Signs He is In Love With You

Love turns us into a different person. We become all giddy and we feel like we’re in cloud nine when we fall in love. Falling in love was one of greatest things that ever happened to me. Sounds cheesy right? Yeah, because it is.

The great news is that giddy, happy, butterflies-in-the-stomach happens to both men and women. But what if your man or boyfriend just hasn’t said they love you yet?  Does he care or is he just stringing you along?

Find out some of the top signs that he’s in love with you!

Man in love signs he is in love with youMen would never admit it, but they too get that cheesy, twisty, smiling-all-alone moments where they gush about falling in love with a girl. Some guys think they are too macho too fall for the trap of the love-struck sickness. But in the end they just can’t help themselves and dig in into the deliciously sweet feeling of falling in love.

I asked my guy friends and of course, my Love King how to tell if a guy has been hit by the arrow of Cupid in the heart. Here are some very juicy things that I found out.

Soft Look in His Eyes

Oh yeah he can try to go all macho on you and try to hide it. But one way or another you will catch him looking at you with this sparkly eyed look where he just can’t help but adore you. You may catch him looking at you while you’re sleeping after a night of romping in bed. You can also see this look when like you’re all sweaty cleaning the house and open the door for him since he suddenly “forgot his toothbrush” on your counter.

He may be intently watching you instead of watching the action flick he so wanted to catch. Return his gaze, smile and tilt our head… now you have him wrapped around your finger. I’ve found this to be a key sign of love.

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He Seems to Be Queasy-Uneasy

Men don’t like beating around the bush but they don’t like rejection either. He might have suddenly realized that he is head over hills for you but he could not tell you coz his sh*t scared to get rejected. You may see him trying to say something and wriggling his hands together then the next thing you know is he switches the topic suddenly. He may be fidgety and a bit irritable sometimes because of this. He wants to get it off his chest to tell you that you’re his goddess but he just doesn’t want to ruin what you have since you might not feel the same way. If you feel the same way try to lay the ground for him to tell you. Try smiling a lot to him and getting close to him. If he is really tongue tied try the power of alcohol and have a nice dinner with him. Even guys do get swept off their feet.

He Becomes Extra Attentive (Normally Guys Aren’t)

Signs He is In Love with YouIf you’re dating a guy, you’ve probably noticed that they can sometimes forget details and stuff like that. When he suddenly notices how pretty you look in green and how you want your apples skinned it might be the flag that he has finally fallen for you. Guys are hunters by nature. They don’t zero in on something they don’t think is worth pursuing. So if he gives you lots of attention. Like answering your texts even if he is with his buddies, they we may have a winner here.

He Starts to Hang Around More, and More, and More

Well guys are pack creatures. They love hanging out with their buddies. If he would rather be with you than chug a few mugs of Budweiser and play Time Crisis on a Saturday night with his chums, then it’s a great sign. If he goes to your office at lunch just to “grab a quick bite and chat” or visits you at random hours then it means he cannot take you out of his mind.

Guys who are not so into you may take some prodding to for him to really hangout with you. Like really enjoy time being with you. If he thinks you’re just a booty call then he would do it and go afterwards, if he doesn’t then it’s time to start smiling. You’ve just won the lottery (or even better).

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He Becomes Too Nice

Well, well, well…. Yes guys do have a nice bone in their bodies. They are capable of cheesy stuff too. They can suddenly turn into mush if they fall in love with you. Soppy text messages, wearing your favorite perfume, showering longer (yeah they can be slobs at times) can be good signs that he really wants to be on your good side.

They may end up in the plushie section of the mall and pick up the smallest teddy bear and casually tell you “Oh this is nothing much just wanted to give you a hug buddy”. They can try to go to your apartment and fix the DVD system and wash your car or something like that. Reward him with a French kiss with matching a nice cupcake or better yet something… uhmmm you know.

Being NOT Nice

Now this is the flip side. Guys may not know how to handle the mushy falling in love bit. They can get really scared of how they feel. They may have had bad relationships before or never have been in love. He might try to push you away in one point and one point he is nice. It’s kind of confusing. If he is just way too out of whack by falling in love with you then he needs a bit of space. Try to be nice still with him. Be patient. Keep your cool. As long as he does not mistreat you he will come to his senses. You may need to help him a bit here. Try watching a movie that is sappy and try cuddling with him. If he really wants you in his life, he will give in and tell you. On the other hand if he is just a plain coward don’t waste your time and start thinking about your own heart. You may like him or even love him, but loving yourself is more important.

Love can really drive us crazy. It made me go gaga before. Even though I’m the Love Queen, my Love King was a hard nut to crack and took AAAages to tell me he loved me. It was hard while I was still in suspense but now I love him so much and we have been inseparable since.

What to do next

If you’ve read these signs that he loves you article and are still wondering and asking yourself, does he love me? the simplest way to find out is to ask, but then again if you are like me you would rather he just said it first.  Also sometimes as a woman by putting ourselves out there like that we can frighten those commitment fearing boys away!

If you think he loves you but just doesn’t want to say for some reason, or is giving you mixed signals and you want to know why, watch this to find out how to understand and change his behaviour or you if you need specific advice on your own situation and are open to it you might want to try a love psychic.

Love can be a battle field for anyone. Even the toughest guys can turn into cotton pillows when they get struck by the love arrow. If he is brave he will fess up and make you his maiden of love, if not then you might need to take the reins and be the one to tell him, or figure out how to get him to tell you!

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What if he’s not quite in love with you yet?

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