Signs A Leo Man is Falling In Love With You

Leo or the Lion is a passionate and daring man full of life and energy. He is loyal to his family and pack. He is energetic and is just out there. The Lion is a big creature full of vigor. He wants to live, play, hunt and succeed at the things that he does.

What Is A Leo Like?

The Leo Man is a man who has an ardent demeanor. He is playful and energetic and loves life and wants to live it to the fullest. He is super passionate about creating a life that is worth living. He loves his family and will do anything for them.

He is full of daring. He will do anything to feel alive. He seeks danger and conquest. He knows he is the king and because of this, he aims to rule everything that he does. He is the sort of person who wants to have adventures and do things that are wild and crazy. He lives for the thrill of the chase.

Being a Lion, he is also loud and noisy. This comes from his energetic spirit. He can be very talkative and craves attention from everyone. He wants to be adored and seen. He can be very flamboyant and even dress wildly and weirdly. Don’t be surprised by his behavior; he just wants attention. He lives for the admiration of his peers and the people around him.

The Lion is a person who knows he’s king. He likes spoiling himself and his partner and would definitely go all out for luxury and taste. He thinks that the world is his playground and with that, he deserves the finer things in life. He will blow his money to feel great and will spare no cost for his queen. He will lavish a woman he likes with the things she wants.

Leos are very romantic. They are idealistic when it comes to love. They want passionate love plus the domestic partnership plus the kids when they get into a relationship. It has to be everything for them to fully commit to one woman. He sees love as something that should be out of a Hollywood movie. He wants his lady to be hot and pretty, yet motherly and sweet. He would like to have a relationship that others envy.

Men of this sign are very loyal to their families. They don’t mind having kids and actually crave having them. They would love to play and romp around with their children and would become very protective fathers. Leos are awesome dads who will make their kids laugh and have fun and will be hands-on with them till they grow up. They will take care of their wives and show them that family is everything. They will do everything to keep the bond of their families.

Another thing about Leo is their appetite for sex. They can have it over and over and over again. You need to have the energy to give him his needs in order for him not to be cranky. He likes sex to be wild and vigorous. If you ever had sex with a Leo, you would know how good and sizzling it can be. They will do everything to please a woman and also get the pleasure they crave so much.

On the other hand, because of their passionate energy, Leos can blow off steam when they get upset. They tend to be hot-tempered and can be cranky. In order to calm them down, you must give them food, sex or something they really like. Sooth a Leo with hugs and kisses and never ever meet his temper. He can have an ego as well that is as big as the universe. So learn to make peace with him quietly to avoid livid arguments.

Because he can have a bit of pride, Leo can clash heads with others. He tends to think that he is right all the time. He may be high and mighty and this can cause him to push his beliefs and morals to other people. Leo has the honor to uphold. He’s ego is to bid and wants to be the best. When he does things, he wants to win and be on top. He tends to be loud in arguments as well.

In business and work, Leo Man can be very competitive. He has the ambition to rule others. He can be a good leader and aims to mold a world into what he thinks it should be. He wants others to follow him and hates to be disagreed with.

Leos can also be overindulgent. He wants to enjoy life. He lives for food, sex, alcohol, and all other hedonistic things. For him, life is meant to be enjoyed and he will spare no cost in order for him to do so. He may end up sleeping with another woman if you are not able to give him his carnal needs. He can also emotionally eat or binge drink when something is up.

Men with this sign are also keen on politics and current events. He likes to talk about what is happening around him. He wants to have someone who can listen to him talk about these things. He is passionate about his advocates and would do anything to uphold his beliefs.

Being of the feline family, Leos are nocturnal by nature. He may have trouble sleeping at night and may wake you up for a romp in bed. He likes midnight snacks and 3 am conversations. He also works better past his bedtime. He can work up a storm at night and be asleep the whole day.

Finally, much like a cat, Leos are resilient by nature. They will lick their wounds but would get up bouncing again. They always land on their feet and will do anything to survive.

Signs That a Leo Loves You

Signs That A Leo Man is Falling In Love With YouLeo Men are much like the lions of their signs. Lions, in their pride, allow their lionesses to hunt, and thus much like that he will let you be the strong powerful woman that you are. He craves that wildness in you and he wants you to be in charge, so he if gives you credit and allows you to be yourself around him, then for sure, it means that he wants you.

And part of allowing you to be the lioness that you are, he will allow you to play, romp, and express your sexuality. He wants you to be who you are. He wants you to give in to your passions. If a Leo Man wants you, he will make you feel smart, adored, strong and beautiful.

Aside from these, Leos are lover people who belong in their pride and so if loves you, he will make you feel like you are his best friend and mate. He will include you in his plans and endeavors. He will ask you opinions on the things that he does. He will also spend a lot of time with you because he feels really happy and comfortable around you. He will share with you his thoughts and will allow you into his heart and soul.

People born in this sign are also very tactile. They like touching and caressing. They want to be held close and their love language includes hugs, kisses, massages, and all sorts of touching. He wants you close. He likes playing with your hair. He flirts with you by brushing your arm or knee. He would play footsie with you. He just craves touch and so he will touch you if he wants you.

Because they are such loud and expressive people, Leo Men will want to talk to you if he likes you. He likes conversations and will want to make you laugh and smile. His playful spirit will try to light you up with his sense of humor. He thinks that his jokes will make you fall for him and so he’ll crack some around you.

He’s very talkative and would want to impress you about what he does and how great he is. He will strike up a conversation with you anytime and will share with you what he does. He likes telling you things that interest him. He will try to win you over with his impressive portfolio. Kl

Because Leos believe in fairy tale love stories, he will treat you like a princess and try to sweep you off your feet. He will try to bring you flowers and chocolates. He will send you gifts. More subtle Leos will bring you coffee and will make sure you notice him. He is such a spoiler and you will know if he likes you by the way he sends you things and brings you presents.

Lions also have this big sense of pride and honor and thus they like showing off especially their catch. So if he really loves you or likes you he will show you off. If you have just met and he tells his buddies about you, then it means he really wants you. Now if you are already dating and he presents you to his mates or his family, then it means he has really fallen for you.

Aside from making you feel like the priced catch, he will also want to bring you into his world of adventures. Lions crave adrenaline racing moments and if they bring you along, it means that they want you a lot. They will bring you to extreme dates, spur of the moment drives and out of the blue sex in random toilets.

They just have an insatiable thirst for making love and connecting through passionate sex that they will make sure you scream of joy when they bed you. Lions want their lionesses satisfied. He will ensure you come and come and come. He feels that he expresses his love and liking for you between the sheets best.

But aside from making sure you come, a Leo Man will also make sure you have someone to count on. He will always be there for you no matter what. He will listen to you and make you feel loved and wanted. He is someone you can call when you feel lost and sad and depressed. He would want to be beside you all the time. If you see a Leo hovering around you, it just means that he wants you a lot.

On the other hand, since he likes being there for you, he wants to make sure that he has a secure place in your life. He doesn’t want to share and so if he has a big interest in you he will not share you with anyone. He can get very territorial when you are around other males. He will get cranky and upset when you give other men attention.

How To Make A Leo Guy Fall In Love With You

Leos are the lions of the zodiac and thus they need a lioness in order for him to rule his kingdom. He wants a strong independent woman who could stand by his side and also run with him in his adventures. He needs someone who is willing to hunt with him in his conquests and also someone to play with and enjoy life with.

Most Leo men are into sex and have a high sex drive. They want hours and hours of bed-time and they enjoy being touched. Their love language involves satisfying a woman and giving her multiple orgasms. So if you want to keep a Leo man and make him want you and only you, then you must have the capacity to keep up with his carnal needs.

Leos also want females who are strong and are able to care for their families. They want someone who is matriarchs that can lead cubs into the wilderness. Leos get turned on by lady bosses who have the balls to make decisions. If you are career-oriented and can stand up on your own two feet, then a Leo man will find you sexy.

Aside from wanting a woman who can be a mother of his kids, Leos also want a woman who is able to take care of him after his exploits. He wants someone to serve him dinner when he gets home and he wants a lady who will cuddle with him when he is lonely and tired. Leos crave for a woman who would listen to him when he is sad.

Touching and caressing is another way to attract a Leo. He gets really tingly when a girl “accidentally” brushes her boobs on his arm or lightly plays with his hair. He likes those soft kisses and when you blow on his ear. A game of footsie can excite him a lot too. Now if you are already in a relationship, offer him massages and cuddles. Touch his erogenous zones and give him sudden kisses. Sometimes he likes it rough too. Don’t be scared to bite or pull; he likes that.

Another thing a Leo wants is laughter and play. He wants someone whom he could enjoy life with. Show him that you can be fun. Allow him to see your goofy side. Don’t be afraid to crack jokes around him. Invite him to play video games with you or play some sports. He wants to see if you can get down and dirty with him.

Now he’s nocturnal, so you have to have the energy to hang out with him a night. You need to be patient with him if he wakes you up for some in-between the sheets fun or to ask you to watch Netflix with him. He needs someone to be there for him as he stays up late at night.

Leos love being spoiled. They spoil people the love and in turn, they also want to be spoiled too. They want a lot of attention, affection, love and care. They want to feel that you are devoted to them. They enjoy getting presents and having meals cooked for them.

Having someone who can be their best friend and lover is such a turn on for a Leo. They want a woman who is gonna be their ally and confidant in all their battles. So be there for him. Support him. Listen to him. He wants someone he can shoot balls with, and someone whom he can shoot ideas with. Don’t judge him and always have his back. Be the person he can run to when he is lonely and alone.

On the other hand, he can be needy as well. So try to regulate his needy side. He wants someone he can lean on, but he doesn’t want someone who is going to be his mother. Do not smother him and control him.

Leos are attracted to women who are beautiful, powerful and sexy. Never let yourself go. Don’t wear ratty shirts at home. Always shower and make yourself look hot and sexy. A Leo wants a lioness, so be one. You have to be smart and ambitious and a go-getter in life. Show him that you are powerful and strong. Don’t be too submissive. He wants a woman who can play tug of war with him. She has to be someone who can hunt and play and rule beside him.

Finally, show him that you can see his good points. He wants to be admired so let him know you appreciate him. Shower him with compliments. Be his supporter and playmate. Make him that you are going to be his #1 fan and friend.

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