How to Attract A Leo?

How to get a Leo ManLeos are people who are sexy, powerful and charismatic. They exude power and enigma. They are born leaders and they like protecting those they love and care for. To attract a Leo is like attracting a big cat. You must be interesting, shiny, attractive and would let them lead you.

A Leo likes it when he or she can show you love and affection. They can be clingy and demanding at times but Leos can be great lovers and wonderful partners.

The lion is a star sign that is dominant and protective. They love leading and they are not afraid to show their feelings and emotions. They tend to want to protect and care for those they value.

So if you are dating a Leo, you are sure to find someone who is caring and helpful.

Another trait of this star sign is that he or she is very sociable. He or she tends to like to party and have fun but you don’t need to fear, Leos are very loyal to their mates. On the other hand, they absolutely hate it when their position specially in a relationship is threatened.

What Attracts A Leo?

People born under the sign of the lion are affectionate, sexy, protective, love challenges and crave sex.

If you want a Leo to fall for you, you must be ready to work be the prize.

A Leo doesn’t like someone who is to easy to get. He or she wants someone who is composed and independent, a perfect match for a king or queen that he or she is.

Much like big cats, Leos are very affectionate and sexy. They love sex and want their partners or conquests to be sexy and attractive. They crave the satisfaction that sex and foreplay brings.

Attract a LeoA Leo man wants someone who is not shy about expressing her sexuality in bed and loves it when a girl flirts with him in public.

Show him you’re not shy by touching him on the knee or arm when you’re talking. Brush your hand against his or play footsie with him under the table.

On the other hand a Leo woman is a woman who is in control and wants to be the one who leads the sexual game. She wants a man who is not afraid of her strong personality and will reciprocate her advances.

Leos Appreciate Beauty

Like the cats that they are, Leos love shiny and beautiful things. Leo men want women who are pleasing to the eye and are well-groomed and beautiful. They want someone who is confident and can carry herself well in the crowd.

Leo women want their partners to be manly and strong. They want someone who works out and is not afraid of taking care of himself.

A person born with this star sign may tend to want to show off his or her partner so be ready to shine like a pretty penny when you got out with him or her. Wear nice underwear too, because for a Leo, that counts.

Leos Are Protective and Dominant

A lion protects his pride. And thus this also goes for a Leo. If a Leo wants you, he or she will try to own you and possess you. He can be demanding and thus would want a partner who shows devotion and loyalty.

If you want a Leo to be solely yours, don’t flirt with other guys or girls; Leos hate that.

Another thing Leos want are people who allow them to lead the relationship. If you are a person who wants someone who can take the lead, then a Leo is for you. However, if you tend to contradict your partner and is always questioning, then you may find that dating a Leo can be problematic.

Leos Tend To Be Clingy

Leos can be clingy and demanding. They want your full devotion and faithfulness. They want partners who will support them in their visions and goals in life.

The key to keeping a Leo is giving him or her full support.

Many times people with this sign want you to be around them all the time and want to spend time with you hanging out and doing things. They also want their partners to show physical and public displays of affection.

Leos Prefer To Take the Lead

Dominant lions tend to want submissive partners who allow them to be chivalrous and affectionate. They love taking care of their partners and wowing them and thus they thrive well with people who allow them to do so.

They hate to be nagged on the other hand and veer away from people who tend to be argumentative with them.

They like to be the one to make decisions and drive the relationship forward.

Leos Want To Be Adored

The strong and powerful Leo also has a soft side. They want to be adored and cared for. They want partners who are gentle and kind to them and show them appreciation.

So if you want to get a Leo man or woman, you must be ready to be loving, sweet but also sensual.

Want to make a Leo Man fall head over heels for you? Here’s how.

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