Pricing and FAQ

How much do your readings cost?

Our readings are reasonably priced at £40 for 20 minutes.

Because Alex is based in the UK, our readings are priced in pounds but you can pay with your card from any country, or paypal, and your bank will make the currency conversion for you.

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(Please note that actual exchange rates depend on your bank or PayPal)

Can I get a reading for longer than 20 minutes?

Yes! Either you can prepay for however long you want at the start of the call, or you can start with 20 minutes and decide to add the minutes on at the end of the call if you want to.

We do not cut you off mid sentence or anything like that, Alex will finish what he has to tell you, and then if you have more questions to ask you can choose to pay for another 20 minutes.

We will Never take payment without your permission so you are in complete control of how much you spend.

How is Payment Taken?

Payment is taken securely over the phone by Alex or one of our receptionists.  Alternatively you can pay by PayPal.  Card details are processed by WorldPay.

What will show on my Card Statement or PayPal?

If you pay by card you will see WorldPay.  This allows safe card processing for you and also privacy from others as nothing else will show on your card bill (eg no reference to The Love Queen or Psychic readings.) Paypal will also not show any reference to Love Queen or psychics.

How does the 100% money back guarantee work?

Whilst I’m confident that you will love Alex’s readings, I know that with any psychic, occasionally people may feel that the connection was not what they expected.

Therefore if you are not pleased with your reading we are happy to refund you for the last one you had.  No questions asked!

Just give us a call and we will refund you via your card or paypal, depending on how you paid.

How do I contact Customer Service?

The best and fastest way to contact customer service is by calling our toll free/freephone numbers.  These numbers will not cost you anything to call.

USA: 1844 247 4416

UK: 0800 035 6780

However if you would prefer to email us then please go to this contact page

With Love, from Katy D, The Love Queen!