To Tinder or Not to Tinder?

Tinder is one of the biggest, hottest and most popular dating app/ site to date. Millions of people have this app on their phones and PCs. It’s simplicity has drawn many to love it. And it has created a big difference in the dating scene. It has made meeting other singles easier and much less embarrassing.

Currently there are about 57 million users of Tinder around the world. And out of that 57 million about 4.1 singles pay for premium services such as Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold so that they can unlock features that free users cannot get.

What is Tinder?

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve most probably heard of Tinder. Tinder is an application made by Hatch Labs under the parent company the Match Group. It started out in 2012 by Sean Rad and Justin Mateen.

Basically the premise behind Tinder is that it veers away from complex algorithms and focuses on a person’s own personal choices. Swiping left means you dislike the person, and swiping right means you are interested in them.

Once two people both swipe right on each other, a match is made and this would now allow them to send messages to each other. And because you both swiped right, it means that you are both interested in one another and thus it makes you less embarrassed or you don’t need to face the annoying feeling of rejections outright.

What Are the Benefits of Tinder

Tinder is one of God’s gift to singles. It is an app that allows you to find and match up or even hook up with other singles within a given perimeter that you set. You can opt to find singles just near your or go look for matches in a wider area. It also is SUPER SIMPLE TO USE. Just swipe left to reject someone and swipe right to like someone. That simple.

1. It makes it easy to find people who you are unlikely to meet and know – Tinder widens your scope and allows you to fish in larger pool. Unlike other social media services. Tinder does not focus on the people you already know but allows you to meet people you don’t know personally.

When you link you Tinder to Facebook, you are notified if you have common friends and thus allows you to have something to talk about.

2. It simple and easy – Most dating sites give you complex algorithms that supposedly ensures matches and compatibility. You have to fill in a truck load of information in order for the site to match you with someone. Tinder is not like that.

It’s much more simple and easy to use. You just set the age range you want, and the distance from you for it to look for potential matches. After this it is up to you to decide if you like or dislike a person based on his pictures and bio. It’s like speed dating only much much easier.

3. It can be linked to social media – Tinder allows social media sites to be interlinked with it. Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify can be associated with your tinder account. These things can bolster your chances of finding a match that you liked based on their IG posts and pictures or the music they like via their My Anthem linked to Spotify.

This gives you a clue about the type of person they are. Social media plays a big role in a person’s life and thus it is a good way to investigate their personality. On the other hand, it can also boost your chances of being swiped right because of your interesting music choices or IG pics.

4. You can be as vague as you want or as detailed as you’d like to be – You can just put your pic and your name and that’s it. Or if you want more likes or swipe rights, then you can put in an interesting bio and different pics. You can put a pic of you enjoying the beach so that you’ll seem like a fun person or you can put a picture of you reading books. You can put several pictures that would help pull in more matches for you.

5. You can sign up for free – You can use Tinder for free! Yes, you can find millions of singles out there for free. You may opt to up your chances by getting Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus and unlock super cool features but you may opt to start dating and swiping for free!

6. There are millions of Tinder users – There are a lot of singles out there or people who want to find you and meet you! You have an endless array of people you can date from a few feet away to about countries apart.

You can meet someone and then if you guys don’t hit it off, you can just go back to Tinder and find another person. Of course, you’d want to exude a vibe so that when you meet someone, you’re gonna be irresistible and the person will likely talk to you and date you again after the first meet up.

The Drawbacks of Tinder

Well, Tinder might be heaven-sent but it may also have drawbacks. Any online dating site may have may always have spiders and creepy crawlies lying about. The same goes for Tinder. There may be hundreds or thousands of sorry folks lurking about in there which you may need to be wary of.

1. Casual hookups – We are all aware that many use Tinder for hookups. You may get exhausted looking for love in Tinder only to find an endless array of people asking for one night stands and casual sex. There is nothing wrong with just hooking up but if you are looking for love, then it may break your heart.

The key here is try not to be too invested in it and just try to take it lightly. Get to know a person really first before investing your feelings for them. But of course, that is harder done than said.

The worst part of this is that some people may put there that they are into a relationship and yet when you’ve slept with them they will ghost you and disappear forever.

2. Pervs – Pervs brings the hookup culture to a totally different ball game. They can be scary and sleazy all that at the same time. They may have weird sexual desires you may not be ready for and when you meet them up you can be putting yourself up for that.

Also, be careful about STDs and people who don’t want to practice safe sex when they meet up with someone.

3. Fake accounts – People can pose as someone else. They can use fake pics of other people to boost their profiles. Check if they have multiple pics and ask them to send pictures as you chat to make sure it’s them.

On the other hand, someone people may use their real info but in they may already be married and are just looking for ways to cheat on their partners.

4. Phishing for money and info – Be careful! Some people may try to use Tinder to get your credit card details or ask you to send them money.

So Is Tinder Helpful In Finding Love?

Well definitely yes! It can help you connect with people out there and it can make your dating life easier. You can find someone who you’ll click with and it can turn out to be great.

Tinder is the modern way to find love and connection.

Personally I have met people who have gotten married with their Tinder dates. I myself have had great dates from Tinder and at one time really got serious with someone, though now we are no longer together, I can say that yes, Tinder can bring love and romance.

Hookup or Love?

Honestly, Tinder is for both. It’s a gateway to explore the world and find potential dates or hookups. The great thing about it is that it can be whatever you would like it to be.

There is nothing wrong with just hooking up if both of you consent to it and are doing it safely. On the other hand, it can be also a gateway to finding long-lasting love.

So To Tinder Or Not To Tinder?

I’d say go for it. It’s free, it’s exciting and it’s amazing. It’s cool and fun. And you can start finding love and excitement right at the palm of your hand.

You gotta be brave in order to find the love you want and be the woman that men want. Be that temptress that men cannot get off their heads.

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