How To Attract A Pisces?

Find out how to attract a Pisces.Pisces are people who are dreamers, artists, intuitives and are gentle souls. People born under this sign are very nice and caring. They have a very altruistic nature. To attract a Pisces, you must also be kind, caring, sweet and is philosophical.

People who are of the sign of the fish tend to be dreamers and are very imaginative. They tend to be lost in their own thoughts and daydreams. They often just sit there listening to music relishing the reverie that has captured them.

Oftentimes, a Piscean tends to be very philosophical and can be a bit unorthodox. He or she may have his or her own beliefs or feelings that may be different from the crown. He or she can often be found as an outsider who has his or her own world and is not bothered by what others think.

Pisces people are also very nice and kind. They love helping others and can be psychics, healers or even lightworkers. They find others who are also helpful very attractive. They see the world as a place they can make better and a partner who is also loving and gentle is someone who a Pisces is looking for.

Those born under this star sign are often very artistic. They love art, music, poetry, writing, stories and making things. You can see them busy with crafts or writing in their journals. They like going to art galleries or museums and thus this kind of dates can be fun for a Pisces.

Deep Connections

Pisces men and women don’t date just for kicks. They want partners who are able to form deep emotional bonds with them. They want cuddles after making love. They want breakfasts after. Pisceans tend to want someone who they can share their thoughts and feelings with. For a person with this star sign, hooking up can be draining.

Pisces value the connection above all else and looks is just secondary. They will go through great lengths just to date and be with someone whom they can share a cosmic bond with.

They People Who Are Deep And Gentle

Being kindhearted spirits, Pisces men and women prefer partners who can be gentle to everyone. They want someone who is helpful and is caring to others. They light up when they see a person who can share his or her time, effort and money to those who are less fortunate.

Fishes often want someone who is a giver and not a taker. They don’t want people who exude rudeness or selfishness. They prefer partners who are soft spoken and kind.

They also like people who are deep and philosophical. They cherish deep conversations about the sun, the moon, the stars and everything in the universe. They want someone who is able to talk to them about their dreams and aspirations. They enjoy topics about life and its mysteries.

Many times, Pisces can get a bit detached and want someone who can bring them to the world and connect them to the world.

They Like Artistic People

Pisces dig creative partners.When a Piscean sees a person who is into arts and music and philosophy, their hearts skip a bit. They are really into someone who loves paintings, art galleries, books and music. They themselves are creative and appreciate people who like the art too.

So to impress a Pisces, try to show him your creative side by inviting him or her to an afternoon of painting, writing poems, arranging flowers, cooking or visiting art galleries. They also find dates in music halls fun as well as going unique places.

Gentleness Wins Their Hearts

A fish is born in water and loves the soft movements of the current. And because of this, a Pisces appreciates people who are kindhearted and gentle. They love those who like pets and animals. They coo at dogs and cats and so having a cute pet can be a plus factor for you. They also like those who are soft-spoken and sweet.

A Pisces also wants partners who are tolerant and open-minded. They want people who are not loud and argumentative. If you have a disagreement with a Pisces, try to communicate with them gently rather than shouting or nagging. They find nagging a big turnoff.

In social engagements, a Pisces would usually be a person offering help to others like doing volunteer work or assisting those in need. So if you want that Pisces, better join him or her in making this world a better place.

Be Sensual and Intimate

To make a Pisces so into you, appeal to his or her sexy side. Pisces men are sexy lovers who want to lavish their women with long lovemaking sessions that last for hours. Pisces women can be very sexy and attractive and want someone who sees that in them.

Be playful in bed and show that you can be someone they can share an intimate moment with. They also seem to want cuddles after sex and want someone to talk to post-coital.

For a Pisces, sex is fun but also a point of connecting emotionally. So don’t just connect with his or her body, but also with his or her heart.

What A Pisces Hates

Pisces are quiet and laid back people who love to enjoy life’s pleasures and beauty. So because of their sensual and emotional as well as creative and intuitive side, they hate people who are loud and abrasive. Don’t be pushy around a Pisces. They may not express their dislike, but deep in their hearts, they feel awry about the noise.

Gossiping and backstabbing is also not a Pisces cup of tea. Pisces men specially dislike women who create drama and gossip about. Pisces women tend to veer away from partner who are angry and are too competitive with others. Don’t show them you’re too jealous too. They hate that sort of behavior.

Be humble always because a Piscean will never want someone who is arrogant and cocky. Try to shine quietly and don’t brag about your achievements around them.

Lastly, a Fish is someone who loves kindness and gentleness so don’t ever be rude. Be kind to the wait staff in restaurants. Give stray dogs your leftover food and help homeless people. This impresses a Pisces and would score you plus points.

Pisces people are sweet and sensual so if you want him or her be kind and show them that you appeal to their loving side.

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