Do You Ever Check Your Partner’s Phone? Snooping is a Sign of Distrust!!!

Do not check your partner's phone!Have you ever had the urge to just check your boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s, husband’s or wife’s phone? Have you ever had that nagging thought that he or she might be snap-chatting another person? Or worse is do you constantly sneak at night while he or she is sleeping to get his or her phone from under the pillow to read his or her messages? But do you do this? Do you trust your partner? Or are you becoming paranoid?

Why Do People Check Their Partner’s Phone?

Many people check their partner’s phone for many different reasons. Some people check their partner’s phone out of sheer curiosity of what is happening to their partner’s life. Other’s do this because they are fearful that their mate is doing something that can break their heart. While other people do it just because they are basically nosy.

There are so many reasons why people check their partner’s phones but mainly it all boils down to trust and respect. Some people just can’t trust others enough because they have already been burned before or their partner has already been caught doing something freaky before. Whatever your reasons are, it all comes down to whether you trust your partner or not or if you respect him or her.

1. You’re afraid of getting cheated on

A lot of times people are afraid of getting their hearts broken. They feel like they can’t just trust their partner enough. They want to catch them red handed and check their partner’s phones, emails or whatnot. When they were young these people had been lied to or had lied to others. They can never trust enough in order to rest well at night without checking their partner’s phones. They snoop into their partner things to see what he or she is really up to.

2. Curiosity

Many people just want to know what makes their partners really tick. They want to know what their mates are up to when they are not together. They want to know about his or her friends. They want to know the exact background of the person. They can’t wait for these things to be revealed to them. They just got dig them up and play Sherlock Holmes.

3. Lack of boundaries

Most people who check on their partner’s phones think that they have all the right to do so because if their partner has nothing to hide then there is no need to worry about you ever seeing his or her phone. Well even though this is partially true, a person who tries to check up on his or her partner’s phone lacks boundaries. Even though you are a couple, you have to respect your partner’s private space and snooping into his phone means you may not see that boundary.

Why You Should Not or NEVER Check Your Partner’s Phone

Do not check your partner's phone!If you are a mature individual in happy and healthy relationship, this means that you have no reason to check your partner’s phone. On the other hand, if you feel that your relationship is not happy and full of hurt and lies then why are you staying in it? There is absolutely no reason why you should ever check your partner’s phone unless you do not trust them.

When there is no trust, there is no stability, when there is no stability, then the relationship can never stand.

1. You should respect and trust your partner

With love comes respect and trust. If you truly love your partner you will trust him or her enough to let him or her live his or her life. You are not his mom for you to constantly watch and hover over him. Instead of checking his or her phone, why not have an open conversation. If both of you are mature adults, you can open up to each other without the need to act like a detective just to know what the other is up to.

2. It’s a sign of insecurity

I know sometimes you feel that you can’t fully trust people around you but it does not give you the right to poke your nose into their private stuff. If you are a secure individual who is independent and strong, you can survive issues in your life without resorting to clingy and insecure methods. You are no longer a child who needs be supervised all the time. No one ever wants to date or have relationship with a nut-job who is always insecure.

3. You need to get a lifestyle

If you are constantly checking your partner’s whereabouts it only means that you are not living your life, you’re living his. You become too obsessed with what he or she does that you have forgotten that you can actually live your own life with happiness and enjoyment. If you are trying to slip his phone from under the his pillow at night, it means that you don’t have other important stuff to think about. Why not be more productive and start being happy and do something fun?

4. This permanently damages your relationship

Checking your beau’s phone can ruin your relationship. Even if you don’t get caught doing it, chances are you will be in the path of self destructing the relationship. You will be the nagging, insecure and overly clingy partner who can’t sleep at night. Your partner will sense this negative energy and will draw away from you. This in turn will cause you to drift further apart from each other.

And let us not forget the fact that you might get caught. If you do get caught, what will happen? You will get into a fight. You might break up because you don’t know how to act like a sane human being.

Relationships are About Love

If you truly love your partner and want your relationship to grow, you must learn to trust him or her. You need to know your boundaries. You need to show your love and always keep your partner happy. If both of you are happy, then there is no point in cheating. If there is no threat of cheating then you can sleep easy at night. Love is a risk but you got to also show respect. Stop checking his or her phone. Period.

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