How To Attract A Sagittarius

Sagittarius, which shows an archer centaur, is a sign that longs for adventures and discovery. He craves the promise of the unknown and wishes to discovery new things. To get a Sagittarius into you, you must be someone who will allow him to see adventure and fun. You must be a woman of mystery and passion.

Adventure Seekers

Centaur Archers or Sags are known to be thrill-seekers. They get attracted to people who also bring in the adventure. They want new experiences that exhilarate their souls. They want someone who will also put the flame into their life.

If you want someone with the sign of the Sagittarius, you must be open to adventure. They want someone who loves to travel and explore. They want someone they can bring into spur of the moments exploits that will give them an adrenaline rush. This can be out of the blue travels, driving away to somewhere, visiting new places or doing something new.

Sagittarius men find women who are love to travel sexy. So if you are aiming to attract a Sagittarius man, try to travel with him or invite him to go for a long drive. Go crazy and get a tattoo and show it to him. Just show that Sag, that you are up for an adventure.

Be Mysterious

Sagittarians get bored with the ordinary. So if you want him to want you, you must be mysterious and don’t let everything just hang for him to see. Allow him to discover layers and layers into your personality. Let him peel you like a banana and have him discover that there is something wonderful inside.

Being mysterious means you are not always there available for him to take any time. Have your own thing. Do something fun on your own. Have fun with your friends and take a hobby. Don’t ever chase him, it’s a big turn off. But yes, you could flirt around him and be sexy, just don’t be too overt about it.

Mystery makes a woman sexy. It her irritable and men are just like flies around honey when there is a mysterious woman around. So try to be that sultry sexy mysterious lady, and get the heart of that Sagittarius man.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Even though Sanitarian men love mystery, they also hate liars. Never ever lie around them, for they have a keen sense of knowing if you are. Always be honest and truthful about yourself and your personality. Actually, Sagittarius people are very accepting about people’s flaws, so don’t worry too much about being a person who has quirks, they actually find that wonderful.

When you are asked about something, give your honest opinion, this really attracts a Sagittarian and makes them want to be with you more.

Be Perky, Outgoing and Fun

Having an adventurous soul, Sagittarius people want someone who is perky, outgoing and fun. They want someone who can laugh with them at small things. Someone to play at the arcade with and someone to hang out with. They want someone who can make them enjoy boring days and see the rainbow with on rainy days.

Also, it makes them feel happy to be around someone who gets their energy and their psyche. They want someone who can tag along to their camping trips or hikes up the mountains. They want someone who will be up for an overnight romp and laugh with them on small mishaps.

Challenge That Sagittarians

Sagittarians are natural hunters and problem solvers. They want someone who can give them the challenge and the mystery that they can solve. They want a partner who is motivating and would push them to be better.

If you want ,a Sagittarius man to fall for you you have to show him that you can be someone to motivate him and challenge him. If you are colleagues, then better be the person who tells him that he can do the tasks at work. If you are a friend, listen to his trials and tell him that he can solve these problems.


Centaur Archers Sagittarians love travelling. They can’t keep still and they want to seek new destinations. And thus if someone also travels, they find this very interesting and attractive. They want someone who can go to places with them and see the world with them. And even if you travel solo, they will also find this really captivating and sexy, because it shows them that you have the balls to conquer your fears and see the world.

Be Sexy and Flirtatious

Sagittarius people are hunters, they want the lure of the hunt. They crave the pull that the prey gives them. So if you want them, show them that you are worth pursuing. Show them the signs that you are interested too. Show them that you want to be with them and that they excite you.

People of this sign want sexy and flirtatious energy from their partners. They want sexual excitement both in the bedroom and outside. So try to brush your hand on their knee or play footsie with them in a restaurant. This may be cliche’ moves, but Sag men find it attractive.

What Sagittarius Hate

Being clingy is something Sagittarius men and women hate. They have adventurous souls and thus, they want to be free to seek out the world and have fun to enjoy life. They want someone who is ready to find adventure with them and thus being held down is a big no-no for them.

Also, these Hunters hate boring people and dull moments. They were held down and being made to stay put in one place. They hate routine and they don’t want to ordinary.

So if you want to get a Sagittarius man, be ready to be that adventurous girl who is up for anything.

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