelings invite positive experiences and... More


Stop Hanging Out with Your Frienemy!!!

Have you ever have had a frienemy? A frienemy is a person who is your friend but you seem to just feel infuriated by them.... More


Can Friends Be Lovers?

You’ve known him for ages. You stare at him with dopey eyes as he narrates how he had so much beer last night. You think... More

It's your time to shine!!!

It’s Your Time to Shine

Have you ever felt like you are an old book sitting in a shelf and now is just picking you up? Have you ever felt... More

Make up

Why Do Women Wear Make Up?

By Hazel So exactly why do women wear makeup? Many men wonder why and a lot of women also do. Since the dawn of civilization... More

What to wear on the first date?

What to Wear on a First Date?

I know that everybody has his or her own fashion sense and that fashion changes so fast. But there are some classic guidelines that you... More

HELP! I'm Single and LONELY!

HELP! I’m Single and LONELY!

Being single is not the end of the world, blah, blah, blah. I always hear this line. But I know many single ladies and gentlemen... More


Stop Wasting Time! Use a Religious onlin...

If you want to know about some of the best religious dating sites then continue reading to see my reviews. The quest for true love... More

Signs He Just Doesn’t Love You

Signs He Just Doesn’t Love You

Falling in love can be a roller-coaster ride, especially if you’re wondering if you and the guy you’re seeing also feels the same way about... More

Man in love signs he is in love with you

Signs He is In Love With You

Love turns us into a different person. We become all giddy and we feel like we’re in cloud nine when we fall in love. Falling... More