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Unique Date Ideas

Unique Date Ideas – Horseriding Date

If you are searching for amazing and unique date ideas, look no further, the Love Queen is here to help! 

Picking an activity that will keep you both entertained, but relaxed enough to connect on a deeper level, can be challenging. Did you know it takes women almost 5 times longer than men to know if they are truly falling for someone? Men know if they have fallen for someone after three dates. Most women know after 14 dates.

As a guideline, that’s the same number of dates after most couples exchange keys to each other’s homes or so I hear anyway, I think I am a little more cautious than this!

What does this tell us? It shows women are a lot more complex when it comes to giving their hearts away. While a woman might fancy her date, it takes her much longer to decide if she wants to be in a relationship with that person.

Taking your lady (or guy for that matter) on an unusual and memorable date can be a great way to convince that person that you are the one for them!

These unusual date ideas can also be used by those in relationships looking to keep things fresh and have a great date night!

Unusual Date Hints & Tips

Don’t opt for the traditional wine and dine date every time. There’s nothing wrong with a fabulous diner at a top restaurant, but too often men and women get stuck playing roles. The woman looks demure when the man asks if she would like dessert. A restaurant quickly becomes a stage, if you don’t know the person well enough.

It goes without saying you should avoid night clubs and overly crowded places. The music and background noise makes it hard to concentrate on what the other person is saying and form a deeper connection.

Think Action For Fun Date Ideas

With action, we naturally lower our physical and emotional barriers as we are forced to focus on the task at hand. This means we communicate and learn about the person in front of us as we work together in a team. Endorphin-releasing activities are another great way to release the pressure to impress.

However, some of the best dates come out of the most unexpected circumstances. Here are 10 top date ideas to try out.

1. Moonlight Picnic Date

A chilled bottle of wine, a fresh tomato salad and a lovely baguette along with a box of chocolates is a good way to start any date. Add moonlight and you’ve got a great setting to make a lasting connection with your date. An open field or beach works best, but really it’s up to you!

2. Pick a Random Destination on the Map

Have your date close his or her eyes and pick a destination on the map. Whether it’s a traditional road map or a city public transportation map, this will inject some fun and adventure into your date as you navigate the best way to get there.

3. Roll down the hill

Probably not ideal for first dates, but excellent for third or fourth dates. This childhood pastime will make you silly with dizziness. Start the date walking and end the date laughing. This is really a great way to lighten the mood and get physical.

4. Watch a ‘classic’ or foreign film

Look in your local newspaper for screenings of old or foreign films. Settling down to a romantic black and white classic or an entertaining foreign film opens the discussion as you share insights and what you liked and disliked about the film.

5. Horse riding date

Horseback riding is a bit of a dating cliché, but actually it’s a great way to see if your date is good with animals and how he or she handles the unexpected. I know one couple who went on a ride early in the relationship. One was a terrific rider and the other was an absolute disaster. They ended up spending the whole day laughing and the better rider helped the other to become more confident. This became an endearing theme and dynamic in the relationship for many years to come.

It’s always interesting to see how your date reacts to situations. For women, this is a great way to get to know their partner better and reassure any lingering doubts. I personally got taken on a horse ride by a hot guy who was a bit like a horse whisperer, when I was traveling years ago and it was a big turn-on for me, suffice to say that we did end up together for a while!

6. Wine tasting or vegetable picking

This may not be an option for all dates, especially if you live in dryer, arid climates, but if you have the chance wine tasting makes a great date. As you walk around the vineyard and learn more about wine making, you’ll find your pre-date nerves melting away. If you don’t like wine, vegetable picking is another fantastic outing. Pick a sunny day to visit a local ‘Pick Your Own’ strawberry farm, apple orchard or local farm.

7. Take a class

Taking a class may not sound sexy at first, but it’s a wonderful way to break the ice and get stuck in an activity. Take inspiration from the film, Ghost and opt for a pottery class or any kind of craft workshop as long as your date shows some interest. If your date is reluctant to take a class, hand over the control and let your date pick the class.

8. Breakfast

One of the best dates I ever went on was a breakfast brunch. There’s something romantic and cozy about a breakfast date. It creates a sense of ease and surprise as you wonder what the rest of the day holds for you.

9. Truth or dare

If you are out of ideas or low on cash, a game of truth or dare can spice things up. Be forewarned that this game comes with risk or learning too much about the other person. If you are highly sensitive, it goes without saying you might want to avoid this particular date idea.

10. Astrology

Zodiac charts can tell us a lot about our date. Even if your date is skeptical of astrology, this is a fun way to break the ice. Try any of Linda Goodman’s books as they are a great introduction to compatibility and traits.

Don’t just look at sun signs (the month you were born). Remember to look at the ascendant and moon if you can find these out!

Take it slow and take time to truly find out your date’s likes, dislikes, values, and long-term goals. While not all of these unique going-out ideas might be for you, it’s definitely trying one or two from the list to mix things up and see if your date is truly relationship material.

Ok, I said ten unique date ideas but here’s one more.  I would so love this if someone did it for me, here’s hoping!

11. Treasure Hunt Date

This one might take a bit of organizing.  The easy route would be to do an organized treasure hunt together, where you follow clues and instructions, sometimes taking pictures or doing activities, to lead you to an eventual destination and the source of the ‘treasure’.  This is great fun and can build up a sense of teamwork and achievement together, sure to bring you closer!

The next level would be to do a treasure hunt for your sweetie, you could leave notes in a library book, or hidden in places around your hometown. You could send clues by text to make sure they are on the right track. When your date finds you, you could have a surprise for them like a picnic in a park or some favorite natural place, or whatever they would like best!

Unique Date Ideas Roundup

Traditional dates can be great, but throwing in a few really unique and unusual dates is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and bring you closer to your boy or girl. If you want some more dating tips or want to know tips and the best place for a first date read this!

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