How to Attract a Gemini

Geminis are born with the sign of twins. This means they have a duality in them. Good and bad. Hot and cold. They are also highly adaptable and communicative. They are good in making friends and creating networks. They are flexible, intelligent and energetic.

To attract a Gemini, you must stand out in the crowd. They like flirty and fun people. They love parties and socializing so be ready to paint the town read if you want to catch their eye.

Wow that Gemini with surprises and you will win his or her heart.

What A Gemini Wants

Outgoing and full of vibrant energy fills a Gemini up. He or she is the type of person who wants a partner to be fun-loving and outgoing. Being unique is also a plus for a Gemini. He or she loves flirty conversations and being as naughty as hell.

So here are some things that will score points with a Gemini.

Be Outgoing

Stand out, speak out. Be bold and brave and you will get that Gemini to like you. They don’t want wallflowers. They love outspoken people who know what they want. Dress like who you are and be not afraid of expressing yourself in order to attract a Gemini.

Geminis are dualities and this means that they are highly adjustable and open to anything. The bolder, the better.

Speak Up

If you have opinions and are passionate about something, express that. Geminis find your passion attractive. He or she has strong principles and because of that he or she finds a man or woman with convictions sexy and attractive.

And when you start dating this person, don’t be wishy washy. Be frank and honest with what you want. This scores points on the Twins’ checklist.

Be Spontaneous

Geminis are known for their spontaneity They are not much for planning and being tied down. They prefer out of the blue night drives or quick adventures. So be bold enough to call them at night and ask them to hit the road and drive around town. Invite them to quick lunches and coffee and they will see you as someone who is fun.

Surprise and easy-going behavior enamors a Gemini. They want to bounce around and feel and see new things. So go ahead and surprise him or her.

Mystery is Sexy

Mystery and puzzles make a Gemini think. And this sign does love to think and unlock puzzles. So if he or she finds you mysterious, then he or she will likely get hooked. He loves it when you are unpredictable and fresh. He gets bored easily so never ever be stale or too easy.

Notice Him or Her

Geminis are like two people in one and this means they crave attention. They can be outlandish and really outgoing and they want and even expect lots and lots of attention. So in order for them to notice you, you must notify them first. Notice how sexy he or she is. Say something about the perfume they are wearing. Give him or her a compliment and for sure his or her heart will skip a beat for you.

They reciprocate attention so don’t worry if you see them in the spotlight.

Be Jolly and Joke Around

This sign enjoys laughing and kidding around. They want to smile and fill life with laughter. So if you can throw a joke here and there, then you will score plus points with a Gemini. They don’t mind sarcastic jokes at times because they also have their dark side. Just be chill and relax. Don’t take yourself too seriously around them and they will love you for it.

Honestly is the Best Policy

If you’re straightforward, honest, and blunt, a Gemini wouldn’t mind. In fact, he or she loves that. He doesn’t like guessing what your thoughts are so just spill it out and say what you mean and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY.

What A Gemini Hates

Geminis have a childlike quality in them that seeks playfulness and out of the blue surprises. They are creative and improvise along the way. They hate predictability and boredom. Rules are not for them. Also if you have nothing to share, then they will also put you in the back of the shelf.

A Gemini man dislikes a woman who plans too much ahead like the kids, the white picket fence, and the wedding gown. He gets scared by that. He loves his freedom so never take that away from him. On the other hand, he gets impatient too, so if you are playing coy and making him wait, he won’t. Don’t expect him to sit around while you try to decide for ages if the two of you are a couple. He will bolt if you do that.

Don’t make a Gemini look bad. He puts a premium on his reputation and getting praised. Never sound stupid around him or her too, they get really annoyed by that.

On the other hand, if you are yourself and you show them that you are in love with your life, then you will catch a Gemini’s eye.

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