It’s Your Time to Shine

It's your time to shine!!!

It’s your time to shine!!!

Have you ever felt like you are an old book sitting in a shelf and no one is just picking you up? Have you ever felt alone and lonely while everyone else is running off and getting married and having babies while you watch Netflix and eat ice cream every weekend? Have you ever felt that no one will ever even like you?

Well now is your time to shine. It’s your time to be the star that makes men or women swoon. No, you don’t need to get celebrity good looks or you don’t need to be a fake airhead to get people liking you, all you need to do is to be YOU.

The Path to Love

OK, so you’re here because you’ve felt lonely, alone, and unloved. You have felt just like how I have felt before, envious of sweet couples who show public display of affection and cuddle in parks and malls. You have wondered where is Mr/Ms Right is and why hasn’t he or she found you yet. I have felt that way too.

But I woke up one day feeling great. I rushed to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and I realized that I was young, vibrant, talented, beautiful, and happy. I was blessed with so many things that I haven’t seen because I was focusing on how alone and lonely I felt. I decided to change how I felt.

I know it may be hard for everyone to have that moment where they just jump out of bed and feel absolutely safe and happy, but you have to choose to feel this way in order for you to find the path to love.

1. Have a daily mantra – You know how those Buddhist Monks keep their cool despite all the aggressions in life? They meditate and they recite mantras. Mantras are affirmations that you can tell yourself every day. When you do this, you program your head to feel happy and look at the bright side. You can have a mantra that says:

  • I’m beautiful and I attract positive energy and love.
  • I’m happy and I have a great soul in me and people want to be around me.
  • I’m fabulous!
  • I choose to be HAPPY!
  • I’m loving and sweet and anyone is lucky to have me.

When you recite these mantras you get to the mode of “I think, therefore I am”.

2. Be more open – Sometimes people tend to see you as too closed up that is why they don’t approach you. If you are a more open person, people will see you as approachable and kind. Positive energy will buzz in you and this will invite a possible mate to like you. Try to be more helpful and kind to others. Aside from helping those who are in need, being friendly also helps you feel better.

3. Don’t wait for love – I know you may ask why should you not wait for love, but the more you wait the more it does not come. Yes invite LOVE but don’t wait for it to the point of desperation. Don’t place your happiness on finding a mate. If you do this, then you will sink into the hole of loneliness.

You need to be busy while you are inviting love into your life. You need to have fun. Because if you wait for love like waiting for the dentist to remove a rotten tooth, then it would feel miserable waiting.

4. Work on yourself – Have you ever felt fugly and unattractive? Attractiveness does not have anything to do with looks! I have known super hot ladies who call themselves fat even though they are just a size 4. I have seen voluptuous beauties strut their stuff like a Parisian model.

You need to amp up your game and shine. To shine, you need to feel happy with how you look and feel. You need to invest time in your appearance too. You need to wear clothes that make you happy. You also need to do the things you like. This will give you the natural glow you need.

5. Believe in the Law of Attraction – I have read this book Manifestation Miracle and has really made me believe that anything and everything is possible. It has made me believe that love begets love and positivity begets positivity. I actually reviewed the book and I know you can learn from it.

Why Do I Need to Shine?

girls-1487825_640A lot of women have shifted their beliefs that they don’t need to do anything in order to find love. Well technically, love comes naturally, but it also needs some work. If you go out wearing your sweats and don’t shower will you like you? If your hair is super oily and your armpits smell will you feel confident? Well, probably not.

This is the very reason why you need to shine. The most important person in your life is none the less YOU. And if YOU are the most important person in your life, then you need to invest time, money and effort on yourself. I don’t mean to turn into an airhead and just paint your face, it goes beyond that.

1. You need to shine to fall in love with yourself – Have you ever felt completely and utterly in love with who you are or do you dread looking at the mirror? You need to shine because you are precious and wonderful and you are YOU.

2. You need to shine because no one else will do it for you – You cannot ask people to make you happy, only you can make you happy. Happiness is infectious. Happy people are addictive and wonderful that others just want to be near them. If you want to find love, you have to be happy first.

3. You need to shine for your friends and family – I know Your Prince Charming may not be here yet but you do have angels around you! Your friends and your family deserve the best version of you too – the happy and shiny version of you! They are your support system and you need to give them good vibes.

4. You need to shine for your future LOVE – He may just be around the corner but he or she is too intimidated by your frown. You need to shine because he or she needs to know how wonderful you are. If you shine from the heart, it will vibrate positively and call the cupids of heaven to find the love you deserve.

Shine! Shine! Shine!

I know love can be tragic; you have gotten burned before or you may have been hurt before but that should not turn you into a bitter and hateful person. You may also have waited so long for love that you have felt that it will never come and you just feel like an old book left on the shelf. But still, you need to choose positivity.

If you want love, you need to shine. You need to shine because love is a shiny thing too!

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