Signs A Taurus Man is Falling In Love With You

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus which makes him keen on art, beauty, and romance. His mission in life is to find a wife and mate that would last him till the end of time. He is into love and romance. Being both a fixed and an Earth sign makes the Taurus stable, dependable, grounded and very realistic. He is a good provider that will make you feel loved and lavished. But how do you know if he thinks you are the one? Let me break it down for you!

What Is A Taurus Like?

The Taurus is one of the most hedonistic of all the signs. He likes the luxuries that life has to offer. The Taurus Man tends to want a life that is comfortable and stable. And because he likes lavish things, he tends to be metrosexual at times and groom himself much in order to look and feel good. He likes to go shopping and buy the best of things. He also likes to want steak, wine; the whole shebang. He loves money and what it can do for him. He can’t live a frugal life because he just wants to be comfortable. Self-indulgence makes him happy.

Men born with the sign of the bull tend to want to look good all the time. They like buying great clothes and primping themselves up. You just swoon for a Taurus because they just look so damn good. They know how to look hot and they even know skincare and that is just a relief for us girls because dating someone who looks great makes us feel great.

Because he is into arts and money, you will see a Taurus working in music, fashion, film, art, and interior design. And Because he just loves money and nice things, he can be a banker, be in real estate, a fashion designer, a model, build things in construction and anything that requires him to make things look better and make things comfortable.

Venus, the planet of love, art and beauty greatly influence him. This means he has great taste in everything. He loves cultured experiences like going to museums and concerts. He chooses the best furniture and the best restaurants. He has great taste in wine and knows his steak. Wagyu anyone?

Being inclined to the arts is also one of the things that a Taurus man is passionate about. He loves museums and art galleries. He may even paint, draw or take pictures himself. Playing a musical instrument or loving music can be something natural to him. His hobbies can include photography, going to installations, listening to music or even coloring adult coloring books.

The Taurus Man has very intense eyes as well. He can look at you and you will surely melt into his beautiful warm eyes. He can lure you into falling for him just by him making intense eye contact with you.

Another trait of the Taurus is that he is a family guy. He loves his family and will do anything and everything for them. He values their opinion and so if he brings you around them, it means that he really does like you or he wants their approval of you. And since he is big on the whole family thing, he also can’t wait to start a family of his own. He wants to have kids and plans to have a house with the white picket fence and all that.

And because he is such a family-oriented man, he is very loyal and true. He wants stability. He wants security and because of that, he will be faithful and committed to you. It is very unlikely for him to cheat because he does not want to rock the boat and is afraid of a big change.

The Taurus Man is very stable and can even be predictable. His goal in life has a secure and happy life without much shift and change. As long as he is comfortable, he is ok with the daily routine of life. He can sometimes even be stubborn and cling to old thoughts, beliefs, a stable career, and even a boring relationship just to keep the peace and protect the stability of his life. It is best to add excitement to his life but still provides him the reassurance that he needs that you will be there for him and everything will be OK.

On the other hand, the best thing about a Taurus is that he knows how to spoil his woman. He will shower her with gifts and will go out of the way to make her feel loved and cared for. He likes to give material gifts because that is his love language. He will bring you on expensive dates where an expensive bottle of wine will be served. He will send you flowers. Anything that makes you happy, he will give it to you. Just don’t abuse his kindness. A bull can charge off when he sees a red flag.

Signs That a Taurus Loves You

The Taurus man is a child of Venus. He is endowed with an amorous heart and mind. He can be a hopeless romantic who believes in marriage and forever. He wants to love and craves it

When a guy with this sign fancies you, he will first start to flirt and talk to you. He knows how to make you feel giddy and can pull you into his bright and shiny world easily. And since he is well-groomed and looks great, it is so easy for you to find him attractive.

Now when he is really into you, he will do everything in his power to pursue you. He will send you flowers or even wine and dine you just for you to agree to be his girl. He will stop at nothing until to you commit to him. He doesn’t like instability so he will try to weed out the competition because he just wants you to be his and his alone.

Spoiling a girl is another thing that a Taurus does. Be it in the courtship or dating stages of your relationship or even if you have already spent years together. He will try to make sure you are comfortable and happy and contented. He likes to pay for the bill and would not let you split the bill especially in the first few dates. Maybe he’ll allow you to pay only if he feels it is a gift but not because he can’t pay or wants you to pay. He is always in the provider mode so he just wants to know that you showered with gifts.

Another thing that a Taurus man does when he likes a girl is being around her all the time. He wants to be there for you. He will listen to your problems and offer you comfort and love. He will talk to you an listen to you. He may even cook for you to cheer you up. He is always there and will not falter with his loyalty and care if he loves you.

The Taurus is also a sign that loves stability, security, and loyalty. He is unlikely to cheat on his partner and values monogamy. One of his core values is faithfulness. He will not break your heart for another girl unless you give a reason to do so. He will be steadfast and true to you and he is the type of guy you can grow old with. So if he likes you or loves you, he will have eyes only for you. If he looks at other women, then it means it isn’t love yet for him.

Now because of his loyalty and stability, he can also be very patient. He wants to fix things rather than throw away a relationship. He will try to listen to your thoughts and feelings when you argue. But don’t try to disrespect him, a bull can charge on when they see that a red flag waving at them. Take care of him and nurture him. He, in turn, will make you feel comfortable, loved and happy.

Once you become a couple, he will then show you that he loves you by acting like he is your husband. He may go to your house all the time so have some food there for him. He will provide you with things and ask you if you need anything. He may even want you to meet his family because he is such big on the whole family thing.

How To Make A Taurus Guy Fall In Love With You

The Taurus Man is the dream guy who would sweep you off your feet and spoil you. He’s all shiny like that. Now in order to catch his eye, you have to shine yourself. He wants a woman who is graceful and beautiful. But despite the beauty that he desires, A he also wants someone who is strong, wise and cultured. You have to be the fashionable woman who turns heads that he can show off to his friends if you want to catch his eye.

Be glamorous to make a Taurus Man think you are the one

He also desires a self-made woman who is confident and is not afraid to be herself. He is drawn to sophistication and class so try to wear classic pieces that exude your power and charm. You have to have a great and stable career as well and a plan in life for him to know that being with you will help him attain the stability he wants.

Now when you are together, let him spoil you with the material things that he wants to give. He likes you and wants you that is why he wants to spend his hard-earned money on you. He wants to share with you the joys of life and the comforts that he has that is why he wants to bring you to posh places and buy you jewelry and expensive bouquet. Don’t push him away if he fills you with beautiful and shiny things, he will get hurt if you do so.

A Taurus man wants a woman who is also stable and secure. Don’t be wishy-washy and don’t change your mind easily around him or it will turn him off. He also wants you to have a clear goal in life and have a career that will allow you to be your own woman, despite the fact that he is willing to spend on you. He wants someone who will make him look good and envied. He wants you to be a woman that he can show to his family and mates and say that she is a woman who I will marry because she is not only beautiful, she’s also successful.

If you want him to want you badly, you also need to be wife material. That means you should know how to cook and tidy up the house but also know well about raising kids and taking care of finances. He wants someone to build a home with. You have to be someone who can go through the long haul of life with. He has plans for the future and you must be able to do your role as his partner.

Cooking and having stocks of food is also a turn on for a man of this sign. He loves snacking so better stock some chips and snacks in your fridge and pantry so that he can have something to eat when he’s there. Now he has a taste for lavish and tasteful food so have some wine, grapes, chocolates, and olives handy.

When it comes to bed, the Taurus man wants a sensual woman who savors tender love in the sheets. He wants to go slow and steady and will want something that works. He’s not much of an experimenter but tries to always make him come and he will be yours forever.

He also wants to look successful so never ever dull out his shine. He wants to be seen as someone who has got it all doesn’t talk badly about him. Be always honest and never play tricks around him. Don’t flirt with other guys around him because that will make him feel insecure and will veer away from you. Never interrupt him when he talks and listen to him always. Lastly, never look frumpy around him. He wants you all dolled up. So if you want him to set his gaze on you and only you, look like a million-dollar and wow him.

What happens when a Taurus decides you are the one?

Have you ever been in a relationship with a Taurus? If you have, you might know how committed and loyal they can be once they have found the right person. Taurus men, in particular, are known for their stubbornness and determination, which can sometimes make it challenging to figure out whether or not they have decided that you are “the one”. Maybe you have made him fall for you but you don’t know it yet! Read on and I will explain the signs that a Taurus man has decided you are the one for him.

Taurus man proposing to his girl

How to know when a Taurus Man decides you are the one

Taurus men can be a bit slow when it comes to matters of the heart, but once they have made up their minds, they are in it for the long haul. Here are some signs that a Taurus man has decided that you are the one for him:

He becomes more attentive

When a Taurus man has decided that you are the one, he will become more attentive to your needs. He will listen to you more carefully and make an effort to understand your perspective. He will also be more generous with his time and attention, wanting to spend as much time with you as possible.

He starts planning for the future

Taurus men are known for their practicality and love of stability. When a Taurus man has decided that you are the one for him, he will start planning for the future. He may talk about buying a house, starting a family, or even just taking a trip together. He will want to create a stable and secure life with you.

He becomes more affectionate

Taurus men are not usually the most expressive when it comes to emotions, but when they have decided that you are the one for them, they become more affectionate. He will want to hold your hand, cuddle, and show his love for you in physical ways. He may even become more comfortable with public displays of affection.

He becomes more possessive

Taurus men can be possessive by nature, but when they have decided that you are the one for them, they become even more so. He will want to make sure that you are his and his alone. He may become jealous or protective of you, which can sometimes come across as controlling. It’s important to communicate with him about boundaries and what you are and are not comfortable with.

He becomes more romantic

When a Taurus man has decided that you are the one for him, he will become more romantic. He may surprise you with flowers or a thoughtful gift, or plan a romantic dinner for the two of you. He will want to show you how much he cares in meaningful ways.

Taureans will show you when they have decided you are the one

When a Taurus man has decided that you are the one for him, you will know it. He will become more attentive, affectionate, possessive, and romantic. He will start planning for the future and want to create a stable and secure life with you. Remember that every relationship is unique, and while these signs may be the clues that a Taurus man deciding that you are the one, do talk with each other openly and honestly about your feelings and needs.

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