Love Story – Can Ordinary Alan Get the Girl?

Who doesn’t love a good bit of romance fiction?  If your love life isn’t going right or even if it is you might like to take your mind off it by reading a story about someone else. Here is a luscious little love story for you to read!

Can Ordinary Alan Get the Girl?

Alan was the wallflower in his class. He was always a little shy when he was younger, but he always figured that he would grow into his own skin by the time he went to middle school.


It had not happened.

Alan did not know why he had such a hard time talking to people, especially girls. He had no problem talking to his mother or sisters at home, but when a girl asked him a simple question in school, he would clam up, and his whole face would become as red as a tomato as he struggled to get the words out.

There were two beautiful girls in his class, Susan and Martha. Not only were they beautiful, they were smart and popular too. Susan excelled in English whereas Martha was better at numbers and was usually the one with her hands up in the air for every question asked during Maths class.

Alan was not popular, neither was he geeky nor particularly handsome. He was neither the tallest boy in class nor the most athletic one. He did not excel in any subject, and his grades were average at best. This did not bode well with his confidence, and his self esteem shrunk year by year by year.

That year, Alan was determined to make a difference. He wanted to be noticed, and he wanted to make friends for once. Their school was organizing a dance, and boys usually asked girls out to be their dates.

In past dances, Alan usually chose to stay home, watch some television with his parents or play video games. He did not have the courage to ask any girl out, and he certainly did not want to go to the dances alone. He always felt left out when he returned to school the day after, listening to all the fun and good times that his classmates had at the dance. He no longer wanted to be that guy that stayed at home, miserable and alone, without a date.

Alan wanted to be different that year.

He tried by making small talk with the boys. A nervous Alan offered to help out some of the more popular boys in his class with their homework. Bruce, a bully but also the most good looking boy in class, sneered at him and towered over him with such an intimidating gesture that Alan cowered in his seat. “You? Help me with my homework? Hah!”

The whole class laughed at him. Humiliated Alan sank deeper into his seat and pretended not to care. The tips of his ears were burning with shame.

He looked down on his homework and tried to ignore the taunts and teasing that was going on around him.

From the edge of his vision, Alan saw a pair of pretty shoes. He looked up in surprise at Martha’s beaming face.

Beautiful, popular Martha.

“Hi Alan,” she smiled.

Alan blushed. “H…Hi,” he said shyly.

She looked very pretty indeed, showing off her beautiful figure in a lovely yellow floral dress. Her long blond hair was in perfect curls, framing her sweet face.

“Do you want to go out after school?” Martha asked Alan.

Alan nearly choked. He could not believe what he was hearing. Martha? Beautiful popular Martha was asking him out on a date! What should he say?

“Y…yes of course!” Alan managed to splutter. He smiled shyly at Martha.

“Great!” Martha flashed another one of her perfect beaming smiles and turned around, returning back to her seat beside Susan who giggled into her ear. Susan looked back at Alan and smiled, waving at him.

He waved back. He could not believe his luck!

Bruce saw the whole exchange and rolled his eyes. “Whatever kid,” he muttered.

Alan waited nervously for Martha after school, by the gates. He kept a look out for her, and scanned the crowd for a pretty girl in a yellow floral frock. To his surprise, Martha met him in an entirely different outfit. She must have changed before meeting him. Yet again, she showed off her perfect figure in skin-tight jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Ready?” Martha held out her hand, waiting expectantly for Alan to take it.

He took it without a moment’s hesitation.

They spent the afternoon at the ice cream shop in town. Martha demanded that Alan bought her ice cream, which he did. He did not have much money on him that day, only enough for a single ice cream cone, so he graciously let Martha have it, dreamily watching her polish off the mint-flavored ice cream.

“Alan, how can you not have money with you?” Martha asked indigantly, surprised and shocked. She rolled her eyes as she took another lick off her ice cream.

Alan blushed. He was not expecting to go out at all so of course he did not have much money on him, just enough to buy lunch.

“That’s okay, I’m not hungry,” he told Martha, watching her eat.

“Okay,” Martha shrugged and tossed her blond hair over her shoulder.

After their ice cream date, Alan walked her home. She did not bother saying goodbye as she walked into the driveway of her house but Alan waved anyway. He was in love. In fact, he practically skipped all the way home.

He could not stop thinking about her even at home. Alan decided to write Martha a poem. Running eagerly to his computer, he fired up the word processor and proceeded to type.


I never knew about happiness;

I didn’t think dreams

 came true;

I couldn’t believe in love,

Until I finally met you.


Alan decided to send it to Martha’s email.

He fell asleep with a bright smile on his face, feeling certain that his fortune had changed at last…

Alan woke up the next morning, happy and cheery that that morning would be the first day to a whole new different Alan. He wondered if Martha had seen his email yet.

When he turned on his computer, he had the biggest shock of his life.

Martha had posted his poem on her Facebook.

Alan read through the comments, the blood draining from his face by the minute. It wasn’t so much the teases from his classmates than Martha’s replies. She laughed at him, mocked him openly and called Alan’s poem lame.

Feeling sick, Alan turned off his computer.

He contemplated staying in sick but he knew his mother would have none of it. She always knew when Alan pretended to be ill and would send him to school, by hook or by crook. Alan weakly took his school bag and headed out of his room.

He felt like crying. All he wanted to be was a normal person. Why were girls so cruel?

If Martha had not felt the same way about him, why didn’t she just say so? Why did she have to humiliate him so publicly?

When Alan reached school, all his classmates either laughed at him, or whispered behind his back. He hurried to the back of the class and huddled in his seat, hoping that they would ignore him. It did not work.

Bruce dropped by his desk, sat on the table in front of him, and turned around, giving him a big grin. “So I hear someone has turned into Romeo, eh?” He laughed mockingly.

“Shut up,” Alan muttered under his breath, looking away from Bruce.

Bruce scoffed. “Martha, look at your boyfriend!” he yelled across the room.

Alan could not take it anymore. Martha laughed at him. She was so cruel.

He grabbed his bag and ran out of the class, bumping into several kids along the way.

Alan decided to hide out in the library where it was quiet, and he knew most people would not be able to find him. He knew he was not a bad kid. True, he might not have the best qualities, or he might not be the best student but he knew he was a pretty nice guy. He loved animals, and he loved helping people out whenever he can. He most certainly did not deserve such a cruel treatment so why were they so mean to him?

Approaching footsteps in the library made Alan look up. Susan stood in front of him, with her arms across her chest. Yet another one of Martha’s minions.

Alan frowned. “What do you want from me?” he said rudely. “Haven’t you guys had enough?”

The look on Susan’s face softened. “I did not laugh at you Alan. That was mean of Martha.” She smiled gently at him and asked him if she could sit next to him. Alan grudgingly agreed. He was wary. Susan could pretend to be nice and then humiliate him again in front of the whole class.

“Why did she do that?” Alan asked Susan. “What did I do wrong?”

Susan shrugged. “Kids do stupid things. Kids can be mean. Martha is just being immature. Forget about her.”

Alan groaned and hid his face into his hands. “I’ll just switch schools. I can never go back to class again.”

Susan hit Alan lightly on the hand. “You can’t give up just like that!”

Alan sighed. “You don’t understand! I am the laughing stock of the entire class. I’ll never be able to go to the dance. I’ll be at home alone again, this year.”

Susan smiled, a little shyly. “Guess what,” she said. Alan looked at her. Susan was beautiful too, in a different way. She had a kind face, and a very sweet smile. “I could be your date for the dance.”

Alan stared at her in shock. After a while, he started laughing. “I won’t fall for that again. You’ll humiliate me too, like Martha.”

Susan rolled her eyes. “Sure Alan. I skipped class, scolded Bruce in front of the whole class, let Martha yell at me too, defended you and hunted for you all over the school, just so that I can humiliate you.”

Alan sniffed.

Susan smiled at him. “C’mon, you can’t let bullies ruin your day. Chin up! The day isn’t over. Tell you what, let’s walk back to class hand in hand.”

Alan hesitated for just a moment enough for Susan to say, “What? Do you think Martha is prettier than me? Is that why you don’t want to hold my hand?”

“No!” Alan protested, and before he could even think, he grabbed Susan’s hand tightly. When he realised what he had done, he turned a bright beetroot red. Susan laughed.

They walked hand in hand back to class, much to everyone’s shock.

Alan smiled at Susan.

It was going to be a very different day indeed.

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