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The quest for true love is one of the best journeys you’ll ever take in your life. Sometimes though, this journey can be perilous and you may meet a lot of frogs before you get to your prince or your princess. There are times you seem to mesh well with each other and have a great connection, however there is one thing that really makes you incompatible.  That one thing maybe something insignificant, like say the way you look at how often the laundry is done or how you want your chicken to be seasoned. On the other hand, there are times that your incompatibility may spell how you or your future together would roll out. One of the best examples of this is religious affiliation.

How Does Being of the Same Belief System Help in Your Relationship?

When you meet someone and go out on the first few dates, chances are you’re not thinking if he or she is on the same boat about God or Yahweh or Jehovah or Jesus as you are. You’re too focused on how giddy you feel and how intoxicating the romance is. Sure you tell yourself, “it’s not like were married already, right?”. Wrong! Because everybody knows that dating is the gateway for further relationships or marriage in the future.

Dating someone of a different religious or philosophical background may be easy only at the beginning stages of the relationship when the question of the future is not yet put on the table. But once you start talking about raising kids, the afterlife, religious holidays and other things that matter, then the problems may start to arise.

Love is a gift from GodSame Thought, Same Boat – If you are able to find someone in the real world or via online dating who believes the same things that you do, chances are, you’re very lucky. There are so many people out there but of course not all of them are compatible to you. It would be less hassle to just simply find someone from a specialized online dating site who has the same affiliation as you have than to weed out so many people that could have been if only they were also Jews, or Christians, or Baptists, or Adventists or whatever your preference is.

No need to waste time and money and effort. – If you use a specialized dating site, you can now remove the guess work of finding out if they believe the same things that you do. You don’t have to waste time and money only to find out that they believe the complete opposite things that you do. There won’t be any awkward moments where you try to ask them what they believe in or worse if they are open to switching sides for you.

By going into a specialized dating site, you can now focus on the important stuff. You can now enjoy having nice conversations, meeting up in person, having fun dates and in the future maybe a chance of getting married in the church you’re both comfortable in.

Lots of perks designed for you – Since these sites are SPECIALIZED, it means they deliver services catered to people like you. They provide a friendly environment for you to safely find someone who would be compatible to you. This allows you to be comfortable in your journey in finding true love and happiness. These portals also provide personality and compatibility tests to find out what kind of person you are and who will mesh well with you. This would now facilitate a happy and healthy relationship that would bloom in time.

Love is one of the most important thing in this universe. The quest for true love has always driven man to great aspirations and beliefs. Part of the falling in love process is loving yourself. Once does not need to sacrifice his or her beliefs to be happy in a relationship. By using the right channels finding someone to be with who beliefs the same things that you do is not difficult.

The Best Religious Dating Sites

Since I talked about the benefits of using tailored religious dating sites, I’d like to share some of the things I have learned about them.  Here are my reviews of some of the best religious themed sites. Review

This is an online dating site which really focuses on giving you a really great dating experience. This dating site gives you a personalized online dating feel by putting the site’s language to the language in the country you are staying in. Another great thing that I noticed on this site is that it shows people near your area so if ever you want to meet up with someone you could do so with not much of a problem.

On the other hand I had a bit of a problem with this site since when I searched for “Man” it still shows women as well, which can be a bit frustrating. The interface is OK but not really a big plus. review

Joining this site is free which is great. I liked that it had a test called the Color code that allowed people to be categorized easily. So having this test is great because you can avoid incompatible people in the future. Another great thing is that they don’t charge extra for viewing profile, reading messages and replying to those messages. I liked this bit because other sites just don’t allow you to do this without paying a huge bulk, and just limit you to sending vague smileys.

The people here look promising and requires the members to have pictures. I know that not having pictures on profiles could be frustrating, coz let’s face it looks does play a bit in finding your soul mate. Another thing is that it does ask you what religious background you are from so it removes that in the guesswork; because sometimes you just want to find a mate but don’t want to sacrifice your religious beliefs.

Visit Review

I’ve heard lots of great stuff about this JDate, and as we know finding the perfect Jewish mate can be tricky. For me, I think this site is brilliant! Before you can even have a profile up they ask you very through questions which means people who join this site have an easier time picking out the person they would click with. It asks you about what sort of work you do, your height and even what sort of a Jew you are. It even sheds light on how religious you are. It even finds out how often a person visits the temple or synagogue. I mean this knowledge is priceless. You can go out there on several dates, think the person is awesome but he or she just don’t go to the temple as much as you do which may cause some flare-ups in the relationship in the future.

Another great thing about JDate is that they provide events for members and travelling and those kinds of setup to help facilitate getting to know other members well. This is a great way to find your future date instantly. They provide a nice neutral live setup to encourage real life dates on the spot.

One part I found strange though is that it asks you if you’d like to have kids or not. Well this is kind of super in depth but I think should not be included in a dating site. But maybe it would work for some people.

Visit Jdate Now Review

This website has been established for 10 years already. I liked the part where they show success stories of their members which makes you feel inspired and know that there maybe someone for you out there. The stories I’ve read there were truly fascinating! The members also have to put in pictures so that’s a great plus because you can really check people out. You can talk and chat on the spot since they have chat rooms and instant messengers. I like that, kind of reminiscent of Yahoo Messenger without having to go through the hassle of knowing the basic stuff about the person.

The best part of this site is the private mailbox where you get more intimate and know more about your prospects without mixing it with your work email and other emails. Another part which is I feel that is helpful is that this site finds out if a person has any vices like smoking or drinking and how often these things are done. This is really important because for some smoking can be a deal breaker.  If your an adventist looking for love then give this site a try.

Visit Adventist Singles Connection now Review

What I loved about this site is that they have one of the best customer service I have ever encountered for an online dating site. They are willing to answer your questions right away and help you with how to use the site. They also show many great success stories which I enjoyed reading. Knowing that the site does work really helps people to feel confident that they can find someone for them here.

I read this story about Charmaine and Manny who fell in love through this site. They were worlds apart since Charmaine was from Europe and Manny was from Jersey. They both have had their fair share of heartaches but this site helped them find their soul mate.  This is a great dating site for Catholics looking for that special person.

Click here to see Catholic Mingle Review

This is the sister of A lot of times other people who do not know that Christian people can be fun too often become dismissive and just don’t click with them. But here you can really interact with fellow Christians. I like the thought that you can really go with likeminded people and that you can share with them what inspires you without being judged. You can really express how truly you enjoy reading the Bible, you can share how you came to know Christ and share your passions in life. I mean this dating site is customizable to fit your needs; you can opt on how you interact and how much you share about yourself.

The best part of this site is that it provides some Christian dating tips. I mean everybody loves the concept of love, but as we all know sometimes it can be confusing and all so just having some tips can really be great!

Visit Christian Mingle Review

Ok so this one isn’t religious but instead is for older people looking to date online. Silver Singles is tailor made site for people looking to date 50ish and above singles out there. Yeah, age is just a number and age should not matter in finding your soulmate, but in reality it can  be important. You can have fun and enjoy getting to know people who are mature yet fun loving.  This site allows you to IM people, go on chatrooms and so on and so forth. I think Silver singles is a really great idea for a site and well put together, since dating is not just for sweaty, hormone raged teeny boppers but also for mature, successful and insightful adults!

Go to meet Silver Singles Review is a site made for Mormon singles. In this site I like the readiness test which is called Relationship Readiness Selection which tries to dig up if someone is truly ready to be in a commited relationship. A lot of people I know say they are so ready to be in a long term relationship but guess what? They are just not ready. So getting that all out in the open really helps you find if a person is right for you or not. This test is totally private so basically people who join in can be honest in supplying their answers to the test. Most other matching sites thee just make people write impressive profiles so they can get a person to like them but in the end the relationship goes bad because they are just not yet ready for it. I think that bit is really important.

On another note for people who want to get into a more commited relationship can use the COMPASS System (Comprehensive Marriage Preparation Assessment Survey) is a scientific survey that tries to really look into if a person can be or is ready to tie the knot. I mean most people who date aim to get married at some point so knowing these things can really help you find a great match.

The Latter Day Saints Singles dating site is strict but this is for the benefit of the members so its good to know.


Which is the best Religious Dating Site? – There are many dating sites there but really finding something that would help you find your soul mate would really help you achieve that bliss you are longing for. I would say that is the best. I say this is the best because this does not just focus on one single religion but it focuses on finding a person who is compatible in your beliefs. There is a mix of people here but you can see a big pool of people and they also have a free emails and correspondence for their members which means they are not just after your money but rather more or less after providing you that gateway in finding love.

So get clicking and find that special person for you, be they Jewish, Christian, Mormons or whomever!



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