Psychic Phone Readings with The Love Queen

Psychic Phone Readings by The Love QueenSince the success of my psychic chat readings, lots of you have given lovely feedback, and asked if I could also do psychic readings by phone. So I’ve teamed up with a powerfully clairvoyant friend of mine, Alex, to offer you something really special – The Love Queen Psychic Phone Readings!

What our Psychic Phone Readings Good For

Getting a reading by phone is a great way to discover what you want to know about love, life, career, spiritual paths, family issues, foretelling the future, assisting with decisions and letting you know people are thinking or going to do, or even if you are feeling a bit lost and need direction.  You can also ask any other questions that you may want to know the psychic answer to or get some spiritual advice on.

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Whilst I specialise in love readings by text chat, my friend Alex enjoys giving face to face readings, and readings by phone, about all kinds of topics – so you can ask him (almost) anything!  He’s also an expert in love and romance so if your question is about that you can trust him to get the info that you need.

My psychic chat is ideal for quick answers, but sometimes you need to go a bit deeper, especially if the subject is complex or you have many questions or even worries and concerns.  This is the time to turn to Alex, to get a one to one psychic phone call.

What will you get from a psychic reading with Alex?

psychic phone reading makes girl happyAlex will provide you with kind, sensitive, helpful and insightful psychic advice and a great psychic reading.

He is here to help you with any issues, problems or advice needed so that you can feel confident in your ability to move forward or bring positive changes into your life.  He can guide you if you need help with this.

What can you ask?

You can ask more or less whatever you want to know!

Alex can help you with all kinds of matters, including 

  • Love and relationships,
  • Career,
  • Friends & Family
  • Achieving a sense of fulfilment in life
  • Contacting loved ones who have passed
  • Curiosity about the future
  • Understanding mysterious issues from the past or present
  • Esoteric issues such as spiritual awakening
  • Other psychic and spiritual matters.

Spiritual Mysteries

More about Psychic Reader Alex’s Gifts

happy man gets psychic adviceAlex has amazed me time and time again with his psychic insights, but he mainly only does face to face readings, and that’s why I’m so pleased and excited that he’s agreed share his talents with us and to do phone readings for The Love Queen readers.

Alex is very empathic and caring, with a strong psychic gift and he’s been reading professionally for over 20 years.  He is a Clairaudient so he hears psychic messages in his head, and is also Clairvoyant meaning that he can see psychic images from certain things such as tea leaves.  This enables him to often sense things about you that he could have no other way of knowing.

He is also a Medium and so is often able to contact loved ones who have passed over.

He’s kind and understanding, but also has a very good way of being direct and letting you know the important info.  And finally whilst this is a bit whimsical, I just love his British accent, its so great to get helpful, intuitive and spot on psychic advice delivered with that cute accent!

How did I meet Alex?

move forwards with great phone readingsI met Alex many years ago whilst I was travelling in the UK.  I found him fascinating and very knowledgeable about psychic and spiritual matters. 

I ended up getting a reading from him and it was amazingly accurate, even foretelling that one day I would have my own successful blog “about love, romantic and spiritual issues!”

I got readings from him when I could and he really helped me to direct and guide the flow of my life to becoming who I am today!

Also, Alex saw that I had a psychic gift and was one of first the ones to help me nurture and develop it, for which I will always be grateful, and now he’s here to help you.

Why choose The Love Queen’s Psychic Readings by Phone?

We care about kindness and quality!

I’ve had a lot of psychic readings over the years of varying accuracy, and my aim here is to really help people move forward with their lives and realise that we all have the power to have the kind of happiness and fulfilment we desire, and so I really do care about the quality of your reading.

We’re a really small team, and Alex and myself are really keen to help you in the best way we can.  This means that we offer a guarantee for your peace of mind, and other little touches that we think are important.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Whilst almost everyone is happy with their readings from Alex, occasionally all psychics may connect incorrectly.  If you feel this has happened to you get in touch and we will refund you for your last reading.  No questions asked!

We don’t cut you off in the middle of a sentence

We will NEVER cut you off in the middle of a sentence unlike many of the bigger psychic networks, even if your minutes have run out.  We believe in giving you a complete psychic reading, so Alex will stay on the line with you until he has finished what he has to say.

You’re always in control of how much you spend

As the readings are prepaid, you choose in advance how much you would like to spend.  No payment will ever be taken without your instruction.

Your call is recorded and sent to you as an mp3

We know that sometimes its hard to remember everything that was said in a reading. Also it can be great re-listen to readings later on to see if predictions came true and to use the guidance you’ve been given. That’s why Alex will record your reading for you and send it to you via email in mp3 format for easy listening.

More about Why I think Alex is so Great

clairvoyant guidance brings successAlex is an old friend of mine and has demonstrated to me time and time again his psychic ability with validations, and so many predictions that have come true, so I’m confident that that you will get a really good psychic reading.

Alex will give you the advice, clarity and understanding you need, on any situation or person, so take control of your future today with an enlightening and helpful reading.

Whatever your questions or concerns, we can help you.  Alex is great at discovering revealing psychic insights and giving honest advice, and can also show you the way to achieve the things you want.

So give us a call now, Alex is ready and waiting to help you move forward in your life, or give you advice on tricky situations or love readings or anything you want to know.

The Love Queen Phone Readings FAQ

How much are your readings?

As Alex is based in the UK, readings are

£40 per 20 mins

$55 per 20 mins (approx, based on currency rates and conversion by your bank).

If after 20 minutes you would like to add on more minutes you can request this with Alex whilst you are on the phone, or call back when you are ready.

What forms of Payment can you use?

We accept most forms of credit and debit cards.

What happens when you call

When you give us a call on either our UK or US number, you choose how long you would like to speak for, Alex will then request your payment details via debit or credit card, securely process the,, and then will give you your psychic reading by phone.

When can I get a reading with Alex?

Please be aware that Alex is just one person (from the UK) and he does sleep(!) so he may not be available at all times.  His usual schedule is between XXXX.

If you all continue to give us positive feedback about our psychic readings then I will also find some other great phone psychics to join the small team so that we can be ready to help you at any time.  If you need assistance at other times then remember that my psychic chat team is available 24hrs a day!

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What to do next?

Give us a phone call and let Alex psychically assist you with any issues, advice or questions so you can know or get where you want to be in your life!

Or try a free psychic text reading with me, The Love Queen