Love In The Time of Pandemic

Love is the most universal of all human emotions. It is something that we all want and crave. Love is so powerful, that it can transcend time, space and even illnesses and death. Love can consume us, shape us, empower us and even give us the will to live. It is a driving force that can shape life and destiny. But how do we love at this time of pandemic. How can we connect when the world seems to be smaller and interacting with others has become more difficult?

COVID19 Take Over

As of now, the whole world has already been swept by this dreaded disease. Economies have shattered and businesses have closed. Travel has now become very limited and the world went on standstill. Covid19 has changed the way we live and the way we face the world. And it even has affected our relationship and our love life.

Going to bars and eating out is not advisable as of this moment. Places like libraries, cafes, malls, and restaurants have now limited access. Going to large gatherings and concerts are no longer allowed. And because of all these, there is a much smaller chance of meeting someone new and dating. Even interacting with colleagues in the office has changed. We can no longer hang out in our coworker’s desk and banter and flirt. We have to keep a certain distance and this has really affected people’s chances of meeting potential partners.

We have to wear a mask at all times to protect ourselves and with this, smiling and laughing may not be as simple as it used to be. We have to avoid skin to skin contact such as shaking hands and hugging. Sex with strangers or on the first date can be deadly and thus limiting the love potential for singles.

But how do we date and fall in love despite this pandemic? Here’s how.

Dating in The Time of COVID19

Human beings are social animals. We want to interact with other humans. We crave affection and attention. We want to make love and feel love. We want to have relationships and dates. We love to have meaningful friendships and laugh at jokes and feel that we belong. And even though we are beleaguered by this pandemic, our need for love never ceases to exist.

Dating and meeting new people and falling in love can be a difficult thing right now. Meeting someone new in person can be a bit risky. Seeing your Tinder or Bumble date in person can be a bit precarious at this moment since they may unknowingly pass you the coronavirus. Casual hookups are out of the question too.

Traveling and meeting someone along the way is pretty limited at this point. Going to exotic lands and beaches and finding that summer romance may be at a halt right now.

Many existing relationships have also been affected by the pandemic. Couples are unable to meet up during lock-downs and are also unable to make love freely because of the fear of spreading and contracting the virus. Holding hands, kissing, hugging and other things that people normally do when they are in love come with the danger of passing the virus unknowingly.

On the other hand, there are still many avenues to date. With the internet and all the savvy applications out there, one can always see his or her date and enjoy dating despite the pandemic. Technology has paved the way for creative dating means and has allowed many people to find love even though they need to stay at home.

So here are a few ingenious ways you can date in the time of this pandemic:

1. Online Dating

Online Dating has been around for ages. It’s a great and simple way to meet people and find someone who clicks with you. From the time of up to now that there are several easier apps like Bumble or Tinder, online dating has made finding a match really easy and fun.

You can sign up on an online dating app and find a person there whom you feel clicks with you. You can check out their profiles and find out what songs or sort of pictures they take if they have their accounts linked to spottily or Instagram. Best of all is you can start the romance by getting to know them first.

Online dating is not yet out. It’s still a fun and easy way not to mention a safe way to find someone who can actually have fun with or even a relationship with.

2. Date Your Neighbor

Well, this may be quiet a cliche but that boy next door may be your ticket to fun and safe dating. You can see them and still keep social distancing because they just live nearby. And if they aren’t sick or whatever or don’t really go out you guys can meet up and hangout. If your apartments are right beside each other, you can even come over. Just make sure both of you are safe.

What’s really great about this is that pandemic or not, dating your neighbor gives you the accessibility you may want and need.

3. Rekindle an old flame

You may want to get your ex back. I mean you might still have feelings for him or her. Why not try to hit them up. Clear things between the two of you. Talk to each other and catch up. You guys have shared something and dating your ex again will allow you to find someone you already know. You can IM each other or call each other to be safe from this horrid virus.

Talking to an old love is like riding a bike, even if it feel familiar it still feels wonderful.

4. Why not date your friends?

Your friends are already on your social media pages. You may already have a big crush on your high school buddy for like forever and you just never tell them. This may be the time for that. Aside from knowing each other well, you get to date someone who you already like, not just romantically but also as a friend. Once the vaccine’s out, you can start dating for real or you can catch up now provided you wear your masks and social distance.

5. Referrals

Why not ask your mates to set up someone for you? Let them introduce their friends to you. Recommended people usually are nice because they have already been prescreened by your friends.

Don’t Be Lonely

I know it can be hard and lonesome because we are given a limited amount of moment right now for our own safety. But you can still be happy despite this worldwide catastrophe. You’re still alive and it’s not the end of the world yet. There are so many things you can do.

Aside from dating you can overhaul your life and improve yourself. You can also be lazy for once and catch up on your sleep or binge watch on Netflix.

1. Read up

You may have been meaning to read all those books you bought from the last book sale you went to, so now is probably a good time to do that. Add some knowledge into your head by reading. Aside from that, reading allows you to visit places without leaving your home. You can get in touch with your imagination again and light up your mind just by reading

2. Cook

If you have never cooked before or even if you are a chef in the kitchen, cooking can be a great way to distress and have fun while the world is in this stressful time. Watch YouTube vids to learn new recipes from the simplest ones to the most complex dishes. Prepare something wonderful for yourself or your family. Surprise your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend with a nice steak dinner complete with beans and mashed potatoes.

3. Learn something new

Do you know how to create a superb Excel spreadsheet? No? You can start learning now. You can sign up for cheap tutorials or even get skills just by watching free videos online. Learn how to paint, draw, make a powerpoint presentation, or whatnot. You may be surprised to find yourself a better version of you after this pandemic

4. Color and Draw

No, you don’t have to be Da Vinci to color and draw. Drawing and coloring is very good for the psyche and it relieves feelings of anxiety and depression. It also allows your brain to feel relaxed and it helps you focus. So get that crayon and coloring book and just color.

5. Exercise.

Exercise makes people happy. You may not have exercised for ages because you were too busy but now is the time to do some yoga or go for a run or ride your bike. Exercise helps you feel better and stronger. Aside from that having enough exercise keeps you healthy.

6. Chat with your friends and family

You may be unable to see them right now, but do you don’t need to worry because the internet gives you the liberty to see your loved ones without needing to go out. Catching up with them will help you from feeling alone and lonely.

7. Fall in love

Yep, why not? Even if it’s the pandemic outside, you can always fall in love at home. Have you ever heard the words: SELF LOVE? Begin to rekindle your relationship with yourself. Give yourself those hot baths you need and eat that healthy food.

Also, fall in love with your pet. Play with your dog or cat and spend time with them. You may not have had the time before to cuddle them, so now is a good time to do that.

And of course, you can always find your soulmate or someone to date even if you’re just at home. Remember your phone has countless avenues that would let you land that love you are longing for.

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