review by The Love Queen reviewMatch is known one of the most famous dating sites, with the largest amount of active users and most popular in the UK and the US. But is it any good? Find out in my review below.

Signing up Process is Easy

Signing up is really easy and doesn’t take long.

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What happens?

At the start you are asked to choose from, “I’m ready for a new relationship” to “Let’s see what happens” or “I’m not looking for a relationship” (perfect for those just looking for hook ups and friends with benefits!)

It also has a short list that lets you choose a personality type. I picked adventurous. I noticed that one of the choices was “I’m high maintenance” which did make me chuckle. I wonder if anyone actually selects that?!

There’s then a short questionnaire with details about you such as job, appearance, hobbies and so on with multiple choice boxes and sometimes options to put in a little comment, which takes around 5 mins to complete. This was a complete relief after trying out eharmony where the questionnaire literally takes about 3 hours!

There is you can select what you are looking for in a partner (from hobbies, to things like do they want or have children.)

Finally you write a little bit about yourself and Match gives you some suggestions and inspiration. If you want to know how to write the perfect profile do check this page out.

Are there scammers?

Dating Safety is important! Match does its best to filter and remove scammers from its site, but of course as in real life, not everyone is what they seem. You are much safer on a paid site like Match than free ones, because the customer service team are there to actively monitor profiles, (and your profiles don’t get shared with other sites unlike some cheap or free dating sites!).

As always common sense is important, but if you’ve never dated online before is a great place to start and if you want some advice you can read my handy online dating safety tips.

What’s it like inside?

Until now, it had been some years since I used (and yes I did meet someone there!) and I must say that it looks better than ever and the design seems a lot more thoughtful, and its easier than ever to meet good matches.

Here’s some stuff I really liked:

Daily 6 – Matchmaking made easy

This is a new feature, which selects 6 great matches for you straight away, based on your questionnaire answers. Out of the 6 I liked 5 of them. Here you get to say whether you like them, or maybe like them, or just don’t. The ones you like will then see your profile in their Daily 6 and if they select like you back it lets you both know so that you can begin chatting and maybe even go on a date!

This is also a great feature for those who feel overwhelmed by choice as you have six hotties matching your description without even having to do anything.

More clever matches

Like the Daily Six, Match will continue to suggest matches for you, and you say yes if you like what you see. Your details will later get shown to them (along with many other profiles) and if you both say yes Match puts you in touch. I like this because it’s not embarrassing or causing you to lose face.

Many nice people to choose from.

Match is famous for having the most amount of active profiles. People sometimes say that there are inactive profiles there too and this I think is true, but as you are able to search for people who have been online recently I don’t think its an issue and there are still so many matches to choose from. I’ve already had lots of winks and messages so I can see that there are plenty of active people.

I really liked the look of some of the people I’ve seen, and I’ve had friends who’ve met some lovely people from so if you’re willing to put in the effort you can find them too!

Don’t be shy – Match makes it easy to start chatting!

Its easy to get tongue (keyboard?) tied when trying to speak to a potential date. But match does well to make it easy to find things in common and icebreakers, and allows you to pull in info about what films you like, books, music and so on which is really cool.

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Other cool ways to find people you like

There are lots of quirky and unusual extra features to help you find people on that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Here’s some that I liked:

In true modern internet style, if you find a guy or girl that you like but isn’t quite right for some reason, there is a button which lets you search for similar profiles and is a real time saver!

It also has other novel ways to find people such as perfect matches (who fit your ideal specifications for a partner or date), reverse matches (who are opposite to your specifications – maybe not the best for those looking for a long term partnership but could be fun for a bit of sexual tension! Then again sometimes opposites attract! Or maybe you just keep choosing the wrong type of girl or guy?) and even those born on the same day as you (astrological soulmates!?)

MatchAffinity – The next level of matchmaking

If after all this you are still finding it tricky to find the perfect person, you have yet another great and easy to use feature (for subscribed members) which is a more in-depth (but still not too long!) matchmaking questionnaire.

I really liked this feature, not only because it gave me very specific matches, but also because I learned things about myself and what I really want from a partner. Often we think that one thing or another is very important, or not important at all, (e.g. my perfect partner must love the same hobbies as me) but in reality in relationships it tends to be much more subtle things than that, and the MatchAffinity questionnaire helps you discover what and who you really want. Social Events

This is yet another fantastic feature of match. I know that a lot of my single friends felt really nervous about going on a date with someone they had not met in person before and if this is you then Social Events are just what you need.

Match now runs events where you can go and meet other singles and they are actually a real laugh. Many are bar type events but they also do more unusual things like ‘Detective sleuthing tour.” These events are a fantastic way to get over any fears of dating or online dating and also to break the ice and allow you to meet lots of singles in person without feeling any pressure.

App all the way – Do it from your phone

Match has apps in the Google Android play store and for Apple as well, so you can check your matches from your phone, do IM chat and anything else you want on the go. Certainly makes that commute home more interesting (Umm please don’t try this if you drive to work!!) Pricing

Ok so now we know about the benefits of match, the question is whats the cost? And is it worth it?

Is really free to try?

Yes it’s absolutely free to sign up and start checking your matches, see who checks you out too. You can wink at people (basically a quick way to show interest in someone) and you can also say if you like the specific matches that it shows you, and find out if they like you back.

Once you’ve seen that there are people you are interested in and you want to talk to them, then it’s time to subscribe. Prices are reasonable and you can even get a money back guarantee in the unlikely event you don’t meet someone suitable.

How much does a subscription cost and what are the options?

Match gives you the option of signing up for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. You get a big discount for signing up for 3 months or more and realistically unless you are just looking for a quick hook up, or a few dates to pass the time (or are super lazy or lucky!) then this is your best option.

As with real life it usually takes several dates to find someone you really click with, and you will probably want to spend a little time chatting with people over the built in instant messenger first, to weed out any people that aren’t suitable, so for most daters, 3-6 months is better.

When you think of the pleasure of finding a great partner this seems a reasonable amount to pay, and the best thing is that you can sign up for free to check matches so there’s no need to commit to anything unless you’ve seen someone you like!

USA and Canada subscription prices

$23.99 per month for a 6 month subscription (58% off) + money back Guarantee
$26.99 per month for a 3 month subscription (53% off)
$41.99 per month for a 1 month subscription

UK Match Costs

£12.99 a month with a 6 month membership (56% Saving)
£19.99 a month with a 3 month membership (33% Saving)
£29.99 a month with a 1 month membership

Match Promo and Discount Codes

For USA users there is a 20% off discount code that is valid until December

Match 20% off Promo Code

Sorry no discount codes for those in Britain and the UK at the moment but I will check regularly!

Final Review Thoughts

Overall is a well thought out and easy to use site, with lots of different profiles and ways to find a great potential partner, date or some fun nights out.

(If you are just looking for a quick hook up then you might be better off trying adult friend finder as most of the people on Match to seem to be looking for something a bit more serious.)

Match makes it really easy for you to find really great people, and it’s also fun to use as well. I love the extra features such as the Dating Events (perfect for those a little shy of internet dating), MatchAffinity matchmaker tool and the famous “Daily Six” which is an exciting treat to check out every day!

As with all dating sites (and all kinds of dating) even one as large as Match, you generally get what you put in and so most likely some time and effort is required to meet someone great for you, but happily it’s a fun process! If you aren’t sure how to fill in your profile or what to say on dates you can check out my tips on getting the most from internet dating.

So if you are willing to make the most of your time on match, wink and chat with plenty of people, then you are sure to go on some fantastic dates! The rest is up to you. Have fun!

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