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Are you looking for psychic answers to your love questions?

Do you really need to know something about your relationship, partner or crush or love interest?

I’m here to help and I will answer 3 of your questions for FREE with my online psychic chat!

I’m Katy D by the way, aka the Love Queen!  As a hopeless romantic, I set up this site to help those needing assistance with love.  I hope you’re enjoying the articles and astrological love compatibility guides!

However there are times when information on blogs just isn’t enough.

sad woman gets love psychic adviceLike when you really need to know something about someone you like or love, or what the future has in store, or how someone feels about you.  When you need to know if you’re on the right path, or maybe when you’re single and waiting to meet that special person and you need some guidance.

I get so many emails from people wanting help with their love life, feeling confused, but not knowing where to turn.

That’s why I’ve gathered a small group of online psychics from around the world who are on hand 24hrs a day to answer your psychic love questions using IM Chat.

I believe that you should be able to try things out for free and so you can get 3 FREE ANSWERS from The Love Queen psychics!

Use my live psychic instant messaging chat now to find out the answers to all your love questions within minutes!

You can use a computer or laptop, tablet or phone to get your free psychic chat reading. No card details are required.


How to choose your love questions

Think about what you really want to know.

Here are some questions that people have asked me in case you need some inspiration:

Does ____ like/love me?text a psychic about love heart
Is ____ in love with someone else?
Am I compatible with ____?
Should I breakup with my boyfriend or girlfriend?
Should I get back with my ex?
How does ____ feel about me?
Will I ever have a chance with ____?
What’s the best way for me to find love?
When will I meet someone special?
Is ____ the right person for me?
Is ____ cheating on me?
I’m in love with two people, who should I choose?
Is ____ good for me?
Will ____ ever ask me to get married?
Is ____ really serious about our relationship
happy couple get free psychic readingWill my ex and I get back together?
Why does he/she play games with me or go hot and cold?
Are there any issues blocking our relationship?
How can I improve my relationship with my partner?
Should I have an affair?
Should I ask them on a date?
Will marriage or relationship counselling help?
Will I ever get married?
Where’s the best place/hobby/activity for me to meet potential love interests?
Should I get engaged to ____?
Does ____ have feelings for me?
Does ____ know that I have feelings for them?
Are there any issues I need to resolve before I can find love?

Got a question (or three!) in mind?  

Great!  You can now get the answers from my psychics using the magic of instant messaging chat!

I can’t grant you 3 wishes but I CAN quickly provide psychic answers to the 3 questions you’d most like to know about 🙂

What to do next

  • Click ‘get my 3 free questions’ and you’ll be taken to a page where you can see the clairvoyants and psychics who are live and online now.
  • Choose the psychic you’d like and click on them.
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can log in or sign up to get your answers.
  • Type your question/s into the chat box
  • My Psychics will reply by text chat so you can gain clarity about your love life!


Brought to you, with love, from Katy D, aka The Love Queen

Still not sure if you should try my psychic love chat?

We really want to assist you with your love questions and dilemmas, and give you helpful psychic advice.

Unlike some sites who say they offer ‘free psychic readings’, we don’t require any credit card details EVER! All you have to do is either sign up via Facebook, or create a login with your email address, and you can get started straight away.

It’s free, so give it a try!

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.

couple in love walk into the sunsetI hope that you’ll find my psychic love reading chat team really helpful, and if in the future you find that you want to use us again you can always purchase some very reasonably priced credits using PayPal.  This helps us out, allows you to ask more questions, and gain more clarity in your love life!

And if you decide not to, and you only want the 3 free answers, then that’s fine as well!  🙂

So give us a try now if you really want to know the answers to your love questions!


With Love from Katy D